Cartoonification Is Taking Over Fashion This Year And We Are Loving It

Fashion has recently embraced childhood nostalgia with a renewed interest in classic cartoons, some of which date back to the 1960s. Apart from other recent viral trends, this colorful trend is inspiring a fresh, playful, and retro-inspired outfit. While some are focused on "recession core" or minimalist attire, more optimistic fashion aficionados will undoubtedly embrace the whimsical side of cartoonified outfits that exude a carefree mood.

Here's a curated list of some uncanny-looking fashion items that were launched this year:

Astro Boy Red Boots

Of course, the list had to start with the most viral boots. These 'Big Red Boots, inspired by the Japanese anime character Astro Boy, blew up social media with the hashtag #bigredboots grabbing a cool 27 million views on Tik Tok.

These boots were launched by MSCHF, a fresh-thinking Brooklyn Art Collective, who stated that "Cartoonishness is an abstraction that frees us from the constraints of reality."

Although these boots may not be the most easy to put on, they are definitely making a name among the top celebrities and many influencers. They cost about $350 dollars. The boots are composed of the same material as the boat shoe from Crocs. The boots contain a TPU rubber shell and an EVA foam outsole and midsole.

Minnie Mouse Stilettos

This year, these Minnie Mouse-inspired heels were featured in the Loewe spring 2023 ready-to-wear collection. The entire show was intended to explore the artificiality of nature and display astounding works of art.

Jonathan Anderson is the mind behind these remarkable shows. And it appears that Kylie Jenner has already given her approval to these curved, inflated heels.

Pixelated Clothes

The pixelated costume was another prominent piece in the Loewe spring collection. The set, which consists of a sweatshirt, t-shirt, and pants, was 3D-engineered clothing designed to replicate the blocky, 8-bit generated appearance of Minecraft. 

The stunning effect was expertly achieved with 3D seams. Because they appear to be 2D garments in photographs, the apparel presumably loses its charm when viewed from the side.

Sailor Moon-Inspired Shoes

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the iconic manga Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the creator of the series, Usagi Tsukino, collaborated with Jimmy Choo to release this rare and exclusive collection of chic shoes and purses, inspired by the unique Sailor Guardians and their friends.

The collection has some of the prettiest accessories, like  Moon's pink knee-high boots, Sailor Mercury's blue boot heels, Sailor Mars' red pumps, Sailor Jupiter's lace-up combat heels, Sailor Venus' strappy yellow heels, and a crystal-encrusted cat purse.

Frog Face Clogs

The amphibious clogs, which are available in yellow, blue, and the traditional slimy green, made their runway debut at Milan Fashion Week. 

They were created in association with British rain boot makers Wellipets, whose legendary frog boots once were notably worn by Prince Harry and Prince William when they were young. These rubbery frog clogs garnered a lot of great feedback on social media.

Nappa Padded Loafers

The newest loafers and purses from Prada are all made of thick nappa leather, which gives them an inflated appearance. Even Prada is gracious enough to call the look of these accessories "padded." 

In any case, the resultant footwear and accessories are delightfully soft. An additional perk of the luxurious nappa leather that the new Prada goods are made from is that their velvety exteriors make them appear extra luxurious.

Heavy Stompers

These animated-looking unbelievable stompers were showcased in the spring collection of Balenciaga. These XXL stompers appear to have been designed in Rhino3D. 

They have a boxy rubber structure with a bulging toe box, laces, and a thick lug sole in between. The footwear is perfect for individuals who wish to stand out from the crowd. They are a wonderful complement to any outfit since they provide both flair and comfort.