Girl Gets Fired After Helping Old Man, Then Boss Learns His True Identity

A Tough Life

Jenifer’s life took a downward spiral after her mother died. She went from living with her drunken stepfather to being put in foster care. Because of that, she never had a chance to finish her education.

But she was a grown-up now, and she had to find a way to look after herself because the orphanage couldn’t take care of her anymore.

New Beginnings

The last thing they could do was offer her accommodation in the town. Jenifer gladly accepted it, but she knew she had to find a job as soon as possible.

She needed money to look after herself now that she was on her own. But things weren’t going to come easy.

Unsuccessful Attempts

Jenifer made call after call. She applied for any job she could find, but nobody wanted to hire someone with an incomplete educational background.

She started realizing that she would never find a dream job, but there had to be something out there, right? There had to be someone who would give her a chance.

An Opportunity

Finally, Jenifer saw an opportunity that might work in her favor. There was a gas station that was advertising that they had a position available.

It definitely wasn’t her first choice, but it was better than nothing. And at that point, she would do whatever it took to be able to feed herself.

Creepy Boss

The man agreed to see her, and the next day she was at the gas station for an interview. The owner, Alfred, was a rather creepy man who said that he was looking for pretty girls to work at the gas station because it brought in more customers.

That was something that counted for Jenifer. The owner seemed pleased with her appearance and offered her the job.

Weird Co-Workers

Once Jenifer started working, she noticed a few things. One, her boss had definitely hired her for a purpose other than doing her job. And two, her two co-workers, Rose and Sally, were up to no good.

She could see fitting in with the girls would be difficult. But keeping her boss’s roaming hands off her was an even harder task.

Staying Positive

The job wasn’t what Jenifer imagined it would be but she was determined. She would stay positive and keep pushing forward.

When her boss tried to get too close, Jenifer told him exactly where she stood and that she didn’t appreciate his advances. That dealt with one problem, but there was still another to take care of.

Avoiding Corruption

One day, Sally approached Jenifer and told her about their scheme. Rose and Sally had been pocketing some of the money instead of inserting it into the system.

Sally asked Jenifer if she wanted in on their scheme. But Jenifer was an honest girl and refused to get involved in anything that could jeopardize her job.

A Little Stray

That night, when Jenifer was making her way home, she heard a little cry coming from one of the trash cans she passed. She looked under one of the boxes and found a tiny kitten.

It was a heartbreaking sight, and Jenifer knew it would die if she left it there, so she took it home. She named the kitten Tom, and the two of them became close friends.

Hope For A Better Future

With Tom by her side, Jenifer was determined to push on. Whenever anything happened, he would be there to offer her the comfort she needed.

Tom ended up providing her with support at a time when she needed it most. And Jenifer couldn’t be more grateful for having him in her life. Unfortunately, things were about to go very wrong.


Things started getting worse at the gas station, and Alfred decided he would make a decision that would change everyone’s lives.

He came in one day, and he was very angry. He even went so far as to tell the girls to start looking for new jobs because he would probably have to end up selling the place.

It Can’t Get Worse

 Rose and Sally were shocked. They’d never be able to play their tricks at another place. But Jenifer wasn’t worried.

She was honest and hardworking, plus she had some information the others didn’t. Jenifer had some information on the interested buyer, and from what she heard, he might be interested in keeping someone like her.

An Old Man

Later that day, an old man pulled up at the gas station. He looked a little shabby and was driving a very old Chevrolet, so Sally immediately assumed he was a beggar. Boy, was she in for a surprise.

The man claimed that he had forgotten his wallet and asked Sally to help him with a bit of gas so he could pick his son up at the airport. Sally downright refused.

Pleading For Help

The man begged her for help. He said he’d come back to pay it as soon as he could, but Sally only became ruder. She called him a beggar and told him to leave before she called the police.

Jenifer saw it all and felt terrible for the man, especially when he offered his wedding ring as payment. She couldn’t just stand by anymore.

Getting Fired

Jenifer offered to pay for the man’s gas from her salary and filled his tank. Little did she know that Sally had already gone in to report it to Alfred.

As soon as the man left, Alfred showed up, and he was furious. Even though Jenifer told him that she’d pay for it from her salary, he fired her. He’d soon come to regret that.