Dog Won’t Stop Digging In The Sand, Owner Turns Pale When He Sees Why

Weird Behavior

He watched with interest as the dog dug the ground, becoming more agitated with each grain he added to the already growing pile of sand on the side. He didn’t think anything of it until the dog started whining in distress.

He knew he had to investigate then and see what the dog had discovered. Nothing could have prepared him for the horror he unearthed. 

Ping Pong The Dog

In the little Thai town of Ban Nong Khlam, located in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima, Ping Pong has long been a beloved member of the community. The 6-year-old black dog was struck by a car and is now paralyzed on one leg. The dog has always been a nice dog, according to his owner, and he faithfully goes to work every day with him to take care of the cows and other livestock in the adjacent plantation. But even his owner was awestruck by his own dog’s courage.

The Day of Tragedy

When little Ping Pong was struck by a car, Usa Nisaika, his owner, was tending to his everyday chores, working in the fields to bring home food for his family. When suddenly, he heard a loud yelp and he was being called over by his fellow villagers. Usa was just terrified. He feared that the harm wouldn’t stop at his limping leg. There was one thing to do.

Canine Lover

The person who hit the injured Ping Pong had already driven off and left him on the sidewalk. Usa quickly scooped up the little dog into his arms, cuddled him and told him everything will be alright, before getting into his car and rushing him to the local vet. Usa’s heart was in his throat. When he got there, he received a huge surprise.

The Most Strong Good Boy

He rushed Ping Poor inside as the dog was yelping more and more. It was clear that his leg was broken, but Usa feared the worst. The vet took Ping Pong in his arms and placed him on the examination table, and told Usa to wait outside of the room until he receives more news. Usa went pale as a ghost.

Best Thing I Could Hope For

After agonising hours of waiting and waiting, the vet came outside to tell Usa the outcome of the examination. He explained that although his leg is clearly injured, there would be no other harmful consequences despite the gravity of the accident. Usa’s face lit up in relief as he shed a tear for his little dog. However, there was an important detail that the vet left out.

Nothing Will Change

Ping Pong had lasting damage. It was impossible for the vet to help the little dog regain feeling in his leg. It would be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Usa was upset when he noticed this himself, but he promised Ping Pong that no matter what, no matter the condition, and no matter the circumstances, Ping Pong would still be his little dog and that he’d love him no matter what. It was time to return home. Perhaps life could be simple once again.

Usa’s Confession

When interviewed, Usa was asked why he wouldn't just get another dog, one that is not disabled and wouldn’t have so much difficulty walking around.  “He is my family forever”, Usa had explained, “he’s loved by the entire village. And his brother Kwanji loves him so much, how could I ever separate them?”

Usa was proud of his two dogs, and it never mattered to him that Ping Pong couldn’t help as much in the fields. However, things changed one fateful day.

A Laborious Day

That morning, Usa decided to head for the fields very early. He wanted to get the day’s heaviest works out of the way today, before the sands became too hot for him to bear. Hours passed and it was nearly noon. He looked and looked, but couldn’t find that special tree he’d always go to. Was he in the wrong field? 

Time For Rest

After getting lost for a bit and having to go back to the starting point, Usa finally found the place where the tree’s shade covered the thicket below, allowing him to rest for a  bit. However, before he could lay down, he heard some familiar sounds that sent his heart racing.

Barks Of Terror

He heard Ping Pong and Kwanji’s barks over and over again in the distance. His pulse started to get faster and he broke into a cold sweat. He feared that one of them got injured once again. He threw his lunch aside and all of his tools and just ran straight in the direction of the sounds. Usa was terrified out of his mind.

He thought that perhaps they were just chasing a rabbit or a mouse in the fields, and the thought of that provided him a sense of comfort. Kwanji always dragged his brother into situations like this, where they’d play with one another and race. It could just be that. But still, he couldn’t shake off the fear. When he got there, his jaw dropped.

Strange Behaviour

Upon arriving, he couldn’t help but notice how Ping Pong and Kwanji were acting the strangest that they ever did. They seemed frantic. It definitely wasn’t any small rodent that they were chasing. It almost seemed as if though they were trying to tell him something, but Usa just brushed it off that something could have scared them. He went to hug his dogs and calm them down, when Ping Pong gently tapped him on the leg with his paw, then Kwanji kept barking at the ground.

Ping Pong Keeps Insisting

The dog kept pacing back and forth in anxiety. When he saw that Usa wasn’t understanding them, the dog went over to where Kwanji was, and started to dig the ground over and over. Usa figured that it must have been that they were indeed looking for a mouse who went underground. He turned around, wanting to leave for his work. Until he noticed something strange.

The Dogs Wouldn’t Give Up

Usa noticed that Ping Pong was being too careful to just be chasing a rodent. It was as if though he was trying to purposefully not hurt whatever was buried down there. He was just gently moving the dirt aside, tossing it. Kwanji joined in the help. Usa bent down as the dogs finally got his attention. Ping Pong suddenly retreated for a bit, before going back to digging. What did they know that their owner didn’t?

