Mom Refuses To Stop Child From Kicking Man's Seat So He Turns The Tables On Her

Deliberately Misbehaving

The patient man had been waiting for 20 minutes now. There was a low, constant noise. He kept feeling it thump on the back of his seat. The fact that he wasn't going to stop was evident.

Even though he tried to remain calm, he was losing his mind. Although he knew better than to interfere with someone else's child, this child was deliberately misbehaving.

Brad And Kimberly

A gleam of excitement radiated from Brad and Kimberly's eyes as they boarded the flight from Florida to New Jersey. The two-hour trip was a mere blip on their travel radar. 

After the plane taxied down the runway and made its way into the sky, they settled into their seats and gazed out at the cotton candy clouds. There was a palpable anticipation of reaching their destination, but little did they know that the journey was about to take a turn for the worse.

Excitement In The Air

While flying from Florida to New Jersey, the sun hung low in the sky. It was a much-needed vacation, and excitement buzzed through the air. 

A two-hour flight was meant to be a quick trip. There are times when even the shortest of journeys can lead to unexpected surprises.

Sitting Together

It was fortunate that the couple was able to get seats together in their prescribed seats. There was a full flight, and everyone was anxious to reach their destination.

Although they were looking forward to their two-week vacation, things did not go according to plan. An unruly child sat behind them, making things difficult for them.

Feeling Nervous

The hum of the engines filled the cabin as the plane taxied down the runway. Their fingers intertwined with anticipation as Brad and Kimberly exchanged eager smiles. 

The 32-year-old Brad was a nervous flier, so they strapped on their seatbelts and held hands. Unbeknownst to them, an unforeseen obstacle was awaiting them.

Restless Child

There was a restless child behind Brad, a bundle of energy barely contained within the seatbelt's boundaries. Disruptions were caused by his loud talking.

Within moments, Brad began receiving rhythmic thumping against his seat - erratic kicks from a child with boundless energy and no restraint. As Brad furrowed his brows in polite frustration, he asked the child's mother to intervene.


In spite of Kimberly's best efforts, Brad refused to listen. As a person known for having a short temper, he wasn't going to let a kid ruin his flight.

As Brad lowered his head, he cleared his throat. "Excuse me, ma'am," Brad said in a measured tone. "Would it be possible for you to ask your child to stop kicking my seat?"


A mixture of indifference and irritation characterized Brenda's expression as she looked up from her magazine. She said dismissively, "He's just a kid. Let him have fun."

Despite Brad's request, the child pulled a tongue at Brad and kicked at his seat. He was on the verge of losing it.

Like Mother, Like Son

Astonished by the response, Brad was taken aback. Kimberly smiled sympathetically, trying to diffuse the situation with a perplexed glance. In order for them to hear him, he sighed loudly.

She retorted with a stubbornness matching that of her child, but Brenda's stubbornness was unyielding. It didn't stop the naughty boy, Alex, from kicking the seat.

Boiling Frustration

Brad's patience was being challenged by Alex's increasing kicks. Seeing the unwelcome metronome of Brad's frustration, Brad's pleas boiled over into quiet boiling frustration. 

He took a deep breath and turned around to try a different approach. Is he going to succeed in persuading the obstinate mother?

That's It

Brad didn’t feel that he had a choice. The mother Brenda could have asked him to stop, but for some reason, she decided not to. Brad took it personally.

"Hey there, buddy," Brad said, leaning over the seatback, his voice gentle. "Do you think you could stop kicking my seat, please? It's making the flight a bit uncomfortable for everyone."

Keeping Him Busy

Alex, however, remained unfazed by Brad's diplomacy. His small feet kept drumming against the seat, as if in defiance of Brad's request. 

Kimberly reached for her purse and pulled out a coloring book and crayons, offering them to Alex with a hopeful smile. But even the bright colors and promises of creative adventure couldn't distract the young troublemaker. He pushed them away with a gruff and continued to kick the seat.

The Whole Flight

As minutes turned into an hour, the tension on the plane escalated. Passengers shifted in their seats, sharing knowing glances as the battle of wills unfolded in the rows ahead. 

Brad's patience was fraying, a thin thread holding back a brewing storm. The airplane's intercom crackled to life, announcing that they were soon beginning their descent into New Jersey.

What To Do

Brad shot a pleading look at Kimberly, who nodded in understanding. With a determined sigh, Brad swiveled around once more, his eyes locking onto Alex's mischievous ones. 

"Listen, champ," he began, his voice now tinged with a hint of urgency, "we're about to land, and it's really important that you stop kicking the seat. Can you help us all out and give it a rest?"

Not Listening

The child's gaze wavered, caught between the allure of rebellion and the gravity of the situation. The cabin filled with an expectant hush as Alex's decision hung in the air. 

