Genius Aluminum Foil Hacks Everyone Should Know

DIY Dryer Sheets

If you’re sick and tired of clothing static, but don’t want to spend money on fake-smelling dryer sheets, use aluminum foil. Simply ball up two sheets of foil and throw it in with your clothes! Static-free is the way to be!

Polish Your Silver

All you need is some aluminum foil, soda, salt and boiling water and you can make those tarnished silver pieces look good as new. It really works, we swear!

Keep Door Handles Paint-Free

Painting a door can be a real pain, especially if you get paint on the handle. Thankfully, you can wrap the handle in aluminum foil to solve the problem. Pretty cool, right?

Got Rust?

Rust is actually super simple to get rid of with some aluminum foil and water. Seriously, that’s all you need.

No More Spoilage

To keep food from spoiling, you can seal your bags with aluminum foil and an iron. It’s really that simple and it will keep your food fresh. We’re not sure why we never thought of this?

No More Grease

It’s a big no-no to pour grease down the sink drain, so why not use aluminum foil to get rid of it? All you need to do is line a bowl with foil and pour the grease into it. When it hardens, just throw it away.

Run Out of Batteries?

If you ever run out of AA batteries, all you need to do is stick some foil on the + end of AAA batteries. It really works and we now feel like we’ve been cheated of some valuable information all of our lives.

Grill Cleaning Made Easy

There’s no need to clean your grill with icky chemicals. Simply crumble up some aluminum foil and use your tongs to scrape off the chair. It really is that easy.

Curl Your Hair

Aluminum foil and a flat iron are all you’ll need to curl pin-straight hair. Apparently, the foil will keep hair heated and curled longer. Interesting.

Fresh Bananas

One thing that sucks about buying bananas is how fast they can ripen. Well, here’s a little hack for you…put some aluminum foil on the stems. They won’t ripen as fast. It’s like magic.

Keep Your Pie Crust Safe

It’s a baker’s worst nightmare to pull out the pie they spent so much time on and find the crust has been burnt to a crisp. Well, just cover that crust with foil and you will never have to worry about serving a slice of charred apples again.

Stubborn Pots and Pans

Sometimes food just sticks to your pans and no amount of washing will get rid of it. Well, this is when aluminum foil comes into play. All you need to do is scrub your pots with a crumpled up piece of foil and that stubborn residue will come right off.

No More Dull Scissors

If you scissors have become dull and can’t cut like they used to, all you need to do is make cuts into aluminum foil. They will be good as brand new!

Heavy Furniture? No Problem!

Moving heavy furniture can really suck. Thankfully, aluminum foil can solve your problems. Just cut some pieces and put them under the corners of what you are moving. The furniture will slide across the room quite easily.

Cut Ironing Time in Half

If you want to iron your clothes quickly, simply place a long strip of foil under your ironing board cover. Now you can iron both sides of the garment at the same time because of the foil’s heat conducting properties.

Reheat Pizza

No need for an oven or microwave. Simply place your pizza in a frying pan, turn the burner to medium heat and cover the pan with a dome of foil. You’ll have delicious, crisp pizza in minutes!

Makeshift Funnel

Need a quick funnel? Just roll up some aluminum foil. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it could save you if you’re in a pinch!

Improve Wi-Fi Signal

No, this isn’t some crazy trick. If you want a stronger signal with your wi-fi just fold a piece of tinfoil behind your router to help increase the speed. It works. And our minds are blown!

Make Crafting Easier

If you love to get crazy with a hot glue gun, you know how messy they can be. And cleaning the tip? Talk about a nightmare! Thankfully, this quick hack with aluminum foil will make life so much easier. Just crumple it up and scrub the tip and BOOM! No more glue.

No More Burned Cuisine

No one wants to serve dinner that looks like it just survived a house fire. Thankfully, a simple trick is to line your pans with foil. Removing direct contact with the pan will save you the hassle of eating a mouth of nasty.

DIY Cookie Cutters

Why waste money on expensive cookie cutters when you can make your own fun shapes out of aluminum foil? Let your imagination run wild and you can make some seriously cool designs. Your cookies will bring all the boys to the yard!

Garden Safety

If you want to keep curious birds out of your garden to keep seedlings and plants safe, all you need to do is cut some foil into strips and hang them in the trees and around your garden area. The foil will reflect light and scare them away.

Save Soap

Keeping your soap from dissolving too quickly has never been easier. All you need to do is wrap the soap in foil when it is not in use and you’re good to go.

Protecting Young Trees

Depending on where you live, the winter can be very dangerous for young trees. Saplings can fall victim to rodents that use them as a food source. Therefore, simply wrap foil around the bases of the saplings to keep the rats and mice away.

Soften Brown Sugar

Brown sugar can be a real pain because it can harden into a big lump. Well, all you need to do is wrap that difficult sugar in some foil and pop it in the oven for a few minutes. The sugar will soften right up and be good to go in your baking.