Man Carried An Injured Wolf For Hours, Then Something Unexpected Happened

New Hobby

Be careful what you wish for. When you go around searching for excitement, you just might find it. In a way that sticks with you for life.

Most parents probably have hobbies that they want their children to experience. One family in Alaska loved to wander in the woods with their son, Dimitri. Little did they know that something would happen to him upon loving the woods.


Ever since Dimitri was young, he had developed a relationship with nature. It was part of their family routine to wander in the forest from time to time. He loved the smell of the leaves, the green view, and the extraordinary things he saw in the woods.

Ideal Life

When he was a kid, other children could not help but feel jealous of him. They saw how his parents loved him so much and treated him very differently. Later on, this would lead to a life altering experience.

Wolves Lover

At a very young age, he already found that wolves interested him so much. When he is out with his parents, he cannot help but track the steps of the wolves. He was willing to spend hours just to see the wolves. And this is where it all started.


However, his time outside with them reduced as he started to age. He spent less time wandering in the woods, following the tracks of the wolves. His parents noticed the changes in his behaviors, but they knew it was because he was starting to have a social life.

Wolves Fever

Even though Dimitri spent less time with his parents outside. His love for the forest and wolves did not go away. Every night, listening to the howling wolves became a part of his routine. It served as a comfort for his tiring day.

Old Enough

Years passed by, and Dimitri decided to go to a college university. That is where he met Elsie, his future partner. Their relationship started off as being friends that loved studying together. Elsie did not know what was about to come into her life.

Looking Back

Not long after they graduated, Elsie decided to move back to Dimitri’s hometown. There, they started to build their own family. After marrying, they finally had two sons named Jack and Thomas. Dimitri was beyond excited to have a great bond with his sons.

Young Blood

At a very young age, Dimitri already let the kids wander through the woods, but only when he was around. When Jack reached 12 and Thomas was 9, Dimitri brought them on a woods adventure. However, they did not know what was waiting for them.

Forest Adventure

Dimitri loved visiting the forest every winter when he was a young boy. Tons of fun activities could be done inside the woods during winter as it became extra magnificent. The traces of the wolves became clearer during the day. So he thought to show his sons the same.

Fun Day

The two boys were clearly having a blast during their winter adventure. They became too playful, and Dimitri loved watching them enjoying the same hobby he had. However, something strange appeared.

Strange Noise

Dimitri was having flashbacks in the woods. It was a very long time already since he wandered that far. He remembered those times he kept following the traces of wolves inside the forest. However, after an hour of walking in the woods, they heard a strange sound.

Unexpected Encounter

When the kids were enjoying themselves, they heard a howl. However, it wasn’t an ordinary howl but a cry for help. Dimitri ensured the kids were safe behind his back when they walked towards the sound.

Cry For Help

When the kids decided to walk beside Dimitri, they immediately stopped after seeing where the cry came from. They were too stunned to speak as it was something they did not expect to be.

Sad Eyes

The cry came from a young wolf caught by a hunter’s trap. It looked like the wolf had been there for days. Dimitri hesitated to come closer to the wolf, but since he loved them so much even before, he knew he had to do something.

Defense Mechanism

Dimitri reminded the kids to stay far away from the wolf as it had a high possibility of it suddenly attack them. Then he decided to slowly go near the wolf, but it growled at him. At that point, Dimitri knew the wolf was in total pain, so he still went for it. 

Kind Man

The two kids got scared when they saw how the wolf growled at their father, but they remained calm. Dimitri slowly moved toward the wolf, letting it smell his hands. Later on, the wolf licked his hands, a sign of accepting him as not a dangerous person. 

Wild And Free

When Dimitri saw that the wolf considered him a safe person, he carefully removed the chain from the wolf’s paw. He told the two boys to move further because it might attack them. But another thing happened that shocked the three of them.

Strange Wolf

Dimitri thought that it would attack them because he was surely hungry and thirsty. However, it was too weak to get up, and still cried in pain. Seeing that the wolf suffered, Dimitri made a huge decision that would soon come back to him.

Good Samaritan

Dimitri could not help but pity the wolf because it looked like a young wolf who suffered a lot for days. He decided to carry the wolf and bring it to the nearest vet. However, it would take hours before they could get it to the clinic. But still, he went for it.

Good Wolf

Fortunately, the wolf remained calm throughout the walk toward Dimitri’s home. He first ensured that his two kids returned home safely before heading toward the vet. After an hour of drive, he finally arrived at the vet. Dimitri did not have any idea what would happen next.


Dimitri decided to wait for the results of the tests. Shortly, the veterinarian talked to him about the current state of the wolf. It turned out it was starving and dehydrated as it had been injured and could not move for many days. With just a little food and water, it would regain its energy. Dimitri sighed in relief upon hearing the good news.

Welcome Home

Dimitri told the vet that he’ll take care of the wolf for the rest of the night until it regained its strength to return to the wild. So he let the wolf stay in their garage, giving it enough food and water. 

Going Back

The following day, Dimitri saw it was already safe to bring him back to the woods, so he carefully opened the garage. The wolf walked slowly toward the woods. However, it looked back and stared at Dimitri, like it was saying goodbye and delivering gratitude. Since that day, the two boys and Dimitri kept seeing the wolf staring at their house and disappearing after a few minutes.

Staring Eyes

Every day, they kept seeing the female wolf looking at their house, which looked like it did not want to leave them. However, days passed, and the two boys noticed that the female wolf wasn’t visiting them anymore. It made them worry, then they decided to discover what had happened it themselves.

Crazy Idea

Whenever Dimitri let the two kids roam around the forest, he only allowed them when he’s around. However, that day Dimitri was away from home. The two boys snuck out and wandered through the forest. After an hour of walking, they couldn’t find any signs of the wolf, so they gave up. However, they forgot how to go back home and they ended up being lost.

Dangerous Night

It was getting dark, yet the boys couldn’t find their way home. Jack and Thomas hugged each other to warm themselves and couldn’t help but feel scared. However, they saw an eye staring directly at them…


It turned out that it was a wolf. However, the boys looked closely and saw that it was the female wolf they had once helped. It ran towards them while its tail could not help but wag. The boys felt safer when they saw her. After a few minutes, the wolf started to walk around and kept looking back at them. It looked like it wanted them to follow her, so they did.

Jack and Thomas

After a long walk, Jack and Thomas could finally see the light not far from the forest, so they ran towards it. It turned out that the wolf led them to their home. They arrived, seeing Dimitri and Elsie scream for their names. They were so glad that the kids were safe, and Dimitri saw the female wolf.


When Dimitri saw that the female wolf helped his kids to return home safely, he looked at her. Dimitri could not help but feel amazed at what happened; it seemed like the wolf wanted to give back by helping her. And from that moment, Dimitri never saw the female wolf again. Still, he forever cherished that glorious moment in their lives.