His mother looked at him and said, “Do you know how hard it is to occupy a toddler on a plane?” Would he continue to defy the plea, or would he relent, recognizing the shared humanity in the passengers around him?

Asking Nicely

Growing increasingly agitated, Brad faced the small boy behind him, a whirlwind of energy unable to sit still. He cleared his throat, addressing the child's mother, Brenda, who seemed engrossed in a book.

“ You have a lot of energy for a small child, I think you’ve had enough fun now,” in a sarcastic tone. But Alex just looked him straight in the eye and continued to kick his seat.

Don’t Do That

Brenda threw down her magazine and stood up from her seat. “How dare you speak to my son?” she screamed. Brad was shocked, but he didn’t back down.

"Excuse me," Brad said, his tone polite, "Could you please ask your child to stop kicking my seat?" He spoke in a calm voice, and Brenda had no reason to get upset, but it seemed as though she was looking for a fight.

Leave Us Alone

Brenda looked up, her eyes narrowing. "Mind your own business," she retorted sharply, returning to her book as if dismissing his presence entirely.

Other passengers had noticed the commotion by now. The noise Alex was making was affecting everybody, but nobody else directly addressed Brenda, they just recorded it on their phones. Would another flier help Brad out?

Can’t Stop Him

Brad exchanged a puzzled glance with Kimberly, who gave a sympathetic shrug. Resolute, Brad swiveled his seat slightly and tried to find a position that would shield him from the incessant kicks. 

But the child's determination seemed to grow, his relentless heels digging into the back of Brad's chair. He was doing it on purpose.

Being Friendly

After several failed attempts to find solace, Brad turned around once more, his patience thinning. Maybe if he tried to be friends with the child, he would be nice.

With a soft smile, he addressed the child directly. "Hey buddy, do you think you could give my seat a break? I'd really appreciate it." The child looked up at him with a toothy smile.

He Knows

The child's eyes gleamed mischievously as he continued his assault on the seat. Kimberly, noticing Brad's struggle, attempted to intervene, pulling out keys and toys from her bag to distract the child. 

But her efforts were in vain; the kicks persisted, growing more insistent. All this time Brenda chuckled to herself as though she was enjoying it.

That’s Enough

Seeing his wife's frustration, Brad took a deep breath and turned to the child again. "I'm asking you nicely, can you please stop kicking my seat? It's making the ride uncomfortable for both of us."

The rude mothers’ eyes opened wide like she was ready to attack them. Her child watched her anxiously waiting to see what she would do next.


The rude woman snapped her head in their direction, her eyes narrowing on the couple, “Excuse me, how many more times do I have to tell you to leave my son alone? I will have you reported for harassment!”  Her voice boomed through the plane. 

Kimberly knew that it was best to keep quiet, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so. If this woman wasn’t going to listen, she was going to force her to listen. 

Raising Her Voice

Just then, the little boy pulled his knees into his chest before launching his legs forward, digging his heels deep into Brad’s seat. This made both Brad's and Kimberly’s blood boil. They were officially furious. 

Kimberly had enough as she turned around and said, “Ma’am, please control your child. You’re speaking very rudely to us, we asked you nicely so many times!” She was beginning to raise her voice. 

Seeing Red

At this point, the mother was seeing red. No one was allowed to speak to her or her son like that, and she was ready for war. Raising an eyebrow, she flipped her magazine open once again and sat back in her seat.

“Alex, honey, have as much fun as you want, we all know how boring it is to be a kid on a plane,” She smirked, flipping through her magazine, ignoring the couple. 

Other Ways

Brad had had enough of the child. It felt like a carousel going around and around again. He’d ask him to stop, and he would resume just a few moments later. Nothing he said was going to change the young boy’s mind.

He knew that he would have to be more “persuasive” to stop the child. He started thinking about more direct ways of stopping him.


Brad thought about what children liked and what they disliked. Then it dawned on him. The child was probably always spoiled. He’d have to be stopped another route. That’s when Brad thought about the perfect motivator.

After brainstorming, he had an idea. He had to make sure no one else on the plane saw him do it. They would get the wrong idea if he was caught.

Reaching For Something

Brad was at his limit. He had something in his carry-on bag for situations like this. The little boy and his mother wouldn’t be laughing anymore once he showed them what he had in store for them.

He carefully reached down to open his bag. He slowly went through its contents, looking for his coup de grace.

Pulling It Out

After a bit of rummaging, he finally found what he was looking for. He had his doubts: should he really be doing this to the woman and her child? But then he felt his seat vibrate again.

Rage overcame him, and the famous short temper that Kimberly knew all too well reared its head. He pulled out the object in a flash, and she didn’t even notice. He was about to do something that he couldn’t take back.

Confronting The Boy

He was now ready to confront the boy, hopefully for the last time. He turned to face the boy and glared at him. The boy stopped what he was doing and looked at Brad, not taking him seriously.

