After Being Locked Up in Chains, This Neglected Dog Took Her First Steps of Freedom

Tethered in Chains

Dogs are considered “man’s best friend” for a reason. They’re loyal, love unconditionally and are companions for life. So, when animals are found abused, it’s hard not to want the abuser to be punished for their misdeeds.

When the founder of the rescue organization Dogs Deserve Better discovered multiple dogs chained up in a yard, she simply knew she had to help. With time running out and the conditions of the animals deteriorating rapidly, Amy Hines realized the animals’ lives were at stake.

Thankfully, she had all the skills to handle the situation and these poor dogs were about get a whole new lease on life and a chance at happiness.

Tethered in Chains

Dogs are meant to run free and enjoy the world around them. Unfortunately, for one dog they had only known a life being tethered by chains.

However, an unexpected rescue would soon grant her the freedom she longed for and those first steps were an absolutely magical sight to behold.

Dogs Deserve Better

Located in Smithfield, Virginia, Dogs Deserve Better is a non-profit animal rescue organization that has rescued thousands of dogs since they were established in 2002. 

Their main mission is to prevent animals from being tied up outdoors and bring them to homes where they will be treated as family members and no inanimate objects.

Chained and Alone

It would be a cold day in 2015 when the founder of Dogs Deserve Better, Amy Hines would discover a property in Kentucky with quite a few dogs chained outside. 

Looking miserable and alone, with no form of shelter in sight, Amy didn’t feel right about the situation at all.

Exposed to the Elements

Since the dogs had been neglected and obviously exposed to the elements, several of the poor pups had frostbite, while others suffered from parasites and malnutrition. 

Amy thought one of the dogs had actually died, but upon closer inspection realized it was still alive, but barely. Who could do this to such precious animals?

Couldn’t Leave Behind

Even though Amy was visiting Kentucky for personal reasons, she knew she couldn’t leave the neglected animals behind in good conscience. 

Immediately, she went into rescue mode, contacted the local authorities and tried to reach out to the owner of abused animals. Time was of the essence and she wasn’t going to let them suffer for one more minute!

Discovered Puppies

Amy decided to do a quick sweep of the property to see if there were any other animals she might have missed. During this time, she discovered a shed where one of the dogs had found shelter.

She also had 3-month old puppies as well. Realizing the matter was even more urgent she tried to get a hold of the owner once more.

A Conversation with the Owner

After finally getting the owner on the phone, Amy was able to convince him to let the most vulnerable dogs be rescued.

A week later she returned to collect the mother and her puppies, but the dog’s owner decided to keep three of the remaining dogs.

Helping Those Left Behind

Amy was determined to get the remaining dogs out of the owner’s care and began to work with local shelters to provide the animals with bedding and food.

Sadly, one of the dogs passed away before Amy was able to come back, but she did manage to rescue the other two dogs.

Eight Dogs Rescued

After it was all said and done, Amy was able to rescue eight dogs. 

All of them were sent to the organization’s rehabilitation center where for the first time they got to experience life free from chains.

First “Freedom Run”

In a special video posted on the Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page, the footage shows the dogs as they enjoyed their first “freedom run” on a 6-acre field.

Let’s just say the dogs were more than appreciative.

Heartwarming Moment Captured on Video

The clip begins with two of the dogs nervously making their first steps on the grass. As they continue to take more steps, they finally break in a momentous run. 

“You can almost see that magical second when it ‘clicked’ and she realized she was unchained,” reads the video’s caption.

Skipping Across the Grass

The rescuers can be heard commenting on the happy dogs, with one mentioning how they always find the mud puddle on the field. 

It seems that after all they’ve been through, they deserve a few jumps in the mud.

Exploring the Environment

Splashing about in the puddle, one of the dogs ventures out further onto the property than she’s ever been before.

For the first time, she is enjoying being a dog and it’s simply magical.

Games of Chase

Two of the dogs soon break out in a game of chase, pouncing on one another and enjoying playtime for the first time in their lives.

It seems both animals couldn’t be happier.

Positive Social Media Reactions

As you can imagine, the video was a hit on social media. It was shared over 5,000 times and received over 18,000 comments.

Other people who had rescued dogs praised the organization for all they had done for them.

Breaking Free

One viewer made the following comment on the video: “I wish all chained dogs could have this opportunity to run like this. 

No animal deserves to be chained or sitting in small crates. They have four legs and need to use them.”

Viewers React

Other commenters also chimed in on the precious video. “Such freedom and joy, just love the video. Thank you so much for giving this dog the freedom it so deserves! Very uplifting and happy to see.”  

Another commenter agreed, stating, “This is how precious dogs should be: free to run, play and be happy, not tethered for their whole life which is unacceptable cruel and inhumane.”

Finding Loving Homes

Thankfully, this video isn’t the end of the dogs’ journeys either. All eight were put up for adoption and most of them have already found their forever homes.

Now they will be treated the way they should, with love and comfort.

Going, Going, Gone

A final statement on the Dogs Deserve Better website, revealed that all of the dogs had found homes except for one, but they were confident he would be adopted soon. 

“Never have we seen such broken spirits transform so quickly.”

Former Owner Admits Wrongs

One of the greatest endings out of this ordeal was that the former owner saw the error of his ways. 

“We love this story. Not only were the dogs saved, but the owner was educated and will share his newfound knowledge with others along the way.” We hope the rescued dogs live the rest of their lives in peace and with never ending joy.