After Submitting A DNA Kit, This Woman Found Her Long Lost Siblings

After Submitting A DNA Kit, This Woman Found Her Long Lost Siblings
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For children who are adopted whether it be by their birth mother’s choice or abandonment, there is always the lingering questions of “who am I” and “where did I come from?” In the past, there wasn’t much in the terms of recourse for finding out your family history and genetic identity, but today, there are so many DNA testing sites that can help you uncover your family history.

One woman in Texas was desperate to discover who her biological parents were and if she had any other family members out there…then one day everything changed.


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Despite her unconditional love for her adoptive parents, Sally wanted nothing more than to discover who her biological parents were. Using the website, where you can send in a saliva sample to learn more about your DNA and ancestry, Sally hoped she would find some answers.

Where Do I Come From?

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Sally had a loving family and wanted nothing while growing up, yet there was always a nagging feeling in the back of her mind. Where did she come from? There were so many questions and very little answers over the years, and it meant so much for Sally to know her personal ancestry.


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The only concrete details Sally knew from her past was that she was abandoned in a Virginia hospital bathroom by her birth mother. It saddened Sally that the only knowledge of her past was abandonment and she hoped she might one day find out more.

Moving Around

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Until the age of 13, Sally lived with her parents in Virginia, but they soon moved to North Texas. As the years went by, Sally continued to question her heritage and finally decided that enough was enough. She needed to find some answers.

DNA Testing

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“I grew up knowing that I was adopted and wondering, ‘Would I walk past them on the street and not know?’” she told the local media. So, she chose to purchase a DNA testing kit and mailed it off with hopes for the best.

Hoping for the Best

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The wait for the results from her DNA test was absolutely excruciating. Sally kept wondering if she had brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. Could she possibly have a huge extended family she never even knew about?

The Long Wait

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Many months later, Sally’s results finally arrived and to say she was shocked would be an understatement. In fact, she was notified via email that she had a relative match. Is it possible she was about to meet a long lost sibling?

A Match Found

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According to the notification, Sally had a sister named Sterling who lived in Pennsylvania. “Finding a relative was the farthest thing from my mind,” Sally said. However, she couldn’t help but be excited to speak with her.

One Phone Call

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Two hours after the initial message had been received, both Sally and Sterling were chatting it up on the phone. Sally couldn’t believe the strong connection she felt to a woman she’d never even met. It was at this time Sterling revealed another bit of shocking news to her sister…

Siblings Galore

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Sterling revealed that Sally had three additional half-siblings all from the same mother. Sally went from being an only child to the second youngest sibling of FIVE! How amazing is that?

Family Resemblance

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Sally’s half-brother Kevin Overton, who is a decorated police officer couldn’t believe his eyes when he first met Sally. He revealed that at first they thought the kit must have been wrong, but the moment he laid eyes on Sally the resemblance was too similar to ignore.

A Special Reunion

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The reunion between the siblings was one filled with tears, joy and high levels of emotion. The hugs, laughs, and kisses were abundant as Sally finally had the chance to connect with the rest of her family.

Thankful for the Chance

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Making the cross-country trip to meet her family was more than worth it for Sally. In fact, she had been planning on waiting until her 30th birthday, but now that seemed like a ridiculous sentiment. She now had a place where she belonged and years of history to catch up on.

So Many Similarities

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Despite the fact the siblings only shared the same mother, the similarities between them all was almost uncanny. Their smiles were the same, the mannerisms were the same and even their voices were similar.

Green Eyes Run in the Family

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One feature that Sally was always complimented on were her piercing green eyes, so imagine her shock when her little brother had the same green eyes as well. It just continued to prove that she had found the answers to questions she struggled with her entire life.

Familiar Voice

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One of the things that stands out the most to Sally is her first conversation with her sister Sterling. She felt like she was almost talking to herself because their voices were so similar. While they did have different accents, there were other vocal qualities that were just so similar.

Too Many Emotions

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The emotional experience of the reunion was definitely overwhelming for Sally. Her big brother couldn’t help but hug her close during her time with them. “I just wanted to give her a hug. I wanted to let her know that she has a big brother now and as long as I’m around, you’re going to be all right,” Overton said

Humbling Experience

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For all of the siblings, the reunion was a very humbling experience. You never know what curve balls life will throw at you, but sometimes it ends on a positive note. For Sally and her four siblings, it meant their family was finally complete.

Staying the Weekend

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Sally spent the entire weekend with her new family at her big brother’s Kevin’s home and appreciated every single moment. While it wasn’t long enough to make up for 30 years, it was definitely the perfect start.

Keeping In Touch

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All of the family members have promised to keep in touch moving forward and the reunion was only the beginning of good things to come. “When I was sitting in the airport. My eyes were burning,” Sally said.  “I love these people so much and I just met them.”

We hope Sally and her newfound family have a chance to make many new memories together.

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