Man Rescued Strange Tiny Creature, But He Had No Idea What It Would Grow Into

The Power of Love

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Almost every day thanks to the power of social media we see heartwarming stories shared about people taking care of animals in need. They make you laugh, cry and renew your faith in humanity even when the world seems like it’s at its darkest hour. For one man, the discovery of a small creature would change the course of his life forever and teach him the true meaning of love.

A Typical Afternoon Walk

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It was a typical spring afternoon for Jeff Longo who decided to take a walk through his local park. This was something he did on a regular basis, but today he’d come upon something that was completely unexpected on the sidewalk.

You won’t believe what he found.

An Unexpected Discovery

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Burning up in the hot sun, alone and left for dead, a tiny baby animal was curled up on the sidewalk. He could tell it was neglected and fighting for its life, so Jeff decided to take it home. While it was tempting to let mother nature take its course, he simply couldn’t leave the baby alone to die in such a manner.

As Small As His Pinky

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The little baby was just about the size of Jeff’s pinky finger and he had absolutely no idea what it was. This made rehabilitation tricky since the baby was so small and he really wasn’t sure what the appropriate food to feed the animal was. Regardless, Jeff decided to press on to see what he could do.

Refusing to Give Up

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Searching the internet for tips on how to nurse a baby animal, Jeff discovered a formula recipe that he felt might work despite not knowing what it was. He wanted to prolong the baby’s life by any means necessary and researched tirelessly on how to do so.

Stronger Each Day

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With each passing day, the baby grew stronger and stronger. The formula seemed to be a big hit with the infant, who started to grow fatter and put on some fur. For someone as inexperienced as Jeff, he thought it was a miracle the baby continued to thrive.

Love Goes So Far

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Throughout the process, Jeff began to bond with the little one. He never imagined something so small and helpless could bring him this much joy. In fact, he was beginning to love the little nugget almost as much as his dog. This love helped the struggling baby fight for its life.

Three Months of Touch and Go

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For three months, Jeff nursed the little one around the clock. He also documented the journey on social media, which showed how quickly the baby was growing and thriving. Finally, the baby had grown large enough for him to identify what it was…you’ll never guess!

The Truth Finally Revealed

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Are you ready? Jeff had been nursing an adorable female baby flying squirrel! Isn’t she just the cutest thing? As the days continued to go by, the squirrel continued to grow stronger. In all honesty, Jeff was surprised by how well she was doing.

Growing Up

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As the squirrel continued to thrive, her coat got thicker and her bond with Jeff strengthed. She knew her daddy was and had no issues staking her claim. One of her favorite spots to rest was on his knee.

A New Friend

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As the days continued to pass, Jeff’s dog soon became obsessed with the new member of their family. He would sniff and lick the little girl, happy to take on the role of big brother and protector. Who could have imagined Jeff’s life would change so much with the addition of this sweet squirrel?

Biscuits the Beauty

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Jeff decided to name her Biscuits when he realized that she was going to pull through. It was a miraculous recovery, to say the least, and he was beginning to breathe easier knowing she was thriving. However, she still needed a lot of attention and care throughout the day.

A New Work Companion

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Since their bond had grown so strong, and Biscuits still needed to be fed multiple times per day, Jeff began bringing her to work. She seemed to really enjoy hanging out in his shirt pocket and offering work advice.

Two Peas in a Pod

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Of course, having a flying squirrel at work did prove to be a distraction from time to time. As you can see, Jeff had no issues posing her for pictures to increase his social media following. Biscuits didn’t mind though, she loved spending time with her dad.

New Adventures

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As days turned to weeks and then months, Jeff began to realize he couldn’t imagine his life without Biscuits. Every day brought about a new adventure for the dynamic duo and he loved the excitement she brought to his life.

The Bond Grows Deeper

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As Biscuits continued to grow and with her strength restored, Jeff began to wonder what was next for her. There was one possible solution that he had been avoiding once he knew she was going to make it, but now it was time to make a decision. The question was…did he have the strength to do it?

Back to the Wild?

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Jeff began to ponder whether it was time to release Biscuits back into the wild. She was eating on her own and he knew she belonged in her natural habitat. It was a decision he needed to think about for a while. He had grown to love the little one and letting go would not be easy.

Not Worth The Risk

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After weighing the pros and cons of the situation, Jeff decided it simply wasn’t worth the risk. Biscuits was happy and had become a part of the family. He worried if she was released back into the wild, she would be an easy target for larger animals. Therefore, it was best Biscuits became a permanent member of the family.

A Great Life

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Honestly, it seems like Biscuits was much better off living with Jeff. She had love, comfort and all the treats she could eat. Sounds like living in squirrel luxury! We wish we had a Jeff to pamper us all day.

Just a Squirrel and Her Dad

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Jeff and Biscuits enjoyed their days going to work, watching Netflix and eating. And of course, Biscuits loved to hang out in her favorite spot…his shirt pocket.

A Special Home

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Eventually, Jeff decided that Biscuits needed a special home of her own. After doing some research on flying squirrels in captivity, he bought her a cage that would give her plenty of space to roam and play.

Fruity Friends

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To say Biscuits was thrilled with the new pad would be an understatement. Jeff also discovered her love for fruit. Strawberries were Biscuits favorite treat, but Jeff tried to limit them because of the sugar content.

Living the Life

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Of course, this photo reveals that Biscuits was super hard to resist when it came to treats. How could anyone say no to that adorable face? She’d have strawberries by the pound if she lived with us.

Loves Her Treats

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According to research, flying squirrels can live in captivity for up to six years or more. It seemed Jeff and Biscuits would have plenty of time to have amazing adventures together.

Friends Until the End

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Love is a powerful emotion and as you can see, it helped heal this little squirrel and bring joy to a man’s life. These two definitely compliment one another and we can’t wait to see what adventures life has in store for them.

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