How One Simple Tool Is Revolutionizing The Way People Enjoy The Great Outdoors

How One Simple Tool Is Revolutionizing The Way People Enjoy The Great Outdoors

One simple tool is helping people everywhere get out and enjoy more of what life has to offer by unburdening them from their stuff. It’s called the Heroclip and it was designed for campers, hiking enthusiasts, world travelers, adventurers, urban explorers and everyday people alike.

10. The Revolutionary Heroclip

9. So What Is This Heroclip?

It’s a versatile 3-in-1 multifunctional hybrid gear clip. It features a clip, hook and swivel all in one and will keep up to 60 lbs of your gear and equipment securely tethered upright and off the ground while keeping it easily accessible swivelling 360 degrees so you can easily access your things at all times. And the beauty of it is that you can hang it just about anywhere you can imagine.

8. The Tool That Is Unburdening People From Their Stuff

The whole point behind the Heroclip is to free up people’s hands so that they can do more. All too often in life we are burdened by our things and what we can and can’t carry with us because we only have two hands. The Heroclip was designed to act as a backup hand that will take the weight off of your shoulders and do the lifting for you. This simple yet revolutionary tool was created by an adventure seeking mom. It was after she had her first baby that she realized she needed more hands. So, this is exactly what she created.

7. We Simply Need More Hands Than We Were Given

Mina Yoo is the Founder and CEO of Heroclip. It was in 2015 after she had her first child that she decided she would get back in shape and train to summit Mt. Rainier. However, with having a new family and all this would prove to be very difficult. How would she carry all of her gear with her as well as a baby and all of her baby gear?

Her two hands would simply not be enough to make this trip, but she did not want anything to hinder her adventurous lifestyle. So, she set out to grow some extra hands… Well, not quite. She decided to create the Heroclip, a tool that would act as the extra hand she needed to live out a well-rounded and adventurous lifestyle.

6. Heroclips Have Been Designed For Everyday Heroes

The people at Heroclip are in the business of innovating and are constantly designing and creating tools that will catch up to the way we live. We are all living busy lifestyles and getting out to run, camp, hike, and roam the world shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. You shouldn’t be hindered when it comes to being active which is why the Heroclip is there to help you get the most out of your day. After all “Batman has a utility belt. Wonder Woman has a magic lasso. You have Heroclip, the ultimate crossover tool that can save your day no matter what you’re doing. Go ahead. Revel in those small day-to-day victories. We do.” –

5. What Sets It Apart From Other Gear Clips On The Market?

Sure there are other tools out there that are similar to the Heroclip, but this 3-in-1 tool makes it so much easier to access your gear in unexpected and ingenious ways- ways in which those other clips aren’t capable. Unlike other clips on the market which usually only function in one way, Heroclip enables you to not only clip but hang and swivel your gear.

It’s patented 360 degree swivel hook lets you rotate your backpack, hydration pack, or whatever you decide to hang from it. And the best part is you can hang it from just about anywhere because it features a rubber overmold beak at the tip which offers non-slip grip allowing you to hang whatever you want from the wherever you want.

4. Built To Be Stronger And More Durable Than Standard Gear Clips

The Heroclip is made from a strong variant of aircraft-grade aluminum so it’s tough and durable and will hold up to 60 lbs of your gear. It also has a bigger gate than other gear clips so that you can easily insert more items than you could previously with standard carabiners. And when you don’t need it, simply fold the hook down at the two joint points and fold it securely into the clip for easy transport. It’s so simple to use that a kid could figure it out.

3. What Kinds Of Things Can You Hang From Your New Heroclip?

Heroclip has a higher weight threshold than other gear clips and fasteners and allows you to hang anything up to 60 lbs. From backpacks and hydration packs to bikes and helmets, lifejackets, hatchets, tools, cables and cords, garden hoses, diaper bags, or purses, the list goes on an on.

2. What Sorts Of Objects Can You Hang Your Gear From?

Since the Heroclip features a non-slip rubber beak you can securely hang it from just about any surface imaginable, unlike other hooks and clips that have a slippery metal lip. Use your imagination when it comes to dreaming up places to put this thing. You’ll be hanging it from branches, car doors, fences, furniture, logs, rocks, shelves, saddles, hammocks, shopping carts, you name it!

1. An Infinitely Useful Tool For Camping And Just Living On Earth

This specialized clip has been creatively designed with mobility, adventure and ingenuity in mind and is infinitely useful for camping, running, hiking, exploring, or just living in general! So get out there and enjoy life more by unburdening yourself from your stuff and freeing your hands. You can find Heroclip at retailers like Brookstone and Ace Hardware Stores or online at

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