Man Leaves No Stone Unturned to Find Stolen $10,000 Ring, Finds Something Even More Valuable

I’m in trouble

It’s getting late, and everyone’s getting the vibe after drinking a couple of shots. However, the fun didn’t last as a group of people found themselves under stress. 

One woman seemed to be in a panic and it got more intense after knowing that something was missing. She’s in serious trouble.

It’s getting serious

The woman checked her belongings and her situation got worse after recognizing that her wallet was missing. She scanned her bag a couple of times to make sure that she was not hallucinating until something popped into her head. Then she began to panic even more.

One valuable thing

She had lost her wallet and what was inside was very precious to her. Inside the wallet was her wedding ring which costs 10 grand. It was very significant and she couldn’t live without it. That's why she scanned the entire place searching for help. She even sought help from the DJ booth to make an announcement without knowing that it will change her fate.

It's not lost

The announcement caught the attention of the bar’s owner, Jimmy Gilleece and that’s where everything started to change. Jimmy, after knowing that his customer lost a wallet, instantly reviewed the CCTV cameras on the premises and they were both shocked by their discovery. 

Real life hero

Upon evaluation, it was found that the wallet was purposefully stolen and was not lost. Being a responsible owner, Jimmy knew that he also shared responsibility for this incident and that he must take action to return the lost jewelry to its rightful owner. This is where the story gets more interesting.

Where it started

The story took place in a bar in North Carolina named Red Dogs. This bar is a famous spot where one can pick a drink and enjoy some live music. Customers can also pet the bar’s dog, which is named Kruzer. The dog’s very friendly and it attracts customers everyday for its charm.

Meet the man

Red Dog’s proprietor, Jimmy, is a real social expert. Being a bar owner, he knows how to be loved by the crowd and his actions proved to the world that he’s deserving of their love and recognition when he answered the call of one of his customers.

A local’s concern

On one busy night, Jimmy’s serving different customers at once when he got curious about a certain announcement by his customer at his bar in North Carolina. He eventually went close and from there, the customer explained to him that she believed she lost her wallet while having a fun time with her friends in the area near the road.

Heeding the call

After recognizing that his diner was in complete distress, Jimmy offered a drink and told her that he’ll do whatever means he can to attend to her problem. After assuring the customer, Jimmy scanned the security footage from the time she visited the bar. Jimmy couldn’t believe what he just saw.

For the first time

For over several years, Jimmy didn’t have a concern about handling his bar business. No records of theft, kidnapping, or destruction of property ever happened in his place, which made him believe that people in North Carolina were trustworthy. But this belief changed when Jimmy ended his security footage evaluation.

Bad news incoming

Jimmy couldn't believe what he saw and immediately informed his customer that her wallet was not misplaced but stolen. He mentioned a young teenager sitting next to her wallet for a while before snatching it while she was busy chatting with her friends. The customer after hearing the news almost lost hope of ever finding it. But she was wrong.

Spark of hope

The customer who was from New Mexico reported the incident to the local police. She cried so hard at the help desk emphasizing that the wedding ring is highly valuable and that she can’t lose that thing. All of this happened without her knowing what Jimmy was about to do.

Detective moves

Jimmy, after being shocked by what happened, found himself very invested in the incident. He recognized that as the bar owner, he must do his part as well. From this, he posted on his social media accounts some photos from the CCTV footage. The news spread quickly, and by the power of social media, he was able to identify a particular name.

Meeting the thief

Jimmy’s effort in the search for the theft culprit online didn’t go to waste when he was able to discover the identity of the thief who was then only 17 years old. He was identified as River Prather and was placed on the possibility of facing a felony.

Unfortunate fate

In his defense, River mentioned that he only resorted to stealing the wallet to have enough money to survive a couple of days. He emphasized that it was only an act of survival for him as he was currently starving for food and had no permanent home to live in. Thinking he could fool Jimmy, he was wrong.

Believe it or not?

