Horse Refuses To Give Birth, Vet Calls 911 When He Sees Ultrasound

Wanting A Second Horse

Ben loved his horse, Felicia. She was his only horse, and he’d had her for quite some time. Over time he decided that it would be a good idea to have a second horse.

But when Ben decided to have her impregnated, he could never have expected that the situation would turn out so wild.

Finding An Expert

After making his decision, Ben started looking for an expert to legally impregnate Felicia. Months flew by, but he had no luck.

Ben was about to give up on his quest when he got in touch with someone. The man promised he could do the job, and Ben accepted the offer. He had no idea whom he was dealing with, though.

Waiting Patiently

The expert impregnated Felicia shortly after, and that was when the wait started. Ben wouldn’t know if it was successful immediately. He had to wait a few weeks to find out.

The time crawled by, but when it finally came, Ben was a nervous wreck. He wanted that second horse more than anything, and he hoped his attempt would work.

A Positive Ultrasound

Ben got the vet to examine Felicia. The vet did an ultrasound and what she said next made Ben’s day. Felicia was indeed pregnant, and in a few months, she would give birth to a little foal.

Ben was so excited that he forgot about a few things. He’d never had a pregnant horse before, and he had no idea what complications could come along with it.

Difficult Pregnancy

Felicia had a difficult pregnancy. The further along she got, the more problematic it seemed to get. Her behavior started changing, and that concerned Ben, so he called the vet once more.

The vet assured Ben that the things Felicia was experiencing were normal. Every pregnant mare went through that. But they seemed to have missed some important details.

Restless Nights

The further along Felicia got, the more restless nights she had. She just couldn’t get comfortable, and that led to her being irritable.

Even though that was one of the things the vet said was normal, it seemed to be taking a great toll on her. She was becoming more exhausted by the day.

Strenuous Activities

Near the end of her pregnancy, even the walks she used to love taking around the barn seemed to be too much for her. Felicia was deteriorating, and there was nothing Ben could do about it.

Each day he tried his best to help her get comfortable, but the end result was always the same.

Getting Concerned

When the time finally came for Felicia to give birth, she didn’t seem to want to go into labor. The time came and went, but no foal arrived.

Felicia was huge and exhausted. So once again, Ben did what he could. He called the vet and reported the most recent problem.

A Call To The Vet

The vet informed Ben that she would have to do another ultrasound to see if everything was okay. The situation had become dire, and if they couldn’t get the foal out, he could potentially end up losing both horses.

She told Ben to stretch Felicia out and to wait for her arrival.

Unhelpful Advice

Ben never knew it could be so serious. He immediately went to try and follow the vet’s advice, but with Felicia being in the state she was in, he didn’t stand a chance.

Even though he tried his best, he just couldn’t get Felicia stretched. Ben called the vet again, and she was on her way, but unfortunately, she was stuck in traffic.

Aggravated Horse

By this point, Felicia seemed to be fed up. She was aggravated and in pain, which made Ben feel very bad each time he attempted to stretch her.

Her behavior had gotten to the point where there was nothing he could do but wait for the vet to arrive. If he tried to proceed, he could end up hurting Felicia or the foal.

A Visit From The Vet

Ben didn’t want to wait anymore, though, so he arranged with one of his friends to pick the vet up on a motorcycle and bring her to his farm. The vet agreed with the plan, knowing that they had reached a dangerous point.

Within half an hour, she was there, and she could see for herself what problems Ben was facing. There was only one way to deal with the situation.

Getting Her Sedated

The vet got Ben and his friend to hold Felicia down so she could sedate her, but Felicia was putting up a fight. The vet gave Ben a choice they could either keep trying and risk harming the mother and/or baby, or they could go with a heavier sedative that could potentially harm the foal.

It was a difficult choice, but after a few minutes of deliberation, Ben decided to go with the heavier sedative.

Urgent Phone Call

Felicia was quickly sedated, and the vet got to work. They were busy looking at the ultrasound when the vet’s demeanor changed. She told Ben two things. She would need to do a C-section to get the foal out, and she needed to make an urgent phone call.

With that, the vet got up to make her call.

