Busted: Folks Reveal Shocking Finds of Their Partners Cheating

In life, there are tons of uncertainties that we are all bound to experience. Whether we like it or not, that’s the ultimate harsh truth. 

One of those is being completely betrayed by the person you loved and trusted the most. The person whom you saw your future with. 

After all, they made their choice, and our only choice is to take them as another chapter in our lives and move on to the next page whenever we’re ready.

1. Good Riddance

I walked in after a 10-hour shift at work. They were on the couch, and she was under him. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of something to drink.

I walked back into the living room. I told him to stay a bit because she would need help moving out. I told her to pack her things.

Then I sat down in my chair and turned on the TV. It took all of an hour for her to get her things done. The dude left immediately.

She balled her eyes out while sitting at my feet. Commercials came on, and I looked at her and asked, "What the heck are you still doing here?"


2. Unexpected Turn

I was in the Navy and was out on deployment for 6 months after just recently getting engaged (it's one of those stupid things that young military guys do).

One day, I got a letter from my fiance's best friend telling me that she caught my fiancee and her BF together (this was years before email and smartphones were common).

We write back and forth several times, and eventually, it comes out how she caught them, how my fiancee begged her not to tell me, and that the fiancee didn't know that we were corresponding.

I eventually got back to the States and planned to play it off as though I didn't know, but too many of my friends intercepted me with the news that it wasn't just the one guy, but several, and let me know that she knew that I was aware.

Eventually, we met, and the confrontation was minimal and tame. We broke off the engagement without a lot of drama - she kept the ring.

The best friend and I ended up hooking up, at first as sort of a revenge kinda thing, but it turned serious. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this year.


3. Choosing Peace

I came home from a deployment and walked in with some flowers to surprise my wife. Found her with my best friend at the time. His face was shocked and terrified (I have issues from past deployments and do not always handle things well).

I took a breath and simply said, "I don't mean to interrupt; I just need to get my things." I got my guns, my dog, and some work clothes and went to a friend's house who I knew would help me and not just make me mad or dive into drinking.

She was pissed that I did not get angry and still claims its because I was cheating. He, to this day, is still terrified of me.

I wanted to hit him so badly. I knew, though, that if I did, I would not have stopped, and I would have ended him then and there.


4. Unknown Noises

Got back from seeing my family down south and went to her house to let our dog out since she was at work, and I wanted to see the pup.

I walked in and heard noises coming from the bedroom and thought that was odd. I went to investigate, thinking the dog was tearing something up.

Open the door to see her with another man. She makes eye contact and screams she's sorry. He looked bewildered and just overall confused.

The dog was barking and causing a fuss. I threw my hands up in the air and said, "Screw this," and walked out. I did not lose anything.


5. Two Drinks

When I was 18, I decided to skip class one morning and surprise my on/off-again boyfriend. We had been together for about 3 years, but the months prior to this were extremely rocky.

I stopped at a few pay phones to try to call ahead, but no one picked up. Ok, I thought, no problem, I'll just go and wake him up.

As I crept up the stairs with two Honey Dew iced coffees, one in each hand, I heard a female laugh. Hmmm... His little sister must have stayed home from school.

I turned the corner and entered his room to find him lying in bed with some half-naked girl. I froze up, and all I could say was HI. He said HI back, and we stared at each other for a minute before I ran out of the house.

He chased me outside while proclaiming the infamous "It's not what it looks like" line. As I was about to get into my car, I screamed, BUT SHE'S FREAKING UGLY! At the top of my lungs.

His response? He screamed I KNOW!! as loud as he could. That poor girl. I wish I had thrown the iced coffee at them instead.


6. Caught In The Act

Walked in, saw her on top of him, and looked at both of them. They both looked at me like deer in the headlights. I turned around and left after telling her to GTFO.

A friend of mine went there about 2 hours later to verify she had left before I returned. She came the following weekend to get all of her stuff, and I filed for divorce the following Monday.

The only error I made was I forgot she was a cardholder on my two credit cards. She ran them up that evening before I called the next morning. I wasn't thinking very straight at that point.


7. Raining Groceries

I brought home groceries one evening after work and found my boyfriend making out with what I thought was his coworker. I only ever met her once.