Photo: YouTube/Incredible Stories A Shocking Discovery

As Usa got closer, he was astonished to see what the dog brought out of the soil. His face went green and he was panicking so hard that he lost his breath. The police had to be called immediately.

A Little Soul

Emerging from the dug-up earth were the tiny feet of a small baby that couldn’t be more than a few hours old. Usa was shocked. The dogs immediately surrounded the baby in a protective stance, trying to shield him from the sunlight. Usa started to dig himself to get the rest of the earth out. The baby was not crying. His face was drained of all color.

We Have To Do Something

Usa didn’t know how to proceed. He grabbed the baby in his arms and tried to cuddle him a bit to get a response, but nothing was working. Ping Pong then barked twice, as Kwanji followed him with a few barks of his own. The baby’s cries were finally heard. The two dogs had probably scared him, but at least that was confirmation that the baby’s well. Usa knew he had to get him to the hospital. But the car was so far away.

Help Is On The Way

All the chaos that the dogs were creating was bound to draw attention. A few farmers couldn’t help but notice Usa’s absence, as well as the intense barking and yelping of the dogs. When the two men arrived, they were more than shocked to see Usa holding a baby. They demanded an explanation.

There Was No Time For That

“How could someone just leave a baby in the fields? And try to bury it?”, the two men asked after Usa explained the entire situation to them. “We can’t sit around to talk!”, Usa exclaimed, “call the police, please! We have to get this baby to a hospital!”. One of the farmers scooped up his phone quickly.  Usa’s heart was still racing. He was terrified for the baby.

Ping Pong The Hero

When the paramedics and the police got there and started to take care of the baby, the cops asked Usa how come he found the baby. “I didn’t”, he replied, “it was my dog that did. They were acting strange when suddenly Ping Pong started to dig at the ground”. The police looked at him funny, but noted down the details. Usa was still afraid for the poor child. Would the baby even have a safe recovery?

Find The Culprit

After the doctors had confirmed that the baby was healthy, the police had to launch an investigation to find out who did this. Lieutenant Colonel Panuat Putakam Of The Champuan Police had gone into the village and personally took care of the situation. The police knew that due to the village’s small population, someone would come forward very quickly. But when that person did, it was not who they expected.

Usa’s Reaction

When Usa heard who did it, he couldn’t help but give another public statement. When interviewed, he told us that, “I would have never expected her in a million years to do this. But I think a part of me understands why she did”, he added.  The identity of the child’s mother had everyone in the village gasping for air.

The Most Unexpected

Her name was not revealed in an effort to protect her identity. But the mother of the child was a young girl, known around the village as the carpenter’s daughter. She was a happy, bubbly girl who happened to be struck in the wrong situation. And her reasoning for her cruel act shocked the entire community of the village.

Explaining Herself

The girl reported that she was terrified of her parents’ reactions due to her pregnancy. She did her best to avoid being perceived as pregnant, and claimed that she was only gaining weight. When the girl knew that she would soon give birth, she did the absolute unthinkable.  

Late Night Out In The Field

The girl sneaked outside of the house in the middle of the night as she ran for the fields. She was terrified of the wild animals that could harm her, but her parents finding out about her pregnancy scared her even more. She gave birth out in the fields to the healthy baby boy. She said that she regretted her actions. What happened to her after the police discovery?

It Was For The Best

She is now in the care of a psychologist. Her parents are also heavily involved with her care. The girl said that she acted on impulse without thinking through what she was doing. For so many young girls, being pregnant and becoming a mother can be a terrifying situation. Without seeing a way through, covering her own baby in dirt seemed to be the only solution to her.  After the incident, Usa waited so long to hear news about the baby’s being, but nothing was being reported.

The Beautiful Baby Boy

The baby was adopted by the young girl’s parents, who promised that they would raise him. They loved him, because that was their grandson, and they never scolded the girl for being pregnant. They were just happy that everyone was safe and sound. They even promised to tell him about his guardian angel when he grows up. At first, Usa didn’t understand who they were talking about. But soon, he figured out who.

Four-Legged Angel

Ping Pong is now showered with praise and admiration from the villagers for his courageous act. He is known as the “goodest of boys” in the town of Ban Nong Khlam. He especially loves to share the treats he receives from villagers with his brother, Kwanji. Kwanji also had a particularly funny story happen after the incident, which Usa is excited to share with us.

A Man’s Best Friend, Kwanji!

Kwanji still goes back to the spot where he found the baby and keeps bringing bread and other treats there, because he still thinks the baby is there and he wants to care for it. Each time the girl’s parents bring their grandchild over, Kwanji waves his tail excitedly as if though that’s his own baby. And Usa himself has a last statement for us, too.

Family Forever

“Ping Pong, Kwanji, me…”, he said, with a sad tone, “we will forever be by the side of that girl and her child. Whatever she did, whatever happened, it doesn’t matter to us. I believe that Kwanji and Ping Pong were literally the two angels of that baby. And it’s my duty to ensure that their bond is never broken”, he breaks into a faint smile.

Ping Pong’s story has moved thousands throughout the world, and it’s shown us how protective and caring our four-legged companions can be.