Married for Over 50 Years, This Couple’s Makeover Left Them Speechless

A Love to Last a Lifetime

When it comes to Jo and Kevin, you won’t find a couple more in love. Married for 49 years, this dynamic duo worked very hard to make a life they would be proud of. Unfortunately, after almost five decades, they had completely neglected their appearances.

However, this would all change when they decided to have a makeover and the results are absolutely astonishing.

Young Love

Jo and Kevin both met back in 1967 when they were 14 and 16-years old, respectively. 

To them, they recalled it as being love at first sight, despite the fact they were so young. But age didn’t matter, because their love would go on to last 50 years.

Fun Company

According to Jo, Kevin was attracted to her because of her fun personality and she thought he looked like Patrick Swayze.

Since then, the pair has been almost inseparable. Aren’t they cute?

An Exciting Life

Together, the couple has lived quite an adventurous life. Jo revealed toToday that her husband tends to be quite crazy and that wasn’t just because of his super long, grey beard. 

He owns a motorcycle and loves traveling with Jo on it. Together, they’ve put over 80,000 miles on the Harley.

Frozen in Time

Despite the couple keeping life as one big, grand adventure. One aspect about the pair hasn’t changed much over the years—their appearance. 

You could say, neither Jo or Kevin are knowledgeable about the latest trends in style.

Twenty Years and Counting

According to Jo, Kevin hasn’t cut his beard in over 20 years and she only trimmed her hair every now and then. 

This is why the couple wound up on Today’s “Ambush Makeover” segment. It was time for an appearance upgrade, stat!

Time for a Change

“Sometimes you need a change – especially when you’ve been married for 49 years! I expect to look absolutely fabulous when I leave here,” Jo joked.

Will the fashion team really be able to turn this fashion reject into a beautiful swan? They may have their work cut out for them.

A Little Resistance

Kevin, on the other hand, was a bit apprehensive about the entire makeover. Nervousness had definitely set in as he stroked his greying beard. 

He told the hosts of the show he had no idea what they could possibly do to him. Well, we’re about to find out.

Famous Stylist

World renowned stylist, Louis Licari was one of the members of the team in charge of the couple’s makeover. 

He gushed before their reveal that he had never seen a couple so in love and was so happy that he could give them a fresh lease on life.

The Time Had Come

Before the reveal, Today flashed an old photograph of Jo on the screen. 

It revealed her in bagging clothing with unkempt long hair. You won’t believe what she looks like now…

The New and Improved Jo

When Jo revealed herself to the show’s hosts and the studio audience, she was barely recognizable. 

The baggy clothes were gone and the straggly hair a thing of the past. Now, Jo looked like an elegant uptown woman. We are still shocked by how amazing she looks!

You Betta Work!

Jo had yet to see herself but took to the stage with a newfound confidence. She strutted her stuff, letting the audience get a look at all of her new improvements. 

Then it came time for her to see the results and let’s just say her reaction is amazing!

Shock and Awe

“That’s not even me!” Jo exclaimed. Playing with her short, blonde hair she was absolutely stunned at how incredible she looked. 

When she was asked what her husband would think of the new her, Jo couldn’t help but say something hilariously dirty.

Sassy and Classy

Jo exclaimed, “He’s gonna want my body really bad tonight!” As the audience erupted in laughter, it was time to bring out Kevin. 

Jo turned her back to the door, not wanting to see him right away.

Old Man Winter

When the screen flashed Kevin’s before picture, one couldn’t help but make the comparison to a down and out Santa Claus. 

The long white beard aged Kevin so much, that when he finally revealed his new look the audience couldn’t help but gasp.

Turning Back Time

Kevin emerged looking years younger. The long beard was now a thing of the past, trimmed short and dyed a dark brown. 

His snazzy suit also worked wonders on his figure. And even better, he was holding a bouquet of roses for his lovely wife.

The Final Reveal

When Jo turned around, she was absolutely stunned! “He’s so handsome! Who are you?” she cried out. 

The two embraced and Kevin was finally ready to take a look at his new self too.

Whoa, Baby!

Kevin was pretty much speechless when he finally got to check himself out in the mirror. However, you could tell he was very pleased with his new appearance. 

The general reaction on the show and social media were that the makeover artists had done an amazing job. We really have to agree.

Amazing Reactions

The reactions that flooded social media in support of Jo and Kevin were overwhelmingly positive.

While some had issues with Kevin’s dyed beard, for the most part, everyone connected with their love story over everything else.

A New Chapter

For both Jo and Kevin, the makeover defines a new chapter in their lives. 

They now can embrace their new youthful appearances and go on many more adventures together. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for these two lovebirds!