Farmers Are Shaming Chickens for Their “Crimes,” The Results Are Hilarious

30. It’s All About Equality

Do the chickens need to start a #TimesUp movement? 

Let’s be treating our female chickens just like the roosters, okay?

29.  Just Say No to “H”

So the chicken doesn’t like the letter ‘H’! 

Is that any reason to publically shame the poor darlin’?

28. I’m Protesting Babies

You know we can name a few tiny humans we wouldn’t mind terrorizing either. 

And for all you know he’s just playing a game of tag!

27. Absolutely No Shame

We don’t even want to begin to imagine what this chicken found necessary to do to the poor toy.

Shameful is right!

26. It’s a Hunt!

Maybe mom needs to think of it as an easter egg hunt! 

Don’t you know they taste better after you’ve spent hours searching for them in the sun?

25. That’s A’more!

This is one dedicated chicken that’s for sure. 

Though we’ll admit we have come close to doing the same thing at an Olive Garden during their unlimited pasta deal.

24. Well, that stinks…

Not the PlayStation! 

Anything but the PlayStation!

23. A Special Surprise for You

She was only trying to give a gift.

Lighten up, mom!

22. An Easy Lay

It seems like this Miss Chickie gets around more than Samantha Jones from Sex in the City!

21. Naughty Clucks!

One loves to eat cat turds and the other likes to bite the poor kitties.

It seems to me, this duo could be the Bonnie and Clyde of chickens!

20. Shady Lady

Get your own kids, lady! 

She definitely looks like a villain chicken!

19. Rise and Shine

Someone’s definitely feeling salty over their bad hairstyle. 

That doesn’t mean you have to turn into a living alarm clock!

18. Chicken Attack!

Now, this is just cruel.  

What did the cat ever do to you?

17. Sounds Like a Personal Problem

We’re pretty sure there’s an ointment available for that.

16. Up to No Good

Who doesn’t love a game of hide and go seek? 

And this one comes with the bonus of breakfast at the end! It’s a win/win situation!

15. I'm Hungry!

Maybe if you fed me more than seeds I wouldn’t need to eat a frog!

14. Hold Me…NOW!

Talk about a demanding little lady.

Though we hear chicken cuddles are the best.

13. A Dash of Chicken Flair

Personally, we think it gives the sidewalk some character. 

A nice little accent!

12. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

It might be time to threaten this bird with a deep fryer.

11. Cluckin’ and Complainin’

We can’t say we disagree with this statement. 

Sometimes you just need to voice your complaints.

10. No Manners at All

Now, this should be a one-way ticket to a box of drumsticks.

9. Binge Eaters Anonymous

It may be time to send this binging bird to a fat camp.

Therapy is definitely needed!

8. I Just Wanna Dance With Somebody

We have the same problem. 

Our dance of choice is the running man. What’s yours?

7. I Left You a Present

No that’s not a new design. 

It’s simply chicken poop.

6. No, No We Won’t Go!

This doesn’t seem like too much to ask. 

Give the poor birds some peanuts!

5. Save Yourself!

We would think the chicken would be far more concerned with its own life than alerting the fox and the family.

4. Wake Up! Feed Me!

It seems like this chicken has got their human properly trained. 

You tell ’em chickie!

3. Rebel with a Feathery Cause

There’s always one rebel in the flock. 

We feel for poor Jasmine though. Will someone help her over the fence?

2. Withholding the Goods!

It may be time to put out or get our Miss Henny! 

You can’t be freeloading forever!

1. Anti-Grass State

Well, someone was hungry. 

Who needs a lawn man?