Man Finds Glowing Rock On The Beach, Jeweler Says He Shouldn't Have This

A Day Spent Surfing

Oliver was enjoying his day on the beach. He was surfing and soaking up the sun. It was perfect until something unexpected happened.

As Oliver walked along the beach, something happened that turned his fabulous day into a confusing, seriously messed up week. He had no idea how bad it could get.

A Sharp Pain

Oliver was walking on the beach when he felt a sharp pain in his foot. It was clear that he had stepped on something, so he bent down to see what it was.

Oliver was astonished by what he had found. He quickly forgot about the pain in his foot and was awestruck by the rock that had caused it.

Mysterious Stone

The thing he stepped on was a shiny, nearly crystal-clear rock. It was so beautiful that Oliver thought it had to be worth something.

At that moment, he decided that he needed to have it evaluated. But there weren’t many he felt he could trust with his find. So it had to be someone he knew.

Talking To The Lifeguard

Determined to find out if the stone really was as valuable as he thought it was, Oliver stumbled across the beach to get to his car. But before he could make it, he was approached by a lifeguard who was concerned about his foot.

Oliver knew he had no choice but to tell the man what really happened to him. He just hoped his find wouldn’t get confiscated.

Big Dreams

The lifeguard told Oliver that he could keep the rock he found and sent him on his way. Oliver was delighted and quickly started imagining what he would spend the money he could get for it on.

His gut told him it was worth something. He just didn’t know how much. He’d have to go to his friend, Mark, to get a proper estimate.

Trying To Get A Good Price

Oliver pulled up at Mark’s shop and immediately went inside. The shop was quiet, so the men had a chance to talk. Oliver showed the rock to Mark, and his attitude started changing.

Mark told Oliver that he needed to do some research before he could make an offer. He also told Oliver to come back the next day. It didn’t sit well with Oliver, but he thought he had no other choice.

Suspicious Behavior

When Oliver got back the next morning, Mark was acting very strange. At first, he told Oliver that he couldn’t have the stone back. That upset Oliver.

He didn’t understand why he couldn’t have the stone he had found. Mark hadn’t even made an offer yet, but he was acting like he owned it already.

A Heated Argument

The two friends got into a heated argument. Oliver insisted on getting his stone back, but Mark didn’t even want to show it to him. Mark claimed that Oliver didn’t have a right to it anymore.

Oliver was fuming at that point. He wanted to punch Mark, but there were quite a few people in the store, and he didn’t want to make a big scene.

Demanding To Get The Stone Back

Oliver knew there was only one way to get his stone back. He burst into Mark’s office and started searching. It had to be somewhere in there.

Mark followed Oliver in, and the two kept arguing but eventually, Mark folded and handed the stone over. Except it wasn’t the stone he was given. Oliver could tell it was much lighter than the original.

A Sense Of Unease

Oliver threw the stone back at Mark and demanded to have his back. Mark could tell he wasn’t messing around, so he gave it back, but he also had a warning for his friend.

Mark told Oliver he’d regret keeping the stone, and he was right. As soon as Oliver got into his car, he got a feeling that he was being watched.

Followed By A Black Van

Feeling uneasy, Oliver drove off, but he realized that there was a black van following him. He started getting scared and decided to see if he was just being paranoid.

He drove around a block three times, but the van was still there. They were indeed following him, and he needed to get rid of them. Oliver sped up and eventually lost the van.

Visiting A Friend

But being followed had all his senses heightened. Oliver decided not to go home that night. He just didn’t feel safe at the time. So he decided to spend the night with one of his friends and return home the next morning.

He had no idea that there was a reason for him to be as afraid as he was.

A Break In

When Oliver returned home the next morning, his house was surrounded by people. He was trying to see what the commotion was all about when he got pulled aside by his neighbor.

His house had been broken into. A window was smashed, and the door was taken down. His neighbor warned him not to go in, but he didn’t listen.

Suspicious Police Officer

When Oliver went into the house, he realized nothing had been stolen. It was as if the people who did it were looking for something, and he suspected he knew what that was.

Oliver immediately called the police, but that didn’t go down smoothly either. As he was speaking to the officer, the officer got a call, and his attitude instantly changed.c

Going To Another Jeweler

Oliver was starting to suspect that there was a whole thing going on there. Being watched, the black van, the break-in, the officer’s lack of interest. It had to be connected somehow.

The next morning he went to another jeweler determined to get rid of the stone but he was in for the ride of his life. The jeweler made him an offer, but it seemed like he was stalling for time, and when Oliver felt a sharp pain in his head, he knew why.