Mind you, this is in my apartment, in MY bed - which just made everything that much worse. (he still lived with his parents at the time)

The entire scenario became extremely stupid after that. I dumped an entire gallon of milk all over them and chucked everything humanly possible within grabbing range.

Looking back, it was kind of awesome clocking the chick in the head with a package of hotdogs, and no matter how soft bread is, it hurts when you throw a loaf of it squarely at someone's private part.

They left half naked in the snow. I never returned the belongings they left behind. He's now married to her, so heck if I know what happened. I'm sure they can tell their kids, "We bonded over groceries!".


8. Not Her Mom

I came home early from the night shift to find her in bed with what I originally thought might have been her mum. I walked up to the bed to make sure the alarm was set and noticed that either her mum was a lot hairier than I thought or it was a guy.

So I sat down on the edge of the bed and turned the side lamp on, thinking, "Ok, don't lose it." I turned the bedside lamp on, the radio on, and the alarm clock up to max value.

She opens her eyes and looks up, looking over the other side of the bed. The dude is starting to wake up. I just looked at her, shook my head sadly, got up, and left. I didn't say a word. Left everything in the house and started anew.


9. Three In A Row

I was in college, dating a football player at a school where football was king. I had never dated an athlete before, and of course, I had heard warnings, but he just seemed so nice, and he was cute and fun, and I was naive.

One night, I decided to stop by his dorm room as a surprise. I get there, and there is a girl in the hall, crying and banging on his door. I ask her what is up.

She explains to me that SHE is his girlfriend, but he has locked himself in his dorm room with another woman, and she is devastated at catching him cheating like this.

So, in other words, in one moment, I found out my boyfriend had TWO other girlfriends at the same time! I was upset, but really, I just had to laugh. Ok, life, you got me. Never again. It was a great learning experience.


10. Mad Woman

About 14 years ago, I caught a girl I was dating for about 6 months with some guy in a bedroom at a party we went to. I walked in, saw her, and said, "Well, we're pretty much done." I turned and walked out.

I was walking out of the house, and she chased me down. She started yelling at me, saying that it was my fault I caught her and that I shouldn't be mad because she was trying to hide it.

My wife and I had her as a waitress last year, and she's still mad at me. She walked to our table, saw it was me, and walked off. About 2 minutes later, a different person was our server.


11. Running Man

I didn't walk in on them; I caught them at a hotel at 3:30 am 3 days before our nine-year anniversary. I banged on the door and threatened them.

No one opened the door, and I could hear them whispering to each other somewhere in the room. She was freaking out. Crying but trying to muffle the sound.

I could hear her telling her side action that I was going to end them both. I didn't. I told them they could have each other and just walked away.

I didn't talk to her after that. One day after all that, one of her friends told me that the guy she was in there with snuck out a back window, leaving her for dead after I'd left, thinking I was still there trying to find a way to get in.


12. All A Lie

I didn't walk in... but it’s probably the same type of feeling as I stumbled upon pictures. He had been myspace-ing back and forth with her, but he swore she was just an old friend.

When I saw a picture of the two of them kissing as her profile picture, ultrasound pictures of their baby in her album, them at the zoo with her kids, on the beach making out, etc...

I took his laptop in the driveway and ran over it multiple times. I then went to the lake where he was fishing to run him over as well.

I came to my senses before I got there, and instead, I just threw my wedding ring into the lake and left. We had been together 9 years at that point (married five of those years) and had 3 sons together. I've been happily divorced from him for 5 years now.


13. Friend In Action

  I took a friend to her house to grab something late at night when she was drunk. She walked in on her boyfriend with a girl from work. "Mark, what the heck?!"  

She grabbed the girl by the hair and threw her off the bed. He tried to break them up, but my friend grabbed him by his private part, squeezed, and pulled till he was on the ground screaming.

A ceramic parrot was also broken in the fiasco. I wasn't aware of this happening till I saw a half-naked girl being chased across the street in the moonlight.


14. Smile And Wave

Walked in on my boyfriend one morning, shirtless, cuddling with some chick in her pj's. I just kinda stopped and stared at them like an idiot - he never looked me in the eye.

