Wild Horse Is Always Seen With Pack Of Wolves, So Hunter Investigates

Horse Sighting

A group of young locals were out having some fun in the woods when they spotted what seemed like an abandoned horse. It was odd since they were in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, and a horse would never be able to survive out there.

It wasn’t just because of the cold, though. There were predators at large, and a horse would be suitable prey. So the ground decided to capture it, but as they got closer, they realized they weren’t alone.

A Wolf Pack

One of the youngsters spotted a wolf near the horse and informed his friends. They looked around and saw that there wasn’t only one wolf. There was an entire pack.

The wolves picked up on their presence and approached the group. They were baring their teeth as they let out low growls. The teens quickly turned and left. They wouldn’t risk their lives for a horse.


But as they made their way to town, the horse was still on their minds, and assumptions about the situation quickly started circulating between them.

One of the youngsters suggested that the wolves were preparing to take the horse down. But another disagreed, saying it looked like they were protecting it.

What Were They Doing?

Yet another pointed out that it was nearly the middle of winter, meaning there was no food for the wolves to eat as everything was frozen solid.

The wolves must’ve been starving and would do anything to fill the holes in their stomachs. They also brought up the recent reports of wolf attacks.

Recent Reports

All across the state, there had been reports of wolves attacking anything they could find out of desperation and hunger.

This winter had been harsh, and their usual food sources were in short supply. There was no reason to believe these wolves were any different from those who made it onto the news.

His Theory

But one of their friends, who had been quiet the entire time, finally spoke up. He said that the wolves didn’t look like they were starving, which could mean that they had eaten recently.

If that were the case, they could be keeping the horse around and protecting it because they could make use of it when they ran out of other options.

Being Followed

His theory seemed plausible, especially since the youngsters saw the wolf pack following the horse when he returned to the woods.

However, that didn’t explain why the horse seemed so calm even though he was surrounded by wolves. The youngsters assumed it would remain a mystery as they would probably never see the horse again. Or would they?

What To Do?

The youngsters were all a little unsettled about what they saw and how they thought things would end, so the discussion continued. A part of the group said they should save the horse, while the rest thought it was best not to interfere with nature.

But there was something they all agreed on. If the horse had an owner in town, they should be informed of what was happening.

No Owner

They went around the town, questioning everyone they saw, but no one seemed to be missing one of their horses. Finding the horse out there was odd enough but finding out the horse had no owner was even stranger. 

It had to come from somewhere, right? As they tried to figure it out, they stumbled upon one of the local girls who knew quite a bit about the situation.

She Told Her Story

She told them that she knew exactly what horse they were talking about. She could never forget it since its black and white fur was unlike anything she had ever seen before.

The girl told the group that she had been walking through the woods a week prior and had seen the horse and the wolves.

It Was Nothing New

But that wasn’t all. She wasn’t the only one in town who had seen the horse surrounded by wolves. And over time, quite a few local legends popped up because of them.

However, everyone who had seen the party was convinced that the horse wouldn’t become a snack anytime soon. This information was particularly intriguing to three of the youngsters in the group.

Hard Evidence

Those three decided to go into the woods again, and they would make sure everyone knew about this local legend. The three youngsters headed out, and it wasn’t long before they spotted the odd pack.

Once again, the wolves were following the horse, but now it was clear that they meant it no harm. It was an odd sight, but the trio held themselves together and captured a few pictures of the animals.

Going Viral

When they got home a few hours later, the youngsters uploaded their pictures to social media. And in a matter of hours, they were seen by people across the globe.

Everyone was amazed by the sight. But one man saw the pictures as an opportunity to get something he desperately wanted.

Interested Hunter

Daniel stared at the pictures in awe. At first, he thought the images must’ve been edited, but there were so many of them capturing so many angles that it just wasn’t plausible.

And once he realized he was looking at the real deal, a desire like no other flooded his system. He needed to know what was going on there.

His Obsession

At first, Daniel managed to control his urges, but soon, they became an obsession he couldn’t let go of. He needed to go down there and see the beast with his own eyes.

But Daniel had to be careful as his intentions weren’t as innocent as they seemed. If the locals found out what he was up to, they would try to stop him.