Boy Saves Dog, Vet Calls 911 When He Sees It

A Discovery

10-year-old, James, was walking home from school when he heard a strange sound coming from a nearby river. He thought it indicated that someone was in need of help, so he decided to investigate.

James wasn’t far from the truth. There was indeed something that needed help, but it wasn’t a human. It was a dog.

Noticing Something Strange

James tried his best to pull the dog out of the river, and after quite a struggle, he succeeded. The dog was exhausted and trying his best to recover when James noticed something odd.

The dog had strange spots all over its stomach. James decided to take the dog home and get it washed up. Little did he know that his actions would bring a world of trouble down on his family.

His Parents Get Involved

James had just finished washing the dog when his parents got home, and they were furious. They didn’t want a sick stray in their home and demanded that James get rid of it.

But the young boy didn’t have the heart to do it. He pleaded with his parents and eventually convinced them to let him take care of it. That was when the problems started.

A Trip To The Vet

James’ father, Rick, could see how ill the dog was and decided to take it to the vet before it could harm his family. When they arrived, the receptionist told them she couldn’t let them see the vet without an appointment.

But her tone changed the minute she saw the marks on the dog’s stomach.

Running Tests

The family was let in to see the vet, and he seemed just as baffled as they were. The vet ran some tests on the dog, but they all came back as inconclusive.

The vet couldn’t find out what was wrong and needed to do blood tests to get some confirmation on what caused the spots. He drew the blood, and James thought they were good to go, but the vet wasn’t going to let it happen.

Not Allowed To Leave

The vet had not allowed the family to take the dog home with them. James and his parents were confused by that, but they left the dog behind nonetheless.

The vet had assured them that he would be in touch when the results were back, so they didn’t think too much of it until they received a call a few days later.

The Results Come In

The vet called Rick to inform him that the results had come back, but he refused to give the diagnosis over the phone. Instead, he asked for the entire family to come in as soon as possible.

This confused Rick even more, but as he hung up, he called his wife, Emma, and told her that she needed to pick James up from school and meet him at the vet’s office.

Strange Sight

When the family arrived, they were shocked to see men in full-body suits at the vet’s office. They didn’t know what to make of it but weren’t too concerned. It couldn’t have anything to do with them, or could it?

The situation got even stranger when the vet invited them into his office.

A String Of Questions

Instead of telling them what was wrong with the dog, the vet started questioning James. The vet wanted to know where he found the dog and wasn’t interested in discussing the results.

James told the vet the entire story, but he didn’t seem to believe the young boy. That was when he became a bit more aggressive.

Not The Answer He Wanted

The vet told James’ parents that he would call the police if James didn’t tell him everything. That shocked the 10-year-old since he had already told the vet exactly what had happened.

Not knowing what else to say, James and his parents sat by as the vet called the police. The boy was starting to get scared but couldn’t do anything about it.

Police Arrive

When the police arrived at the vet’s office, they told Rick and Emma that they would have to take James down to the station for further questioning.

His parents were shocked and begged the officers not to take him to the station, but their cries fell on deaf ears. James was arrested and put into the police car.

Taken To The Station

On the way to the station, James started questioning the officers. He wanted to know why he was being arrested, but he got no answers. And things didn’t get any better when they arrived.

James was placed in a cold, dark interrogation room. He felt like some kind of criminal waiting for answers about his supposed crimes.

Same Old Explanation

A little while later, an officer came in and started questioning James. He wanted to know where James found the dog and what his connection to it was.

Once again, James told the entire story he told to everyone else. He found it on his way home from school and had no idea what all the fuss was about.

No Reason To Suspect Him

When one of the officers picked up on how scared James was, he decided to be open with the boy. He told James that they didn’t see him as a suspect anymore, and he told him the reason behind it all.

What the officer said shook the young boy to his core.

Chemical Ingestion

The officer told James that the dog he found wasn’t the first with those symptoms. They had found a lot of dogs in similar situations over the last few months.

There was someone in the city who was giving the dogs a chemical mixture that was supposed to make them stronger for dog fights. But it ended up making the dogs sick instead, and most of them ended up dying. However, the dog James saved might’ve been the key.