Easy and Quick Styling Hacks for Men

Easy Men's Style

It may seem impossible for everyone to look fashionable, but it's simpler than you might think. Dressing sharp and looking smart doesn’t always mean having to burn a hole in your pocket with brand names.

 It’s actually useless without the proper know-how on how to style and carry yourself. Check out these incredibly easy and workable fashion hacks for men to look extra sharp in and out of the office.

Use Delicates Bag to wash your Shirts

When you wash your dress shirts a lot, you oftentimes see that you have a fraying collar or cuff. There is an easy way to avoid this and it's by using delicates bag when washing your dress shirts. 

The delicates bag acts a barrier between your shirt and the washing machine, and therefore, the edges wear less. Now, don’t stuff your bag through the brim otherwise, your shirts won’t get clean. Add 2-3 shirts maximum per bag.

Iron your Shirts Wet

If you try to iron a dress shirt without any steam, the wrinkles won't really come out, and it just looks like the shirt wasn't properly ironed. Simply put your shirt in a plastic bag, lightly dampen it in a few spots, and let it sit for about 20 minutes in that situation. 

The moisture will then be distributed evenly, allowing you to begin ironing it. The water will evaporate and produce steam as a result of the iron's heat, leaving your shirt wrinkle-free.

Neutral Colors

Dressing primarily in neutral colors will not only make it easier to put together your outfits, but it will also give you an air of effortless style. 

Additionally, dressing in neutral hues makes it simpler to add more daring and trendy pieces to your wardrobe without standing out too much.

Fix "Shoulder Ears"

Shoulder ears are what we refer to if you've ever made the mistake of hanging your knit clothing up in the closet. For those who are unaware, these are the places on the shoulders where the strain caused by the weight of the hanging garment is felt where the shoulders touch the hanger. 

Let's just say that when you wear said item, it doesn't look all that great. However, there is a simple solution: simply put the garment on, dab a little water on the problem area, and massage it with your finger until it lies flat. Then, all should return to normal after letting it air dry.

Fix the collar on your shirts with double-sided tape

Do you ever notice how the collar of your new dress shirt or polo fits perfectly on your body and makes you feel like a total boss when you wear it? But they don't really stay perfect over the course of time. Fortunately, there is a simple fix for this.

Simply use the double-sided tape that you probably already have on hand to attach each side of the collar to the shirt on the inside of the collar. To ensure the placket has a hole, you can also use this technique.

Add some vibrant laces to your plain pair of shoes

Buy some extra laces to spice up those boring shoes. Getting some colorful laces that match the color of your outfits can do wonders for your overall appearance if you have plain, white, or black shoes. 

For example, if you're wearing a red t-shirt, you can easily match your shoes by switching out your regular laces for red ones. This practice adds the finishing touch to your outfit by matching your t-shirt to your shoes.

Choose the Right Color

The difference between dressing shrewdly and simply dressing is knowing what colors complement your skin tone and what patterns look slim. Did you know that wearing dark colors can make you look taller and leaner? 

The same result is achieved by using vertical stripes. Bright colors should be avoided if you have a rosy complexion; pastels will wash you out if you are pale; and if you are well-built, cluttered prints, especially those with horizontal lines, will only add bulk.

Use Moisturizer Instead of Hair Gel

Gel can be an incredible product for creating the ideal hairstyle, but it has two drawbacks. It's very simple to use too much and end up with crunchy, unnatural-looking hair. 

Gel can also deplete the natural oils in your hair, leaving you with a dry, damaged mess. Replace it with moisturizer for your hands or face. While safeguarding the natural oils in your hair, it will still provide styling assistance and holding power.

Roll up your Sleeves

One quick way to instantly casualize a dressy ensemble is to roll up the sleeves of your shirt a few times. But if you go too far in the opposite direction, you risk looking like you've just finished washing the dishes. 

Never go beyond two turns to get it right every time. This will keep your sleeves' ends somewhere between your elbow and your wrist.

Cloth fitting

Measure your legs and choose the right fit and color for you. If you have short legs, it is important to lengthen the appearance of your lower body by matching your belt and shoes with your pants and never wearing an oversized jacket.

The standard rule of thumb for the length of a jacket is that it should cover the bottom curvature of your buttocks, but it can be an inch higher if you're a shorter guy.

Shirt Garters

Shirt garters/stays can save you from retucking your shirt every 30 minutes and keep it tucked in all day. Military dress uniforms are where the idea of shirt stays first appeared. You attach them with clips to the tops of your socks and shirttails, and then you pull both of them tight. 

This keeps your shirt and socks in order. The same idea is used, but in a different way, in shirt garters. They only clip to your shirt and are worn around your leg. They give you more mobility, but not the benefit of straightening your socks.

Use Ice Cubes to Get Rid of Creases

Even an awesome outfit can be ruined by a stray wrinkle on a shirt. Try throwing your shirt in the dryer with a few ice cubes as an alternative to hanging it in a steamy shower, which takes forever and wastes water. 

The ice cubes melt into steam when the machine is run on the hottest setting, relaxing the creases and leaving your shirt smooth and clean.