Everyone Laughed At Him For Marrying Her, 6 Years Later She Shows Them Her True Colors

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

We’re sure you’ve heard that phrase at least once and probably know what it means. Because the cover of a book doesn’t pique your interest, it doesn’t mean you won’t like the story that’s written within.

But most of the time, we make decisions based on the first look, and sometimes, we miss out on something precious because of that.

Unrealistic Ideals

However, we’re not entirely to blame for that. We believe something is right or perfect because that’s the trend at any given time.

We also know that most of the expectations the fashion industry puts on us are very unrealistic, and sometimes they can even be unhealthy. But because of them, we still try to look our best.

We’re Not Perfect

Millions of dollars are being spent on cosmetics and designer clothing each year because we all try to follow some kind of trend. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Fashion and cosmetics are great ways for us to show our uniqueness in our own way. But at the end of the day, we must admit one thing to ourselves. We are not perfect.

How Can We Judge?

And if we’re not perfect, how can we judge someone who doesn’t fit into what we expect perfect to be? Sadly, that’s something all of us have done at one point or another.

Thanks to social media, we can say anything we want without facing the consequences of our actions. But we might end up unknowingly hurting the other person in the process. That was exactly what happened to Maddy.

Their Wedding Day

Maddy and Toby loved each other deeply. And even though others always judged her because of her looks, he saw the kind of person she was on the inside. It was why he loved her to begin with.

But not everyone saw Maddy the way Toby did, and that was made painfully clear on their wedding day.

A Lot Of Criticism

After their wedding, Maddy and Toby posted the pictures of their big day on social media, and the responses they got left her in tears.

Their families, friends, and everyone else that saw the pictures left hurtful comments and remarks about her looks. It was so bad that they just decided to quit social media in the hopes that all would be forgotten.

The Damage Was Done

And it seemed to have worked. Like everything else on the internet, the gossip about Maddy’s appearance quickly faded and got replaced with another topic.

But the scars those comments left on Maddy didn’t go away, and because of that, she decided that she wanted to escape. She didn’t want an online presence anymore, and she didn’t want to face the people who claimed to love her.

They Disappeared

Toby respected Maddy’s wishes, and the couple did something drastic. They closed their social media accounts, and the couple vanished before anyone knew what was happening.

The years flew by, and it seemed like everyone who saw the pictures of “the world's ugliest bride” forgot they ever existed. But there was someone who remembered them.

An Interested Journalist

A journalist named Brian never forgot how much attention Maddy got on her wedding day or how quickly her pictures spread around the world. And he wanted to know more.

It was like something was urging Brian to find the couple and bring back the memories that had been forgotten over the years. But was that really the best choice? Hadn’t Maddy been hurt enough?

He Found Them

Brian had run out of stories and thought that Maddy and Toby’s progress over the years would make for a fantastic article. So he decided to find out where they were because he wanted an exclusive interview.

Tracking Maddy and Toby down was hard, but after a full day’s work, he finally managed to get some information about them.

It Was Six Years After The Wedding

By that time, six years had already passed, and Brian wanted to get some inside information. 

Were they still together? How was their life over the last six years? Had any more gossip about them been spread? Those were just some of the questions he wanted answers to. But what he found left him speechless.

Shocking Sight

Brian discovered that Maddy and Toby had moved to a small town after they got married. It was rather surprising since they were so young, and people their age usually wanted to be in the city. But he didn’t pay much attention to it, especially not after he saw Maddy.

The woman who stood before him was nothing like the one in the pictures. And that made his story a whole lot better.

What Became Of Her

Over the last six years, Maddy turned her life around. She started eating healthier food and doing regular exercise, but nobody thought she would end up looking the way she did. In fact, nobody but Toby knew about it.

She simply wasn’t the Maddy everyone made fun of anymore. This woman seemed to be a completely different person.

Completely Different Person

Maddy had transformed herself from the heavy woman in the first picture to the stunning blonde in the second.

She had lost all the weight people mocked her about and turned herself into something completely unexpected. But what kind of effect did that have? How did her husband feel about it? And did it alter their relationship in any way?

Her Husband’s Thoughts

Toby loved his wife from the moment he met her. He didn’t care about the extra pounds or any of the other things people pointed out.

He was happy with her then, and he was still happy with her six years later. But he wanted his wife to be happy too and stood by her side, supporting her throughout the process.