The girl, however, had no clue who I was and gave me a smile and a wave, and before I stormed out, I remember thinking it was a good thing we didn't know each other (me and the girl).

I could have vaulted the coffee table and landed on both of them, throwing punches. I'm not a violent person, but the fact that he wouldn't look at me and she gave me a smile and a wave... it's been 8 or so years, and it still makes me feel a little angry.


15. Unpleasant Surprise

I actually walked up on them in the apartment pool. He was just humping away, totally oblivious that I had walked up and was standing there in shock. She finally saw me and swam away from him.

Nothing exciting happened. He tried to do the whole "it's not what it looks like" crap. I gave him a good hit to the face. She hid from me because she knew damn well who I was, and we had even hung out before. We were together for 4 years.

The worst part was... I had been staying with my parents for the week prior because I'd had surgery, and he was too busy with work to care for me.

I insisted on going home early to surprise him, even though I wasn't quite well yet. I guess I was the one he surprised. Yup. Surprise.


16. Blessing In Disguise

I walked in on my longtime live-in boyfriend and my really good friend making out in my bed. It was so strange, zero emotion. I just walked through my bedroom and started pulling my clothes out of the closet in silence. She was mortified, apologizing.

I said, "Don't worry about it. He's your problem now." Packed up everything that was important to me, walked out, and never came back.

Moved in with my girlfriends, and my life changed RADICALLY for the better. He wasn't an evil person, just a profoundly stupid loser that I thought was cool when I was 16 (he was 21). We lived together for 2 super lame years. She did me a gigantic favor.

She went on to have multiple kids by multiple fathers. She made out with our other best friend's fiance. She was super trashy.

After having all of those kids, she wound up going back to and marrying my ex. Who now supports those kids on his Walgreens stockboy wages. The same job he had when I met him nearly 30 years ago.

I wish them both well. And I'm so glad I'm not either of them. Seriously, I'm so happy that they slept together that night. We would have broken u


17. Common Excuse

Went to her apartment. Saw her making out with some guy I'd never seen before. Before I could say anything, she said, "It isn't what it looks like!"

I crack up - who the heck even says that when they're caught cheating? While I'm laughing, I manage to ask her what it is if it's not what it looks like.

After a little bit, where she tries to come up with an excuse, I tell her we're through and walk out. That was the weirdest 5 minutes of that year.


18. Back Off, Dude

Caught my bf of 4 years cheating on me with my ex-best friend. I just stood there in shock, and they just lay on the bed, speechless.

I turned around and walked out the door. I was almost in my car, and he came running out, apologizing. I asked how long it had been happening.

He paused for a minute and then said, "6 months." I just got in my car and went home to my dad's. The next day, he came to my dad's house and asked to get some stuff he had kept there.

My dad walked out to greet him with a shotgun in hand and told him to get the heck off his property before he blew his kneecap off. Never saw him again. Although I did hear he got married, has 5 kids, and cheated on his wife. Now divorced. Karma.


19. Completely Broken

Walk upstairs. He's walking out of his room in his boxers and closing the door behind him. He tells me he's late for work, still has his hand on the doorknob, and won't let go. I already know why.

I put my hand over his on the knob, and he just looks at me, sighs, and sort of runs down the stairs. I opened the door and saw a heap of blankets and the comforter (I had just given him for Christmas) in the shape of a person. I pull the comforter off and see a naked girl half-awake.

I turn around, run downstairs, and see his mom on the couch reading the newspaper (yes, he did this while he was still living at home). I ask her where he went. She can tell I'm pretty hysteric and asks me what's wrong.

I tell her I need to know where he went. She points to the bathroom. I run to it, and it's locked. I take my bobby pin from my hair, unlock it, and jiggle open the door.

I pitifully start hitting his chest while crying, and he's just standing there. Then I realized I just needed to get out of there, so I ran for the front door.

Still, his mother (totally unaware of what's going on) is standing in the door frame, not letting me by until I tell her what's wrong. I run under her arm and out the door to school. Ugh, it's one of the worst memories ever.


20. Double Betrayal

I had just started a new job, and I came home after my third day or something and opened the door to our bedroom. He's asleep in bed. So is some chick I've never seen in my life.

