Lost Plane Discovered After Decades, They Find This Inside

A Strange Letter

Philip sat on his couch and read the mysterious letter he had received when he got home. The sender was anonymous, but the letter had him intrigued.

It was an invitation requesting his presence at a research facility based in a country he had never been to before. It seemed like an adventure he couldn’t turn down. He had no idea it could go so wrong.

It Came From An Unknown Place

The whole situation seemed strange to Philip, but his curiosity got the best of him. So he packed his bags, left his friends and family behind, and got on a plane.

All he knew was that the letter was sent from Alaska, and that was where he was headed. He needed to go to a small town to gather the information he needed.

Bits Of Information

But Philip didn’t have much information to go on. All he knew was that there was an urban legend in the town about a plane.

It was his duty to learn more about this legend and find out if there was any truth to it. He thought it would be easy until he arrived at his destination.

The Town Was Deserted

The town Philip was sent to seemed to be deserted. There were no people on the snow-covered streets, and there were hardly any lights coming from the buildings.

He knocked on a few doors hoping someone could point him in the right direction, but nobody answered. He wondered if he had made a mistake by coming here, but then he saw something.

Encounter With An Old Man

There was an old man trudging down the road. Philip ran up to him, hoping he would be willing to provide some answers.

The two started talking, and Philip eventually asked about the urban legend. “Come to the Old Horse in an hour,” the man told Philip before walking off once more.

He Went Where He Was Told To Go

Philip didn’t know what the Old Horse was, but he found the place after looking through the town a bit. 

It was an old pub with a few people scattered throughout. Philip looked over the crowd and spotted the old man who told him to come, sitting in a dark corner.

Plane 66

Philip took a seat opposite the old man, and after a few minutes of silence, the old man spoke.

He told Philip that there once was a plane in the area that had the number 66 on it. No one knew who was on the plane or what it carried. But one day, as it was heading to Japan, the plane just disappeared. No one knew what had happened to it.

Left With His Thoughts

After telling his story, the old man got up and left, not giving Philip a chance to ask any questions. And at that point, he had so many of them.

The information the old man provided wasn’t much to go on, and it didn’t seem like anyone else knew any more than he did. That meant that Philip had only one option left.

Launching His Own Investigation

Philip decided to further the investigation on his own. He went to a few people who still resided in the town, and, as he suspected, they all told the same story.

So his next option was to go to the nearest airport to inquire about the plane there. Someone at the airport had to know about the plane and its route, right?

No One Knew Of Plane 66

After speaking to quite a few of the employees, Philip was surprised to find that no one knew anything about Plane 66. It was almost as if it had never existed. 

But that couldn’t be the case. Maybe it just took off from another airport and disappeared before their radar could catch it, Philip thought to himself.

Another Note

On his way to his hotel, Philip considered searching for the other airports in the area and mapping them out so he could visit them in the coming days. But when he arrived, he got a clue.

Taped to his door was another envelope. This time the letter had only one sentence, “go to the right side of town and walk along the mountain path. Find Theo.”

A New Destination

Philip started wondering about the person who sent him the letters. But he had come all this way because of them, and he wasn’t going to stop because he was a little creeped out.

He packed all his stuff and followed the directions on the note. They led him to a small cabin a while from town. 

A Long Walk

Philip knocked, and after a few minutes, someone opened. Philip asked the man if he was Theo. He got no response, but the man stepped aside, letting him in.

He directed Philip to the bed, where there was yet another piece of paper. This time it wasn’t a letter. It was a set of coordinates that led Philip into the wilderness.

He Spots It

After walking for most of the day, camping in the snow, and walking some more, Philip really started doubting this anonymous person that led him on a wild goose chase.

He was just about to turn back when he saw something reflecting off the ice. Filled with excitement, Philip approached.

Getting Some Help

Philip got closer, and once it was in full view, he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was Plane 66. The plane was almost buried in the snow, and only its wing stuck out, but Philip knew it was the legend he was looking for.

However, this task was far too big for Philip to handle by himself. He needed help from a couple of his colleagues. With that in mind, Philip mapped out the area, returned to Theo’s cabin, and made a phone call.