Plane Disappears, Decades Later They Find It And Look Inside

Mysterious Discoveries

All across the globe, discoveries have been made that left everyone wondering. There have been cities beneath the oceans, graves that could only belong to giants, and strangely shaped objects that we can’t explain.

Let's take a look at some of those objects and the myths or theories that surround them.

Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls are nothing new. They have been around for a long time, and we’ve all heard about them at some point or another. The thing is that some new ones have been discovered recently.

Seventy-five years after the last scrolls were discovered, the Israeli Antiquities Authority revealed that new fragments had been found.

Strange Object In Baltic Sea

Swedish scientists were on an expedition in the Baltic Sea when they found something that could only be explained as an alien spaceship.

Although the team leader of the expedition doesn’t believe the large stone object came from another planet, alien conspiracy theorists are convinced that it's not a natural formation.

Water On Mars

It was always believed that there couldn’t be liquid water on Mars. But that theory was disproven when a Chinese space probe landed in Utopia Planitia in Mars’ Northern Hemisphere in 2021.

When data from the probe was returned, scientists were shocked to learn that it indicated that the Utopia Planitia Basin was full of water.

Lake Michigan’s Stonehenge

We’ve all heard of Stonehenge and the Bermuda triangle, but we seem to have forgotten about the area known as the Michigan Lake Triangle. Rumor has it that it has a bit of both.

Apparently, strange occurrences have been happening at Lake Michigan for years, but it hasn’t gotten as famous as the Bermuda Triangle. Well, now it has a chance. Scientists have recently discovered Stonehenge-like structures 44 feet below the lake’s surface.

Metal Monoliths

2020 was definitely a year that kept alien conspiracy theorists on their toes. There were tons of videos depicting alien spacecraft circling the internet, but none of them got as much attention as the giant metal slabs that appeared in various areas across the world.

In Utah, California, Romania, and New Mexico, identical metal slabs appeared. The ten to twelve-foot-tall structures popped up without warning, and no one knows where they came from.

Mummy In Buddha Statue

When this one thousand-year-old Buddha statue was discovered, historians knew it was valuable. What they didn’t know was that it was harboring a secret.

In the 1990s, historians were running tests on the statue because they wanted to have it restored. But when they looked at the x-ray they took, they were stunned to find that there was a skeleton inside it. It wasn’t a statue. It was a sarcophagus.

Terracotta Warriors

Legend has it that the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, feared death so much that he became obsessed with finding the elixir of life. He died at the age of forty, and the cause of his death was mercury poisoning. But his tale didn’t end there.

The emperor wanted his tomb to remain secret. Thus, the Terracotta Army was born. They were meant to protect him on his journey to the afterlife. For years the Terracotta Army was just a myth, but in 1974 they were found.

Bosnia’s Forest Sphere

In 2016 a giant sphere was discovered outside Zavidovici, Bosnia. Weighing in at 35 tons, this ten-foot-wide sphere has raised a whole lot of questions.

Who made it? Was it an ancient race? Aliens? Tricksters? Nature? And what was it used for? Unfortunately, there are no answers to any of those questions. However, it is believed that the sphere might be valuable due to its high iron content.

Ancient Roman Coins

When you think of the discovery of old Roman coins, you don’t find it as anything new these days. These old coins have been found everywhere the Romans were, and at first, the discoveries were intriguing but now, not so much.

That was the case until some Roman coins were discovered in an old imperial building in Okinawa, Japan. It was rare since they were only discovered three years after excavations at the site began.

City Of Giants

The locals of Harlaa, Ethiopia, had come across the ruins of an ancient city. Due to the fact that the city was built from large stones, they believed that it was built by a race of giants.

However, archeologists haven’t found any evidence to support the theory. But the excavations at the city did give them some insight into the history of trade between Asia and East Africa.

Nanotechnology Used By Ancient Romans

The Lycurgus Cup is a 1,600-year-old Roman Chalice that is so technologically advanced that it could help with breakthroughs in modern science. The chalice might seem ordinary at first glance, but beneath the surface, it's filled with advanced technology. 

When lit from the front, the chalice is green, but when lit from the back, it turns red. It took 40 years for scientists to figure out that the cup acted that way because the Romans were pioneers in Nanotechnology.

The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism is essentially a two-thousand-year-old calculator. The device, which was created by the Greeks, took years to figure out and was coined to be pricier than the Mona Lisa.

The truth is that there is no price that can be put on this piece of history. Coming from 65 B.C. means that its historical significance makes it priceless.

Cone In The Sea Of Galilee

We’ve only discovered about 12% of our oceans, so new oceanic discoveries come as no surprise. What is shocking is the types of things that are being discovered.

In 2013 researchers were testing some sonar equipment in the Sea Of Galilee, and they discovered something that left them baffled. There was a cone approximately 230 feet wide and 39 feet high, sitting at the bottom of the ocean. What it is, remains unknown as it's so deep under the water, but it is believed to be 6,000 years old.

Skeleton Of Strange Creature Discovered In Russian Lake

In Russia, there’s a legend that dates back to the 1800s. Locals believe that there’s some kind of devil living in Lake Labynkyr. They named it the “Sea Devil.”

Of course, that was just a legend. Or was it? In 2013 divers discovered a massive jaw and skeleton on the surface of the lake. They took some scans to try to identify the creature but didn’t get much information about it.