Hotel And Travel Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Invest in a AAA Membership

Image: AAA

Did you know that investing in a AAA membership can save you on average 5-10% on your hotel bookings? There are also other great perks as well. For example, rates booked through AAA are usually able to be canceled up until the day of check-in. This can offer a fair share of flexibility to your travel plans.


Utilize Hotel Credit Card Bonuses

Image: Frequent Flyer Blog

Matt Kepnes who blogs as “Nomadic Matt” has been a world traveler since 2006 and is all about saving money. He is a huge supporter of applying for hotel credit cards that provide substantial sign-up bonuses. Many of these perks can end up equaling up to a week of free accommodations! How awesome is that?


Make Use of the Shower Cap

Image: Pinterest

Do people really use a shower cap in 2019? It seems like hotels still provide them, although no one really uses them. Well, we’ve got a solution for you. The next time you’re staying at a hotel and need to pack away your shoes, simply wrap them in a shower cap. You won’t have to worry about your clothes getting dirty, and your shoes will also stay clean! It’s a win/win!

Bidding Sites Are Awesome

Image: Smarter Traveler

Booking hotels on bidding sites like Priceline and Hotwire is a great way to save money during your travels. The discounts are deep and you can get great rates on four and five-star hotels. The only downside is you usually don’t know what hotel you will be staying at until AFTER your bid is accepted, although the outcome is usually a positive one for most travelers.