Lion Is Asking For Help, Dog Approaches Him

Lifelong Stray

Bella was a stray, just like all the other animals in the building. The cats and other dogs were all she knew, and the abandoned building they were in was the place she knew as home.

She was born there, grew up there, and knew those walls better than anything else in the city. But the strays that lived there would soon learn something about the human world.

Animal Control

One day, as the strays were going about their business, animal control burst into the building. They raided the entire place and captured all the strays they could get their hands on.

Bella was fast and smart but not smart enough. One of the officers got hold of her, and for a moment, it seemed like there was no escape.

Left Behind

Luckily, one of the stray cats decided to intervene. It bit the officer, and he let go of Bella. She was left behind while most of the other strays were taken away.

The night ahead of the tiny dog was bleak and cold. All the animals that were her friends were gone, and there was no hope of getting them back. But there was someone Bella had gotten used to over time, and he might just help.

A Helpful Hand

Early the next morning, Bella was standing in front of the old building. They always came, and that day was no different.

Lucas and Olivia arrived to feed the strays as they always did, and the excited little pup immediately got their attention. When Lucas saw her, his heart melted, and he decided to take her home.

A Loving Home

It wasn’t what Bella had planned, but it turned out better than expected. She now had a warm home with all the food she could dream of and a loving owner who took great care of her.

When Lucas wasn’t around, grandma was there, and Bella always kept her entertained. But things would soon take a turn for the worst.

Unforeseen Visit

One day, Lucas came home and found a letter on his door. His landlord was coming for a surprise visit, and he didn’t allow dogs on the property.

Lucas had to think fast; otherwise, Bella would end up on the street again. He called Olivia, and they came up with a plan.

Hiding Bella

The couple quickly took Bella to the therapy center for war veterans, where they volunteered. They hid her in one of the rooms that wouldn’t be used that evening, and Lucas returned home to meet his landlord.

Neither of them expected that Bella would act the way she did and get herself caught.


Bella was barking and moaning, hoping her cries would get Lucas to come back, but he wasn’t there, and it didn’t take long for others to hear the noise.

One of the other people who volunteered at the center found Bella, but luckily he meant her no harm. He just thought she could be of help.


He snuck Bella into one of the therapy rooms where a few veterans were waiting for their doctor. The veterans instantly fell in love with the little pup and adored the unexpected visit.

They enjoyed her presence so much that they even hid her when the doctor came in. It was a huge relief for Lucas when he finally found out where she was.

Demolishing The Building

But Bella’s struggles didn’t end there.

 One day when Lucas and Olivia were taking her for a walk, they saw that the old building they found her at was being demolished. They were outraged since they could clearly see that there were still animals living there and decided to intervene.

Trying To Intervene

Lucas and Olivia tried everything to stop them from demolishing the building. They even brought up the fact that they could see cats in there, but the owner didn’t care.

He had no love for cats and was already irritated with the disruption, so he wasn’t planning on giving in to anything they said.

A Visit From Animal Control

Lucas and Olivia couldn’t forget the interaction with the building owner, and apparently, he couldn’t either.

Later that night, animal control was knocking on Lucas’ door. They told him they would have to take Bella away since she was a dangerous animal. Lucas was very confused since she was just a little dog who never harmed anyone.

An Idea

Lucas managed to keep the officers off his back by calling them out on their threats, but he knew he couldn’t keep them at bay forever. That was when he came up with a fantastic idea.

He taught Bella a new trick. When he said, “go home,” she would come back to the house on her own.


Bella knew the trick well but let a squirrel get the better of her one day. The squirrel had been taunting her the entire day, and as soon as she got a chance, she gave chase. Unfortunately, animal control was just waiting for the chance to strike.

As Bella ran down the street, they followed, and they eventually managed to catch her. With Lucas watching on from a distance, Bella was put into the truck and taken to the pound.

Her Owners Came Back

There was nothing Lucas could do at the time, but the next morning he was there to get Bella out of the prison she had to spend the night in.

The cruel actions of the building owner and animal control made Lucas realize that he had no choice but to let Bella go. However, her journey didn’t end there.