Questioned By Police

After the call, the vet told Ben they had to wait, so they went to the house. The red and blue lights that came up to his property a few minutes later came as a complete surprise to him.

The vet informed Ben that she had called the police. He let them in, and the questioning immediately began.

Simple Start

The police started with simple questions. They asked Ben to confirm his identity and to confirm that Felicia was indeed his horse.

He knew he had done nothing wrong, so he answered honestly. But Ben was still confused as to why he was being questioned. However, before he could figure that out, the questions started becoming stranger.

More Details

After the simple stuff was out of the way, the officers asked Ben how Felicia got pregnant. He told them about the expert he hired to do the job and quickly added that he did a background check on the vet who did it.

He wanted to make sure that everything was 100% legal before he gave the guy any money. But there were some things that the check didn’t reveal.

The Impregnation

Once Ben was satisfied, the vet came by and did what he had to do for Felicia to get pregnant.

Nothing was wrong until later on in the pregnancy, and Ben never suspected that it could have something to do with the impregnation. But could it? Did something go wrong with the procedure?

It Was Done Legally

The police officers were still standing in front of him, making it look like he did something illegal.

Then Ben remembered that he could prove everything he said. He kept all the documentation in case he ever needed it, and he could show that to the officers to prove his innocence.

He Had Proof

He quickly grabbed all the paperwork and the contract he signed with the vet. Ben showed it all to the police, but they didn’t react the way he expected they would.

The police simply acknowledged that everything he did was, in fact, legal and that Ben wasn’t in trouble. There was something else going on that he had no clue about.

Shown A Mugshot

Ben was even more baffled than he was before. What on earth was going on, and what did it have to do with his horse?

Then one of the officers pulled out a few mugshots and pushed them toward Ben. He gasped the minute he saw who was in one of the pictures.


It was the vet he hired to impregnate Felicia! He identified the man and told the officers exactly who he was. But Ben still had no idea what was going on. What had the man done wrong?

As far as the background checks went, Ben could find nothing wrong with the man. But if the police had a mugshot of him, he must’ve done something.

Very Worried

The more time Ben spent with the officers, the more worried he became. His concern shot through the roof the moment he saw the mugshot, and his mind started wandering to all the things that might’ve gone wrong.

Did he do something to Felicia? Was that why she had such a difficult pregnancy?

An Explanation

The police decided that it was time to clarify the situation. The man was indeed an expert when it came to horses, but he had a long list of criminal medical actives as well.

He was known for trying new medical procedures on the animals he treated, so the police got in contact with all the vets in the area and asked them to report anything strange they found.

What Was Seen On The Ultrasound?

The vet had seen something strange on the latest ultrasound she did on Felicia and called the police in order to help with their investigation. But what did she see?

The vet noticed two things. One was that there was a medical chip implanted in Felicia’s womb. It was one of the things that were illegally made by the man who impregnated her.

She Needed Surgery

The vet didn’t tell Ben what the second thing she noticed was. She simply said that she needed to do surgery to remove the chip and deliver the foal safely. But she needed some help.

The officers were happy to lend a hand since they had to wait for the surgery to be complete before they could get their evidence.

With The Help Of The Officers

With the helpful hands provided by the officers, the vet was able to perform her surgery. The foal was removed safely, and the chip in question was handed over to the police.

Only once the foal was out and warming up next to its mother did the vet tell Ben what else she had found.

Something Else

What the vet also saw on the ultrasound was the foal was no normal horse. The vet still had some doubts and wanted to see the foal with her own eyes to be sure.

Once he was born, she knew her first instinct was right. The foal was one in a million.

One Of A Kind

The foal was a specimen that the vet had never seen before since the odds of it happening were so rare. But there was one thing she was sure of, he would be worth a lot of money.

However, none of that mattered to Ben. He didn’t plan on selling the little guy. He went through all this trouble to have a second horse.

A Foal Named Siempre

Ben named the foal Siempre. He believed that everything they went through happened for a reason, and because of that, he formed a bond with the foal that he never planned on breaking, but that wasn’t all.

Thanks to Ben, the police officers managed to track down the vet they had been looking for. With all the evidence at hand, they managed to get him sentenced. And Ben got to have a happy life with his two horses.