They don't wake up, so I walk back out and shut the door. I go into my roommate's room and ask him who the heck is asleep in my bed with my boyfriend. He says, "Whaaaaattt?????" So I show him.

The roommate starts flipping. His. Mind. I was sure he was going to hurt my boyfriend as our roommate was much bigger than him.

Mystery girl is terrified, I'm terrified, boyfriend is trying to explain himself, roommate has already put some holes in the wall.

Apparently, the girl in my bed was my roommate's ex. I left and came back to pick up my stuff the next day. That girl was STILL THERE.

The kicker? While gathering my things, she asked me, "What's wrong??" I asked her if she was retarded. Because I don't hit disabled people.


21. Short Time

I was dating a guy who lived in the same apartment as me named Dave. He was dating this girl, Cara, when we met, so we were only friends, but we just had this chemistry between us that was insane.

A couple of weeks later, he broke up with Cara. A couple more weeks pass, and he kisses me. We start seeing each other more often after that.

There was a big football game on, probably an FSU game, and we had about 10 people over to watch it. Dave was running late because "he had to work late." He walked in the door, and one of his buddies yelled, "Hey man, how was Cara's?"

I look at Dave. He looks at me. I turn to the TV and sit there for a couple of minutes. Then I left. The next day, he caught me as I was walking to my car.

I turned to him and very casually told him we should just be friends, then I winked, said "bada-bing," and "shot" him with each of my pointer fingers.

I just started laughing as I walked away because I had never done that before, and I honestly just thought it was really funny. Then I went home and cried like a witch.


22. Dog Sense

I didn't catch them, but my dog did. Ya, really! A beautiful female dog by the name of Luna. She was cool with everybody that came over to the house. Never barked or growled at anybody. She enjoyed humans.

So, there is this one guy, and he's getting strung out on my girlfriend and what else is new. She is a beautiful mess, and I'm already halfway out the door.

So, one day, this same guy drops by, and Luna attacks him, barking, snarling, and lunging at him. I'm shocked and under the belief that dogs don't really understand human relations.

Every time this guy drops by, the exact same type of attack occurs. So the only thing I can figure out is he must have hurt Luna, and I confront him about hurting her.

He comes clean with the story that Luna had walked in on them. To this day, I wonder if Luna was special or if all dogs understand our relationships.


23. Sorry For Interrupting

I came home from working an extra double so we could make rent that month. I realized I had locked my keys in the car and had to bang on the door because his music was so loud.

After a good 10 minutes of making as much noise as I could, a chick wearing only a sheet answered the door with a "WHAT?!" I was dumbfounded.

In my total shock, I started laughing hysterically. It was just so absurd, this chick wrapped in my bedsheet, absolutely livid, that I interrupted her making out with my boyfriend.


24. No Regrets

Not me, but it happened to my cousin. He lived in India and had an arranged marriage (common there). After a business trip, he came home and found his wife making out with one of the domestic helpers.

He just walked out and left and ended up staying in a hotel that night. They both had a talk the next day about their marriage.

They both agreed that they were unhappy and only got married because their families pressured them, so they agreed to a divorce. My cousin is actually a lot happier now.


25. Dirty Over Dirty Business

My buddy was dating a girl for a year. Came back to her apartment one night and found a dude in her bed with her. Well, it was somewhat shocking.

So he did the only logical thing, pissed all over them, and then forced himself to puke on them all before they woke up. I laughed hysterically when he told me that.  

Man, the college had some great memories. I feel so bad for him, but I hope he’s better now. At least the trash threw itself out.


26. Head Down

Walked over to her car and wondered why she wasn't getting out. When I got to the window, I saw her head in his lap. I froze, then turned around, walked back to my car, and punched it a few times.

We had one of those relationships where we'd break up and get back together every couple of weeks. I guess we were technically "off" that weekend.

But still, it felt like being punched for the next few days. We didn't get back together after that because I finally developed some self-respect.


27. The Boss

I went to pick her up from work one day at Target. She was usually waiting for me outside the front door, except she wasn't there, so I looked around the parking lot.