After hearing the unfortunate story of the thief, Jimmy couldn’t help but become more skeptical about his actions. He couldn’t comprehend the story, as it is sort of missing the details. After all, he found it unbelievable that the sole intent of the theft is to swipe ample cash to buy him a quick snack. Jimmy then proceeded with the next action. However, he didn’t know what was in store for him.

Change of heart

"I only looked for some cash inside the wallet, I saw a ring as well, but I threw it into the pond,” River admitted. At that moment, Jimmy was persuaded that the thief’s intent was just for survival. He, later on, displayed compassion and empathy for the young man and sided with him.

Calling reinforcements

After the change of heart that happened after River’s statements, Jimmy was a hundred percent convinced that the thief was telling the truth. He believed in the story that River mistakenly thought that the ring was a fake one and that he threw the wallet in the pond immediately after taking away the cash. Siding with his story, Jimmy called for help with high hopes that he could retrieve the wallet. However, the work becomes more complicated at this point.

Too much adrenaline

A group of divers arrived as soon as Jimmy asked for help. The divers were instructed to search for a wallet under the water which they performed immediately. After a couple of minutes, Jimmy witnessed one diver slowly going back to the surface. Jimmy thought that this was it. But he was wrong.

The catch

“My equipment is not working,” said the diver, immediately Jimmy and River’s excitement dropped after hearing the news. After a while, they saw another diver again rising to the surface and the one now is holding a wallet. “This must be it,” River murmured from the side. After going near the diver, everyone was shocked by what they saw.

Mission success

After opening the wallet, they saw that the ring was still inside and this exactly matched the description that the owner gave in the police report. Jimmy was very happy with the successful retrieval operations of the ring. River whispered something to Jimmy which left him stunned to speak.

Got your back covered

Jimmy reassured River that he will take care of his felony charge. Knowing the truth behind the story, Jimmy was willing to testify for River and the good news was then followed by another one which will change River’s fate.

Mixed emotions

The Red Dog’s proprietor then informed the former customer that the wallet and ring were retrieved. She was very thankful for his effort and even offered him a monetary incentive. Jimmy refused to accept the offer but told the customer one story hoping that everything would go according to his plan. After a while, a deafening silence occurred in the place.

All is well

The former customer broke the silence by saying how hard it was for him to deal with his situation. The customer seemed to be concerned for River, and she instantly dropped the charge of a felony after discovering his story. Jimmy was very happy about what happened and immediately forwarded the news to River.

Unexpected friend

River was very thankful to Jimmy for all his actions. “He may have only just seen me as a thief, but he went beyond what’s needed.” River can’t imagine what would happen to himself without Jimmy’s presence.


Now that everything was solved, the story is left with the two individuals who are now close friends after finishing the mission. With River’s story leaving a mark on Jimmy’s heart, he continued being a blessing to his community and his next move made River cry.

Happy family

Jimmy open-heartedly accepted River into his family. From there he offered River free housing and gave him a comfortable bed to sleep in every night. Now that River didn’t have to think about his daily food, he can’t help but feel very grateful for Jimmy whom he sees as his new guardian.

Major inspiration

Inspired by the actions of Jimmy, River promised himself that he wouldn’t steal again. He, later on, got hired with a new job while he helped with Jimmy’s business at night. A year after, River enrolled in a university and he swore that he would follow in Jimmy’s footsteps.

Be blessed

After Jimmy’s retrieval of the stolen property and leading the thief to a brighter life, Jimmy's kindness resonated with his business. The Red Dogs bar became more prominent in town and the sales grew endlessly. All of these happened because of kindness and generosity.

A reflection

Jimmy’s story tells us that there are still good people in the world. Despite how hard life gets to be, we’ll never get out of people like Jimmy. “I’m sure that everything occurred because it’s meant for me to learn,” River uttered. Jimmy completely changed his life and hopefully, this can encourage us to be like Jimmy even in our small ways.