Did Their Relationship Change?

That led Brian to his next question. Did anything change? And the answer was no.

The couple was just as in love as they were on the day they got married, and that love proved that what really matters is on the inside. Brian didn’t judge Maddy because of how she looked. He loved her because of who she was.

Their Advice

The couple was happy to share their story with Brian and even had some advice for everyone. This is what they said.

“They shouldn’t base their opinion on someone by the way that they look. What’s more important is how that person makes you feel. If someone makes you happy, it doesn’t matter what they look like.”

What If It’s Worse?

Maddy’s story was a sad one, and it makes us wonder what could be worse than that. Being insulted and ridiculed on your wedding day is definitely one of the worst things that could happen.

But what if your dear mother-in-law tries to cancel your wedding because she doesn’t agree with how you look? And what if it had nothing to do with your dress?

The Tragic Case Of The Mother-In-Law

Mothers-in-law can be the worst, especially when they are overprotective of their sons. They will meddle in your business and tell you everything you’re doing is wrong because that’s not how they would’ve done it.

But this girl's future mother-in-law took the cake when it came to controlling her son’s life, and sadly, the bride ended up paying the price.

She Didn’t Stand A Chance

Lina hadn’t met her mother-in-law before the wedding, so we can understand that she was incredibly nervous while getting ready for her big day.

Every kind of scenario crossed her mind, except for the one that would happen as soon as her mother-in-law saw her stepping into the venue. What happened that day would leave most of us scarred for life.

Arriving At The Venue

Lina arrived at the venue wearing a gorgeous dress fit for a bride, but as soon as she entered the room, all hell broke loose.

Her mother-in-law got up and threw a fit, demanding that the wedding end immediately. But what was the reason for her outburst? Apparently, Lina was too “short and ugly” to marry her son. 

Turning To Social Media

Lina turned to the man who was supposed to agree to have her back through anything life threw her way. And she was stunned to find that the groom was taking his mother’s side.

Devastated and humiliated, Lina turned to social media to share the story and to release all the pent-up emotions she desperately wanted to get rid of.

Her Story

In her post, Lina stated that she had grown up as an orphan and that the family who took her in had paid all the expenses for the wedding.

But thanks to her ex’s mother, everything was ruined, and all the money her family invested had gone to waste. That left her feeling humiliated and ashamed in front of the people who made the wedding possible.

The Responses

Lina’s post took the internet by storm, and soon she had dozens of messages showing her support and encouragement.

Some of the commenters even went as far as calling the groom a “momma’s boy.” But their encouraging words couldn’t do much to alleviate her humiliation. That was until someone special sent her a message.

A Special Message

Henry Martins, a famous theatrical artist, decided to post a message online that was specially meant for Lina.

In his message, he said something powerful that left a lasting impact. Henry said, “With all love, I tell you to raise your head and face the world with all your strength. You didn’t lose a man. You lost whoever could be a curse in your life. So, you gained irreplaceable comfort and freedom.”

A Happy Ever After?

And we have to say that the man was right. She shouldn’t be upset about what her mother-in-law said. She should be glad she didn’t have to live with that kind of talk for the rest of her life.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all, and if that man couldn’t see past his mother’s thoughts, he didn’t deserve Lina’s love. 

Negative Effects Of Such Behavior

Sadly, there are far too many of these cases out there, and because of that, many brides feel insecure about their big days.

Whether they're afraid of the reactions they’ll get online or from their friends and family, no one should give up their dreams because of these kinds of unwelcome and downright rude responses.

Tons Of Online Users Express Their Fears

But that’s exactly what’s happening. Some women are so afraid of how they will be judged that they would rather elope than have the wedding they’ve always dreamed of.

Other are so afraid of the lies and facades people put on that they don’t want their friends and family members to be there when they go dress shopping. And most of these women have turned to the internet for help and advice.

Loads Of Support

Luckily there are many netizens who have gone through similar situations and who share their expertise and support with these women.

They try their best to put their minds and ease and to let them know what weddings are supposed to be about. But did this really have to go so far? Do these women really have to fear what is meant to be the best days of their lives?

Every Bride Is Beautiful

If there is one thing everyone agrees on, it’s that every bride is beautiful. It doesn't matter if you have a few extra pounds or if your skin has a few blemishes.

As soon as you put on that big white dress and see your man waiting for you at the end of the aisle, none of it will matter.