I saw her boss sitting in his pick-up truck way off to the side of the lot with the back of the truck to the bushes. So I drive over thinking I'll ask him if he knew where she was...I guess he saw me coming and tapped her on her head because her head popped up with a frantic look on her face.

For some reason, I had her purse in my car, so I grabbed it by the strap, swung it around like Thor's hammer, and slung it through the air.

It hit the windshield of his truck, and its contents exploded everywhere. I shot her an angry bird and peeled rubber. I returned home, gathered all my things, and stuffed them in my car.

I took a huge piss all over the couch, rolled several eggs into the central air ducts in the floor, ripped the knobs off all of the sinks, punched a massive hole in the bedroom door, pulled the fuses out of the breaker box, and left the door wide open.

Went and stayed at my mother's until I could get another place. She called me later and tried to tell me that she was tired and was resting in his lap. Lol. I told her, "Enjoy your new life."


28. Passing Out

Not me, but this happened to a buddy of mine. He'd been out of town and came home early. It was a hot summer, so the tiny hall window of the apartment where he lived with his girlfriend was open a bit.

He looks in and sees his girlfriend playing London Bridge with two of her male friends in the living room. He told me that he literally collapsed.

His body just went limp, and he slumped down into the hallway and lay there. He was there a while, listening to them but only really half conscious.

This was the girl he wanted to marry, and the shock was too much. I'm not sure, but I think he wandered off to think and then came back later.

He broke up with her, moved on, and told me the story a few years later during a night out when we were swapping relationship war stories. The look in his eyes when he told this story was so haunting I felt really bad for him.


29. Two Birds In One Stone

Drive up to my best friend's house with a six-pack to watch the football game. Same routine every other Sunday. I get there, walk inside, and head upstairs.

I call out to see where he is, no answer. Check all the rooms. Nothing. Open the bedroom door to see my girlfriend of 4 years making out with him in bed.

She shrieks and says, "I swear it's not what it looks like." Ignoring that dumbass comment, I drop the beer, walk over, and deck the guy square in the nose, hard as I can. She starts crying. I grab one beer and head out. Left them the other five as a parting gift.


30. Leg Weapon

Not me, but my tiny, 4'10" coworker nicknamed Kitten. She was hopelessly in love with her husband, a much older disabled veteran until she came home from work early and caught him in bed with his ex-wife.

He pulled the sheets over their heads in shame, and Kitten beat the heck out of both of them with his artificial leg, then kept the leg.

The last time I saw her, it was still in the passenger seat of her car. I won’t deny I felt bad for her, and seeing that leg every time makes me chuckle a little. Can’t help it!


31. Her Usual Ways

Walked in with flowers for her birthday. She was making out with some dude. I walked out, drove away, and never spoke to her again.

That's how it should be done. Got pulled over for speeding on the way home but was let off after telling the police officer.

It turns out that it was her brother who pulled me over, and he genuinely seemed embarrassed and made the comment that "she always does this."


32. Old Guy

All I could say was, "You're freaking cheating on me with someone who is a dead ringer, your father?" That guy rolled off in a hurry and probably shriveled up a little.

He didn't look like her father, but he was old (he turned out to be a married co-worker of hers, as I later found out). I walked out of the room, grabbed my important stuff that was at her place, and left.

Went back to my place, grabbed some clothing, a laptop, and some books, and told the security guards at the front desk that she was persona non grata (didn't work, they didn't care or whatever China).

I camped out at a friend's place while my friend was out of town for a month, ignored her calls, and flew down to Hong Kong to get further away from it all for a week.


33. Left Hanging

  Broke up with me with a ton of crazy excuses. Turns out she was sleeping with a dude from her class the entire time I was busy with the final months of my final year of university. A few weeks later, they were a couple.  

The saddest thing is the lonely pangs you get when you decide the best thing to do is to look them up and realize they never regretted a thing, are still with that jerkward, and seem to be doing well.

You end up asking yourself why they haven't gotten theirs yet and why you're still stuck in a hole you can't climb out of. Sigh.


34. Taking Advantage of Anger

I showed up at a party, and all of his friends were acting weird and wouldn't tell me where my boyfriend was. When I tried to get in a room, they blocked my way.