He had already tried confronting him a few times by now, and the boy was conditioned not to care. But this time was different. He showed the boy what he had in his hand and then put a finger to his lips. 

Our Little Secret

The boy sat frozen in place as soon as he saw what Brad was holding in his hand. He wasn’t kicking his chair anymore now that he knew what Brad was up to. Brad gestured for the boy to keep quiet.

He didn’t want Alex’s mother to see what was going on. She was at the window seat, staring out and daydreaming.

Giving It To The Boy

The boy nodded his head in agreement and kept staring at the object in Brad’s hand. He was fixated on it. Brad knew that he had all of the power now and knew that things would change.

He whispered, “Are you gonna stop now?” The boy nodded again and reached out his greedy hands. He desperately wanted what Brad had in his hand. But would it change anything?

Giving The Boy What He Wanted

Brad thought he had made an agreement with the young boy now, and without his mother’s interference, maybe he would finally stop his bad behavior. He dropped the item in the boy’s hands, and he quickly snatched it close to his body.

Brad returned to facing forward and sighed. He waited now to see if the boy would keep his promise or not. But what had he given him?

Something Special

The object that he had given the boy was something special. It was Brad’s favorite treat, and he was happy to give the boy one of them if it meant he’d stop his nonsense.

The silver wrapper made it apparent that they weren’t cheap. They imported chocolate from Belgium. He heard the boy behind him ravaging the wrapper and eating the chocolate.

Kept Him Busy

The whole time the boy ate the candy, he wasn’t bothering Brad. He even almost managed to doze off for a bit. The peace and tranquility he felt now that there were no tremors from behind was magnificent.

But as the man lay back half asleep, he didn’t know that his peace was numbered. The boy wouldn’t be busy with the chocolate forever.

A Realization

The boy finished his candy and sat still for another ten minutes. It seemed that he was finally placated. But then it started again, and Brad’s eyes opened wide. The kicks were light and less aggressive.

Was he really doing it absentmindedly? Maybe he couldn’t help it. Then, a realization dawned on him.


The chocolate kept the boy from kicking his seat for a good while. Was he just hungry and couldn’t sit still? He wouldn’t have been surprised if the nasty mother didn’t feed him properly.

The boy could have just been starving and could not express himself. He thought about the fact that the boy could have had other things going on as well.

A Condition

Brad thought about the fact that the boy could have had a condition. ADHD is present in a lot of children, and a lot of the time, it goes undiagnosed. But the mother didn’t tell them.

Maybe she didn’t believe in it? Or maybe the boy was just kicking his seat because his mother said that it was okay? Then things got turned up a notch.


The boy began laughing mischievously as he continuously dug his heels into Brad’s seat. Brad sighed deeply. He didn’t know what to do anymore. He turned back around and sat with his head in his hands, feeling utterly hopeless.

Kimberly's cheeks burned with anger as the woman shamelessly encouraged her son to continue his assault on the seat.

More Attention

But it seemed that Kimberly and Brad weren’t the only people bothered by the boy’s antics anymore. The rest of the passengers had noticed the commotion that the boy was making.

Would the two victims finally have some back up? With public opinion on their side, maybe they could all do something about the little boy that was causing misery on the plane.

He Began Singing

The passengers around them all turned in their direction and watched with wide eyes as Brenda flipped through her magazine, not batting a lash. But the boy wasn’t finished yet. He was about to spark a lot of annoyance.

It was then that the little boy began singing loudly, making sure that everyone around him could hear him.


Brenda sipped on her bottle of water, it was like she couldn’t even hear her son. Kimberly and Brad couldn’t believe that the boy was getting away with this.

Then Brad noticed it. The mother had put earphones in so she didn’t have to hear her son. Even he was annoying her. Was she really petty enough for everyone on the plane to suffer?

How Embarrassing

The people around them began whispering among themselves, one woman even spoke loudly, not caring if Brenda heard. “That woman can not control her child. How embarrassing!” She said, causing a few people to start laughing. 

Brenda glanced in her direction, raising an eyebrow. She was on a warpath with every single person on that plane. 

Couldn’t Take It

Eventually, it became too much for Brad to handle. Kimberly watched with sad eyes as he placed his face into his palms. “I can’t take this anymore,” he breathed. The boy was still singing loudly, drumming his feet into his chair.

Kimberly had to do something about this. Brad was suffering. She decided to turn around one more time. 

No Way

“Ma’am please,” She pleaded, but Brenda kept her face in her magazine. It seemed that there was no way of getting through to her. “Please, please tell us what we can do to make this stop. We’ll do anything,” She was getting desperate.

The woman glanced up at her for a second. “You can mind your own business and stop speaking to me and my son.” She wasn’t letting up.


The airplane was starting to rattle with turbulence, which only made the boy laugh and shout “weee” each time it happened. The seatbelt sign appeared, and everyone was forced to strap in. 

