Mom Changes Diaper When Baby Wouldn't Stop Crying, Discovers The Real Reason

What Was Happening?

When Kayla’s daughter, Amelia, was born, she was the happiest woman on the planet. But things quickly started spiraling, and Kayla had no idea what to do.

Amelia wouldn’t stop crying. Kyla tried everything, but Amelia kept screaming at the top of her lungs. It was only when Kayla decided to change her diapers that she realized something.

That’s Not Normal

When Kayla took the diaper off, she realized that there was a strange bump on the inside. She automatically assumed that it irritated Amelia and that she was crying because of it.

She tossed the diaper out and put on a new one, hoping it would offer her baby some relief. But things only got worse after that.

Her Baby Was Very Upset

As soon as Kayla fastened the new diaper, Amelia started crying again, and this time, she was even more hysterical than before.

Kayla thought it was the diaper, but now she wasn’t too sure anymore. And it made her feel so helpless. All she wanted was to help her baby, but she didn’t know how.

Trying Something

As Kayla sat there cradling her baby, an idea came to mind. She removed the diaper, and the crying stopped, but the crying started again when she put it back on.

Kyla thought it was strange, but because of that, she was convinced that the diapers were the problem. But what was wrong with them?

It Had To Be The Diapers

The more Kayla thought about it, the more suspicious she became. The diapers seemed to be the source of the problem, and those bumps could prove it.

But why was Amelia reacting to them that way? She had never had a problem with diapers before, and they didn’t seem to be any different than the rest. So what was it?

Calling The Doctor

Kayla decided that the logical approach would be to consult their family doctor, and she called him immediately. 

The doctor listened as Kayla explained the situation, but he didn’t ask her to come in for a consultation. In fact, it seemed like he wasn’t taking her or her concerns seriously.

Brushed Off

The more Kayla told him that the situation was serious, the more he insisted that it was normal for babies to feel uncomfortable when wearing diapers. But Kayla didn’t believe a word he said.

She had seen that Amelia had no problem with other diapers and knew there was more to the situation than just discomfort.

Her Own Investigation

Having gotten nowhere with her doctor Kayla decided to investigate the problem on her own. She searched the internet before turning her attention to the diapers in her pile.

She cut one of the diapers and soaked another, but no visible problems seemed to pop up. No matter what she did, Kayla couldn’t find the cause.

Where Did She Get Them

Kayla was about to lose hope when something crossed her mind, and that made her wonder. Where had she gotten those particular diapers from?

She raked her mind but couldn’t remember getting those diapers anywhere. She found that odd since she had them, and she knew for a fact that she didn’t buy them.

They Were A Gift

When her husband got home that night, Kayla asked him if he knew where they had gotten the diapers from. He said that he remembered who gave them to him.

One of his tennis club friends gave them the diapers as a congratulatory gift when he found out they were having a baby. 

A Weird Man

Kayla knew the man her husband, Mathew, was referring to. She never liked him because she always got a weird feeling when he was around.

However, she did know that he had his own business. Could it be that he was manufacturing diapers? Was that why he gave them so many as a gift?

Trying The Doctor Again

With the new information, Kayla decided to call their doctor again. She tried to explain the situation to him again, but the doctor insisted it wasn’t a health concern.

Kayla insisted on a consultation, but the doctor simply told her not to bother him with this anymore. That was when Mathew had enough. He took the phone, determined to talk to the doctor, but as he spoke, the doctor hung up.

She’d See Him One Way Or Another

Kayla couldn’t believe the doctor would do such a thing and decided to take Amelia to the hospital. If he didn’t believe what she had to say, maybe seeing it with his own eyes would change his mind.

It was clear that something was wrong with her baby, and she wouldn’t let the doctor brush her off again. He would see her whether he wanted to or not.

The Center Of Attention

When Kayla arrived at the hospital, she put one of the diapers on Amelia, who instantly started wailing, and headed inside. 

Kayla demanded to see the doctor, but the receptionist refused to let her in. She claimed that Kayla had no appointment and that the next available appointment would only be the next day. Kayla refused to accept that and caused a scene.

Security Was Called

Kayla started screaming at the receptionist and demanded to see the doctor immediately, but that wasn’t the smartest move. 

Within minutes two security guards arrived at the reception desk. The receptionist had called them because she wanted Kayla to be escorted out. She had no idea the doctor would intervene.