I knew he was in there. I got past his friends and opened the door. There was my BF of 4 years, naked, with a naked chick on top of him.

I grabbed her by her hair and yanked her off of him and onto the floor. Then I picked her up by her hair, slammed her face into the wall, and dragged her out to the party. I left her naked on the floor, calling her names because she knew he was my BF.

I went back to the room, yelled at him, and then left the party. On the way out, I ripped his side view mirror off and threw a rock at his windshield. I've since learned how to deal with my anger.


35. Bad Wife

Came home at 6:30 AM after a night of staying away. We'd been having problems. I opened the door to find the chain on its lock, which wasn't uncommon.

When I opened the door, I heard a bunch of commotion upstairs and doors shutting. When she came downstairs and was hesitant to let me in, I knew something was up.

I did a quick sweep of the house and found a co-worker (and someone I had gone to High school with) of mine hiding in my son’s room (another tip-off was that my son was in his sister’s room with the door shut).

After I spotted him, it became kind of a blur. I was on top of him within seconds and had managed to destroy my son’s dresser in the process.

I finally "came to" (while I was punching him) when my youngest daughter walked in and started crying over the violence taking place. I gained composure after calming my daughter down and left.


36. Did Him A Favor

My girlfriend at the time lived in the same apartment complex. I turn the corner to her apartment, and she is with her downstairs neighbor at their door.

I didn't catch them in the act, but it was quite clear what was amiss. I walk over, and the downstairs neighbor holds his hands out in front of him and starts telling me everything is cool.

It is quite obvious things are the furthest thing from cool. As I read the look of shame on both of their faces, I feel all the blood in my body flood to my face as absolute rage starts to take hold.

About that time, something in the back of my mind tells me, "Dude, she's a witch. She did you a favor. Now you know what she is." I looked at the guy and asked if he enjoyed his ride.

Looked directly into my now ex-girlfriend's eyes, turned, and walked away without a word. I've always found that most people can make themselves feel like crap better than anyone else can. Especially when they know they are wrong.


37. Pissed Guy

I didn't walk in on them, but I knew it was just one of those feelings you get. Anyway, it was over. Surprisingly, I had packed up my T.V., Computer, and cat (my whole life) and had only small things left.

Neither one of us was staying at the apartment. My best guess is she was sleeping at jerkward’s place. Well, one night, I had a few drinks a few apartments over (same massive complex) and decided to stop and grab a few of my things.

I get there, walk in, and see half her things gone and what had been the last 4 years of my life destroyed. I don't know if it was the alcohol, the alcohol, or the alcohol, but it infuriated me.

Her beloved, super expensive make-up brushes were still there in a flimsy plastic drawer thingy, so I whipped it out and pissed all over them. After a few moments, I completely covered these brushes, but I still had to piss.

I thought, "Screw it," and started pissing on anything in sight that was hers. Clothes, chair, I think I even got her stuffed animals. What is the moral of the story? Screw her. I still don't feel bad.


38. Popping Surprise

I heard them from downstairs and decided I could do better than just go up there and start a fight. I went into my garage and found a box of unused fireworks.

I brought up a large roll of firecrackers, stood outside the door while they were making out, lit up, threw them in, ran downstairs, and BANG.

Hundreds of quick explosions were followed by shrieking, tumbling, and panic. As they ran down the stairs, ready to confront the perpetrator.

They saw me laughing with my arms crossed. She was speechless, and the look on their face was priceless. It's been 3 years, and it still makes me chuckle.


39. Waiting Time

I think I was in shock, to be honest. Like, I walked in on them, gazed for a second, and turned right back around to go wait in the living room to wait for them to finish before confronting them.

Not surprisingly, that got old after a couple of minutes. So I made my way back down the hallway toward her room, knocked on the wall, and said, "Hey, I know what's going on in there. I just need to grab some clothes and be on my way."

They were both extremely startled, and he jumped behind the bed as if I wouldn't notice him. She just repeated, "Oh my god," over and over. I collected the clothes and left quietly.

It wasn't until the next day that the overwhelming spiral of pain and anger converged in my chest, where it made its home for quite some time.