“Good afternoon passengers, we are experiencing some turbulence. Please stay seated and keep your seatbelts on, it will be over shortly,” They were told over the intercom. The flight had turned into a living nightmare.

Over The Edge

As the plane rattled once again, the boy loudly shouted a long “weee”, sending Brad over the edge. He unstrapped his seatbelt and got up from his seat, but as he did so, he spotted an air hostess from afar who instructed him to sit down.

He felt stuck. There was nothing he could do but sit there and see this through. He tried once again to adjust in his seat, but his back had begun aching from the boy’s harsh kicks. 

A Conversation

Kimberly placed a hand on his shoulder, rubbing it soothingly over his shirt. “Do you want to swap seats? I could try sitting there for a while,” She offered sweetly, trying her best to help Brad.

But the boy overheard their conversation and came up with a brilliant plan. Things were about to get a lot worse. 

Both Seats

Kimberly jumped in her seat when she felt his heel kick into her back roughly. She turned to see what was going on, and now, the boy had one foot on the back of her chair and one on the back of his. He began stomping roughly. 

Kimberly saw red as she narrowed her eyes on the boy and his mother. Alex smirked at her, knowing that he wouldn’t get in trouble for this.

Blocking The Noise

When her eyes trailed to his mom, Brenda was still flipping through her magazine, but now, she had earphones in her ears, blocking the noise her son was making. Kimberly couldn’t believe it. She knew just how disruptive her son was being. 

Losing all hope, she made another attempt at getting the child to stop. Reaching for her purse, she grabbed a ten-dollar bill and turned to the boy. 

A Bribe

The boy’s eyes locked on the note as she held it in front of him, hoping that this would do the job. “Please, if you stop kicking our seats and quiet down, I will give you the money.” She pleaded.

He stared at it for a second longer, his feet going still as he thought. But ultimately, he decided it wasn’t enough. 

Begin Again

With a smirk, he began again, now singing even louder as he slammed his feet into their seats. Brad was clutching at his hair, he felt like he was going mad with annoyance. 

Kimberly could feel tears burning behind her eyes. She was so angry, she could hardly see straight, and the mother didn’t even care. How could she be so selfish?

Ending It

Waving her hand in front of Brenda’s face, Kimberly was ready to put an end to this. The woman rolled her eyes as she looked up from her magazine and pulled an earphone from her ear. “What?” She exclaimed. 

“If you don’t control your child right now, I will call over a flight hostess,” She threatened. 

Rude Travelers

Brenda didn’t expect Kimberley to speak to her. She looked as though she was ready to explode. Would she have a change of heart? Would she treat the other paying passengers with the same respect?

The tension in the cabin was palpable; a few nearby passengers exchanged concerned glances, and some even discreetly began recording the unfolding scene on their phones.

Fighting Back

Brenda shook her finger in her face, “Don’t speak to me or my child, leave us alone! ” But Kimberly wasn’t bothered anymore, she took matters into her own hands.

Kimberly, her patience demolished, leaned over Brad's shoulder and addressed the child gently. It was her last attempt. "Hey there, little guy. Could you please stop kicking? It's not very nice."

A Racial Thing

Brenda erupted, her voice rising to a sharp crescendo. "How dare you speak to my son? Mind your own business!" And she hit the back of Kimberley’s seat too.

At that moment another passenger piped up and said, “Control you, kid lady, he’s been making noise through the whole flight.” There was a murmur of agreement from the other passengers who had enough.

Authorities Arrive

Just as the situation seemed ready to spiral out of control, a ray of hope appeared in the form of an air hostess. She stopped on Brenda's aisle and said, “Do we have a problem here?”

With an air of authority, she approached the row and looked at the child sternly. "Young man, you need to stop kicking the seat immediately."

Listen To Me Now

The child's defiance wavered in the face of the air hostess's command. With a reluctant huff, he slumped back into his seat, his legs finally still.

Brad smiled, “Thank you!” he said loudly, “I thought he would never stop!” Some passengers were heard murmuring about the ride lady and son. They were silent for the rest of the flight.

Silent Flight

Brenda, unable to challenge the authority of the airline staff, begrudgingly sank into her seat, her anger simmering beneath a facade of compliance. She was in the wrong.

The cabin breathed a collective sigh of relief as the atmosphere shifted from hostility to a subdued calm. Was this the last we would hear from the naughty Alex?

Homeward Bound

The flight continued, the tension slowly dissipating like mist under the morning sun. Brad and Kimberly exchanged a weary yet triumphant smile; sometimes, even in the most confined spaces, a touch of resolve can restore peace to the most turbulent of skies. 

As the plane touched down in New Jersey, their journey, though marked by a tempestuous episode, had brought them closer together, a testament to their unwavering partnership in the face of unexpected challenges.