Farmer Spots Eggs Among His Crops, Bursts Into Tears When They Hatch

A Lifelong Dream

Henry knew exactly what the farmer's life would be like when he bought the place. Owning a farm had been his lifelong dream, and now it finally came true.

He woke up early every single morning and went through the hard labor involved in a farm's day-to-day workings. But to him, it was worth it. Until one day, when his world was turned upside down.

His Life On The Farm

Henry, his wife, Olivia, and their two daughters, Gabby and Debby, loved their routine. Of course, farming corn and herding sheep didn’t come easy.

But it was the simplistic life the couple was looking for, and it put the food on the table. Not to mention that their daughters loved the outdoors. But this day would surprise them all.

A Usual Morning

It seemed like every other morning. Henry woke up before the roosters and headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for his family. He always let Olivia and the kids sleep a bit longer, but their hunger would be sated whenever they woke up.

Henry finished up and was about to set out when something got his attention.

Interrupted By A Strange Sound

There was a strange sound coming from outside the house. The sun hadn’t come up yet, and he couldn’t see anything, but he could tell it wasn’t coming from any of his animals.

It wasn’t because it was coming from a distance but because he had never heard anything like it.


Henry’s full attention was focused on the sound when he got a sudden shock. He was so distracted by the noise that he didn’t hear Olivia coming into the kitchen.

In his shocked state, he let out a scream and jumped back. Olivia burst out laughing, offering him some relief. But he couldn’t get the noise out of his mind.

His Daughters Rushed In

However, the noise disappeared after his scream, and the family got busy. Gabby and Debby rushed down the stairs when they heard the scream because, small as they were, they wanted to make sure their parents were okay.

The couple shared a smile. It was just like every other day on the farm. At least, that’s how it seemed at the time.

The Chickens Were Acting Weird

While his family was having breakfast, Henry headed out to feed the animals, and that’s when he realized that things were not as normal as they seemed.

The chickens were acting very strange. They were running around in circles, and they seemed to be terrified. That was when Henry noticed something odd.

One Was Missing

One of his roosters was missing. It was odd since the coop doors were secured, and it couldn’t have gotten out any other way. But it prompted Henry to start looking.

He walked around the coop and saw a pile of features covering the ground. The rooster didn’t make it, but that wasn’t what had Henry scratching his head. How did the rooster get out? And what happened to it?

What On Earth Is Happening?

Knowing there was nothing more he could do after cleaning up the mess; Henry proceeded with his animal feeding. He went to the sheep pin and was in for yet another surprise.

It wasn’t only the chickens that were acting odd. The sheep were behaving the same way. Henry stood there for a moment, wondering what had gotten into his animals. And then it happened.

The Sound Returns

The strange sound he heard while standing in the kitchen had returned. Considering that he could hear it clearly, it couldn’t have come from too far. But what was making it?

He listened intently, and he could tell that it was definitely coming from some kind of animal. But he couldn’t tell what kind of animal it was.

Brushing It Off

Henry decided to just brush it off. He still had a lot of work to get done that day, so he couldn’t waste time chasing some animal around his farm.

He went to his barn to get the tractor, and just as he was about to pull off, Gabby stopped him. When he turned off the ignition, she told him there was something under the tractor.

Something Was Hiding Under It

The two of them bent down to look and saw a little kitten cuddling up to the wheel. Cats were no strangers to the family because they let them live in the barn. But there was something wrong with this one.

The kitten was malnourished and had odd marks on its ears, which were still bleeding. Gabby asked if she could take care of the kitten, and Henry agreed.

Getting Suspicious

However, the little kitten got him thinking. Henry usually did everything on the farm without batting an eye. It was so natural that Olivia used to joke that he was running on autopilot. But today…

There were just too many things going on to consider them coincidences. Wherever he went, something was going wrong. And that had him on edge.

She Had Something To Show Him

Henry was still contemplating his suspicions when his youngest, Debby, came running into the barn. She seemed slightly concerned when she asked Henry if he had seen the cornfield. 

He didn’t pay much attention to it, though. She was just a toddler and wouldn’t know if something was wrong. But this time, he should’ve listened.

What Happened To The Corn?

Henry told Debby that he was headed there and took out his tractor. But when he arrived, his heart sank.

Henry and Debby looked at the field he planned on harvesting in total shock. All the corn that had been growing there over the past few months was gone. Not a single cob remained. But that was not all. There were giant eggs littered across the field.