After A Wild Night of Partying, This Student’s Night Took A Turn For The Worse

When Partying Goes Wrong

For most college students, a night out on the town is a requirement to maintain a good social status. After long nights of studying throughout the week, kicking back at the local pub or club is the perfect way to unwind. Of course, drinking is usually involved followed by a wicked hangover the next morning.

One student named Trevor Willis would find out the hard way that drinking too much can have some dire consequences. You won’t believe what happens during a Sunday night out on the town.

A Normal Miami Night

It was a typical warm evening in Miami Beach, Florida and Florida International University student, Trevor Willis was preparing for an epic night of good music and 2-for-1’s at a local hot spot with his friends. 

With a major test the next morning, he knew he’d have limit himself to a few drinks, but as long as he made it home in time for some sleep, he knew he’d be fine.

Unfortunately for Trevor, things would not go according to plan.

Prevention is Key

Hangover Tea Blissberry Flavor

Realizing he was late, Trevor quickly rushed out the door, forgetting the one thing that would have ensured smooth sailing for his test the next morning and prevented a wicked hangover—his Hangover Tea.

For Trevor, this delicious blend of all-natural ingredients like milk thistle, yerba mate, and kudzu was the perfect way to prevent a miserable morning after a night out.

The Long, Long Wait

As Trevor and his friends pulled up to the bar, they found themselves facing a long line with a bouncer guarding the door that looked less than amused. 

For a Sunday night, the crowd was jumping and it made Trevor and his friends even more anxious to get in and unwind.

Sadly, Trevor’s trouble was just getting started.

To Tab or Not to Tab

After finally making it through the long line, Trevor and his friends finally made it inside. Finally, they could have some fun and unwind.

Unfortunately, when he reached the bar, Trevor realized he had forgotten his cash. While he was usually uncomfortable with starting a tab on his card, he decided to throw caution to the wind.

Shots, Shots, Shots

What was supposed to be a conservative night of drinking, soon turned into a flurry of tequila and Corona chasers. It wasn’t long before Trevor felt like the room was spinning. 

With his stomach starting to feel nauseous, he reached into his pocket for his packet of Hangover Tea.

We’re sure you can guess what happens next.

Whoops, No Tea!

Trevor discovered that his pocket was empty. He had left his tea at home. 

Realizing if he didn’t get home soon his morning would be ruined by the throws of hangover hell, he convinced his friends to head back to campus early. He quickly cashed out his tab, hurriedly signed the receipt, and went on his way.

An Unfortunate Turn of Events

Stumbling to his car, Trevor’s friend who happened to be the designated driver asked for his keys. Fumbling around in his pockets, he couldn’t find them. 

Peering through the window of his car, he realized they were in the passenger seat.

Could the night get any worse? Oh, yes…

The Cab Ride from Hell

After a 30-minute wait, Trevor and his friends were finally picked up by a cab. By now, Trevor’s stomach was churning and the world was a blur of color. 

He then heard an alert go off on his phone. Fumbling with the screen, he discovered an alert from his bank providing notice of a charge of $523 at the bar they’d left.

Where did the charge come from?

The Credit Card Switcheroo

The bartender had cashed out the wrong tab! Too drunk to care, Trevor rolled down the window and proceeded to hurl the contents of his stomach and maybe a kidney on the pavement rushing below.

We bet he was really missing the stomach-soothing properties of his Hangover Tea by now.

The Grass Looks Good

Finally reaching the dorms on campus, Trevor was dropped off while his friends went to their respective homes. 

Stumbling in the dark, Trevor collapses in the grass which was cool and soft to the touch. With his room, upstairs and so far out of reach, Trevor curled up outside and went to sleep.

The Horrible Morning After

The next morning Trevor would wake up to scorching Miami sun bearing down on him.

Dehydrated, confused and suffering from a wicked headache, he realized he had slept the entire night outside. He then realized he had only 20 minutes to get to class.

Would Trevor make it in time?

Welcome to Hangover Hell

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Head pounding, vision blurred and stomach on fire, Trevor quickly made it up to his room and threw on some clean clothes. With time of the essence, he made it a priority to heat up some hot water and throw in tea bag of Hangover Tea.

Now, more than ever, he needed that blend of organic matcha, apples, lemon and natural sea salt to bring his body some equilibrium.

Rushing to Class

Despite the horrible night, Trevor still made it to class on time. 

And guess what? He didn’t fail his test either. It only took a few gulps of his Hangover Tea to make him feel good as new.

The Tea to End All Teas

If you want to be able to enjoy a cocktail or beer and still enjoy mental clarity the next day, as well as feel your best, Hangover Tea is the magic in a cup you’ve been looking for. 

With two delicious flavors, the possibilities are endless and you’ll never have to worry about feeling crummy again. So, what are you waiting for? Click here for more information about this incredible tea.

If it worked for Trevor, we promise it can work for you!