Genius TikTok Cleaning Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

This year, TikTok cleaning tricks have radically changed how we play the spring cleaning game. The app is jam-packed with spring cleaning tricks and suggestions, including advice on how to clean your cleaning equipment and nifty devices that will make cleaning simpler.

You'll be decluttering and making DIY cleaning solutions like a crazy scientist in no time thanks to these brilliant tutorials. Of course, we know the internet isn’t always the most truthful, but some of these hacks have been literal blessings.

We've compiled a list of our favorite TikTok hacks that will make spring cleaning a breeze.

Dusting Blinds with Socks

In their viral video, Brittanie of @simplisticallyliving shows how to use tongs and socks to dust blinds. Sure, that might sound somewhat ridiculous, but it really works. Just attach a sock to each end of a pair of kitchen tongs.

After that, move the new sock-tong device from left to right while clamping a blind in between. The hack can fit into even the smallest of areas and makes use of items you most likely already have at home.

Dusting Baseboards and Trim with Dryer Sheets

User @ken.c.long asks in a video that has over 500,000 views, "Have you ever used dryer sheets to clean your baseboards?" Perhaps you ought to, then. 

He asserts that not only would this technique clean the baseboards, but the film left behind by the sheets will also stop further dust buildup.

Removing stickers

Removing stickers from any surface is always a headache. No matter how carefully you try to remove it, it breaks off, causing damage to the surface and leaving the stickier in place. 

The method used by TikTok user @acleanbee, however, actually makes removing stickers enjoyable. She merely uses a hairdryer to melt the adhesive on the sticker. Once heated, she delicately lifts one corner with a knife or other sharp item, then pulls it off.

Removing Pet Hair using Rubber Glove

Felicia Wilson, an animal rescuer, revealed her method for keeping her home free of pet hair in April, and it has now received more than 500,000 views. The secret? dish glove made of rubber. 

Put one on and run it over a surface covered with pet hair, and the hair should adhere to the glove and fall off.

Cleaning stained plastic containers

Have you ever had plastic containers that, no matter how many times you washed them, remained soiled from prior meals? Perhaps @adikempler can help you with your problems.

 All you have to do is add some washing liquid, some warm water, and a couple pieces of paper towel (yep, you read it right), then screw on the lid. Then shake the container ferociously for approximately a minute. The container should appear brand new when you remove the lid and clean it off with water.

Extra sudsy floor scrub

Grace Malsbury, a content developer based in London, swears by a method of floor cleaning that involves "hoovering the floor first, then pouring a capful of product directly onto the floor." 

After that, she scrubs the product off with a moist sponge before wiping the leftover soap off with paper towels.

Steam Clean Your Microwave

Chantel Mila of @mama mila_ created this hack. Mix one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent with one cup of water first. Next, let the potion rest inside for a further four minutes after four minutes in the microwave. 

The microwave will be able to steam up as a result. Next, open the door and quickly wipe away all the dirt with a towel, no need for laborious cleaning. All of the tough, baked-on food is softened by the steam atmosphere and is quite simple to remove.

Cleaning a kitchen sink drain

@acleanbee recommends cleaning a kitchen sink drain using household items. She first pours baking soda down the drain, then pours dish soap on top of the baking soda before grabbing a toothbrush and beginning to scrub. 

The soap and baking soda combine to form a thick paste. She follows that by pouring distilled white vinegar down the drain, causing a foaming effect. The next step is to pour hot, boiling water down the drain.

Stripping Laundry

This hack is courtesy of @mommyhasntshowered. Stripping is a cleaning trick used to give your clothes a thorough cleaning. Load your washing machine with the garments you wish to strip. 

Baking soda and vinegar should be poured on top of the clothing. Next, run a hot water rinse cycle through your washing machine and leave it alone for four hours.

Removing Tarnish from Cutlery using Aluminum Foil

This hack from @carolina.mccauley sounds so easy that it doesn't seem possible, but fortunately, it's real! Just place a ball of aluminum foil in the cutlery tray and run your regular dishwashing cycle if your silverware needs to be polished.

The tarnish on your silverware will be removed by the reaction between components in the dishwashing detergent and the foil.