Man Finds Hidden Truck In Forest And Calls 911, Ends Up Arrested

Interrupted By His Son

Dennis had been working on the classic car he had been restoring when his son, Nick, ran up to him. The boy was in a state of panic and could hardly breathe.

He told his father that he had been out exploring the farm and that he had found an old abandoned truck on the property.

Taking A Walk

Dennis was skeptical. He knew his property like the back of his hand and had never seen an abandoned truck. But he wasn’t going to let that keep him from finding out what his son was talking about.

He told Nick to show him the truck, and the two of them took a very long walk.

Strange Markings

As they approached the area where Nick said the truck would be, Dennis noticed that there were strange markings carved into one of the trees. It was something else he never knew about his property.

It was a strange sight that left Dennis baffled. But the surprises didn’t end there.

Confusing Sight

Nick said they were getting really close when Dennis realized that the area was littered with trash. How did he not realize that all of this was here?

What had happened on this piece of his land? And how long ago did it take place? What on earth had he missed?


He was still wondering about the trash when Nick called out, “There’s the truck!” Dennis looked up then and saw an old truck concealed with netting.

That was strange. Why would someone be trying to disguise an old, abandoned truck? Was there something of value in it? Did it hold some kind of secret?

What On Earth?

Dennis couldn’t believe his eyes. His son was telling the truth. There really was a truck hidden on his property. But how could that be?

It couldn’t have happened because of some kind of accident since there were no roads near their location. It had to have been driven onto the property on purpose, and from the looks of it, that must’ve happened quite some time ago.

Taking A Look

Dennis’ curiosity had shot through the roof. He wondered what he would find once he looked inside. There had to be a reason for the disguise and location, after all.

He told his son to hang back and slowly approached the truck. He had no idea that he would find something grueling inside.

Loud Noise

As Dennis approached, a loud back came out of nowhere. He was so startled by it that he fell back. It sounded like there was someone inside the truck banging on the metal. But surely that couldn’t be the case.

It was enough to scare the life out of young Nick, though. The boy screamed and started running in the opposite direction.

Finding His Son

Dennis ran after his son. It was already getting late, and he didn’t want the boy to get lost somewhere on the property.

He called out to Nick, asking him to stop, but fear had overwhelmed the boy, and he wasn’t listening to anything his father said. He just kept running as if his life depended on it.

He Was Terrified

Dennis eventually caught up to his son and saw how terrified he was. His body was shaking with fear, and tears were flowing down his cheeks.

Dennis tried his best to calm his son, but it took a while to get through to him. When he was a little calmer, Dennis told Nick something he didn’t want to hear.

Didn’t Want To Go Back

Dennis wanted to go back and investigate, but Nick was far too afraid to agree with that plan. He had already seen what was in the truck and had no intention of facing it again.

His father knew that and asked what was inside, but the poor boy couldn’t put a sentence together.

Going Back

After a little more time passed, Nick agreed to go back with his father. Dennis kept a close eye on his son during their walk and tried his best to keep him calm.

It only took them a few minutes to get back, but Nick decided that he would wait for his father behind a tree. He didn’t want to go too close.

A Terrible Smell

Dennis was fine with it as long as he could keep Nick in his line of sight. He didn’t want him to run off again.

He approached the truck once more, and this time he was greeted by a terrible smell. That wasn’t going to stop him, though. He held his nose closed and peeked inside.

Skeleton Holding A Box

The sight that greeted Dennis gave him the fright of a lifetime. He never expected to see a skeleton inside the abandoned truck. But there was something else in there that intrigued him beyond belief.

The skeleton was clutching a box. It almost looked as if he had given his life to keep the box secret. Then Dennis saw something else.

Why Was It Protecting The Box?

There was a note on the box that said, “Never open this box. It will bring the world into great danger. Get rid of it!”

Dennis thought the warning was creepy, but something inside of him encouraged him to open the box. Logic had flown out the window the moment he read the note. He wanted to know what was inside.