After an 8-Year-Old Boy Saw His Dad Collapse, He Jumped Into Action to Save His Life

After an 8-Year-Old Boy Saw His Dad Collapse, He Jumped Into Action to Save His Life
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An Unlikely Hero

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For Landon Colson, it was supposed to be just another day hanging out with his dad. Unfortunately, fate had something else in store for father and son that day, when Landon witnessed his father collapse to the ground.

What he did next would make him a hero in his father’s eyes and to his community.

A Normal Little Boy

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Growing up in Warner, New Hampshire, Colson was your typical 8-year-old boy. He loved to play outside, fish with his father and ride his bike on a warm summer day. To most, he was simply ordinary, but the challenges he was about to face would make him extraordinary.

Great Student

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According to folks who knew Colson, he was a hard worker and loved school. He attended Simonds Elementary and loved learning. The school took pride in teaching their students a wide variety of skills that they could apply to their everyday lives. One of these skills would end up helping Colson save his father’s life.

A Fun Day Outdoors

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The unfortunate incident took place on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the fall of 2018. Colson and his brother were playing outside, while their father worked on the shed that was positioned on their property. It was what you would call a normal day…until something terrible happened.

Something Seemed Off

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According to Colson’s mother, she had been trying to keep her eye on the boys, which was easier said than done. They both were quite active and loved to play pretty rough. Injuries were quite common in their household. However, something caught her eye that day that she found troublesome.

A Shocking Moment

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It seemed her husband, Colson’s father, was acting very strange. “I asked him if he was okay,” she told WMUR News. “He said, ‘Yes,’ went over and he fell on the side of the shed. My kids ran over and he was unresponsive when I got to him.”

Calling 9-1-1

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Realizing something was terribly wrong, Colson’s mother immediately dialed 9-1-1. She knew they would have very little time to act if he was possibly having a heart attack. Meanwhile, Colson decided to spring to action and see if he could be of help to his lifeless father.

Colson to the Rescue

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Realizing that he couldn’t wait idly by, Colson decided to put some of his school training to good use. He had recently learned CPR and immediately started to perform it on his father. Was it possible he could keep him alive?

Not Giving Up Hope

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Colson told the local news that he refused to give up hope and knew his dad was going to be okay. “I’m like, ‘Dad, stay with me. I know it’s going to be OK. You’re just going to go to the hospital, and I know you’re going to be better someday.”

Unflinching Bravery

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What’s so amazing about Colson’s act of bravery is that most adults would freeze up in such a situation. Even his mother said she wasn’t sure what to do. However, Colson was not going to allow his dad to die. Not on his watch. What an amazing kid!

To His Mother’s Surprise

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According to Colson’s mother, she was surprised by how calm and collected he remained through the entire situation. “I have never seen this child as calm and cool and collected,” she said. “He was far calmer than I was.”

Emergency Crew Arrives

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Colson continued to perform CPR on his father right up to the emergency services arriving and taking over. It was then he stepped aside and prayed that his father would be okay. Thankfully, it seemed thanks to his quick action, his father would pull through.

How Did He Know?

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Many people would wonder how Colson knew what to do in such a tragic situation. Even his mother was shocked by his swift actions that helped save his father’s life. Well, it seemed the answer was quite simple…

Health Class Pays Off

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According to Colson, he learned everything at school from his teachers. It seemed Simonds Elementary School wanted to ensure their students knew how to react in a wide variety of situations. “My nurse and my health and gym teacher taught us how to do it.”

An Important Piece of Knowledge

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While Colson’s school taught students CPR, according to his mother it isn’t in the curriculum statewide. However, this is something she hopes to change. She believes it’s important that every child knows how to perform life-saving techniques. You never know when you could end up being the one person to save a life.

Dreams of the Future

Colson hopes to put his life-saving skills to use one day in the future. He told the local news that his dream is to one day join the field of emergency medicine, either as a doctor or an EMT. We have a feeling that Colson has a very bright future ahead of him.

Other Incidents

Image: Twitter/Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Children coming to their parents’ aid isn’t something new. In March 2018, firefighter Paul Rowlands fell unconscious after his kayak capsized off the coast of Wales. His 13-year-old son performed CPR and saved his life. Kids are truly amazing these days.

A Mother’s Warrior

Image: Twitter/Christine McCarthy

Another incident revolved around sixth-grader C.J. Saulsgiver who saved his mother’s life when she had a heart attack back in 2013. When he heard his mother scream out for him when he returned home from school, he found her on the floor not breathing. C.J. quickly jumped into action and called 911 before performing CPR and saving her life.

The Importance of Student Training

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According to C.J., he had attended CPR training with his parents a few months prior to his mother’s heart attack. Thanks to these pieces of training, he was able to help save his mother’s life. As a way to honor his brave actions, the city fire chief gave C.J. a firefighter badge as an honorary gesture.

A Local Hero

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As for Colson, he enjoyed being honored by the local police and fire department for his actions that helped save his dad’s life. However, he only sees it as doing the right thing. When asked in an interview if he understood how his actions were brave and helped his father, Colson replied, ” Yeah, I think I’m a hero.”

We do too, Colson.


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