40. Middle Of The Night

Lived with the girl for 5 years. Buddy came over with a 12-pack, and the three of us drank them. he slept on the couch while the two of us went to bed.

At about 3 am, I wake up to pee, and she isn't in bed. I find them in the sunroom (back porch with glass on three sides) going to town.

I sat down on the other couch, and they noticed me. They both said it was an accident. I told my buddy it was time to leave. I told my girl that she needed to go with him.

She came back three days later and found all her stuff packed up (very nicely). She kicked in my screen door and broke a couple of windows with rocks because I wouldn't talk to her about it.

I guess she wanted to return, but I don't know. I've heard she moved in with him, but it only lasted a couple of weeks. Best of luck to her wherever she is and whoever she's cheating on!


41. The Phone Of Confrontation

Had been with the girlfriend for 3 years. She started acting a little odd and distant a few months before the things were unveiled. I had noticed one guy always staying for a prolonged period of time after parties we would throw.

Still, I was blind at that moment to see what was happening. Friends started telling me they thought she might be messing around with him.

She randomly started sleeping on the couch, and one night, she passed out with her phone next to her while I was watching TV. Curiosity got the best of me, and I looked at the screen.

A text from a girlfriend asking, "So how was he in bed?! You never gave me the details about (insert jerkward’s name)!” I went absolutely numb but still remained calm.

I lightly woke her up with her phone in my hand, showing her the text. I said, "I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." (Her mother cheated on her father after 20 years of marriage).

I can vividly recall her ghost-white face looking at me with the expression of "crap...". She threw the whole "he's a good guy" crap my way.

I packed her a to-go bag of clothes and held the door open for her. She didn't say a word as she walked out with her head down. Now she has a boyfriend who pisses on the bed all the time. Looks like I got the last laugh! The only gold she'll ever get is golden showers.


42. Deserved To Doubt

I had been suspicious for a little while. I was away for work. We had fought on the phone the night before because I was suspicious.

I came home the next day unscheduled to apologize and make her a nice dinner before she went into the night shift, feeling like a jerk for doubting.

I pull onto our road, and there's a strange car in the driveway. I walk into the house and into my bedroom, and there's a strange person in my bed (they were both sleeping and pajamas clothed).

I shook her awake, said, "What the heck," and left. She caught me on the porch, and we argued. I left so he could leave without me being compelled to violence. Came back and talked more.

I found out he had slept there several times when I was out working, and to this day, I won't admit they have made out. I gave her the diamond earrings I had bought for her birthday the next week, then moved out a couple of weeks later.

We tried to work it out, but because I was no longer willing to overlook things, it died out when I finally got so affected I shut down. Seems like a good use of 8 years. The worst part, I still love her.


43. Donuts For You

I was young, in college. I walked into the bedroom where my boyfriend was and decided to surprise him with donuts since my morning class had been canceled.

Yeah, I threw all of her crap down the stairs as I kicked her out, she ran out in a panic. (She was on the dance team, I was a kickboxer, so....), anyway.

I smacked him, and he begged for forgiveness. I left. So much for him being "perfect." But now, I'm really glad it all happened because I otherwise never would've found out how much of a jerkward he was.

If anyone was wondering what became of the donuts, I, of course, kept them. They were from this awesome donut shop in town that I could rarely get to because it was always closed before I got out of class.


44. Numbing Self

I don't remember if I said anything. Still, I do remember walking straight to the kitchen, cracking open a bottle of Jameson, and downing about half of it in a very short amount of time.

I'm not a big girl and had never really thought about ever chugging whiskey, much less Jameson...it was the only bottle of alcohol we had at the time.

There was a brief period of time following that where I started laughing and might have thrown something at him when he tried to talk to me. When the room started spinning, I locked myself in one of the bedrooms and passed out.


45. Bro Things

In my late teens, I was dating a real witch. I was whipped. One day, she tells me she cheated the day before. Being whipped, I was upset. I left and went to think about things.

Two weeks later, I saw the bloke at the local pub (I lived in a small town). He flinched as I walked over, thinking I was about to fight him, but I shouted him a beer.  

Get to talking, he dumped her a week prior, stating she was crazy and wondering how I lasted a year and a half with her. I'm still friends with him to this day.