After A Bride Realized Her Fiance Was Cheating, She Got the Ultimate Revenge at the Altar

A Bride’s Dream Shattered

For a bride, her wedding day is supposed to be one of the most important days of her life. A time filled with family, friends, amazing food and walking down the aisle. Unfortunately for Ashley Doe, her wedding day would be far from perfect. Not only would she discover that her fiancé was cheating on her, but that it had been going on for quite some time during their relationship. However, instead of letting the revelation destroy her, Ashley decided to get the ultimate revenge.

A Night to Remember

The night before that fateful day, Ashley was enjoying a bachelorette party at a posh hotel with her closest friends. The champagne was flowing, laughter echoed through the air and the bride-to-be relished in her last night as a single woman. If she only knew what events were about to unfold the next day…

Together Forever

Born in Australia, Ashley had met her fiancé Alex six years prior. She knew from the moment that she met him that he was the man she was going to marry and as they grew closer, so did their families. As the day of their wedding approached, Ashley was ready for her fairytale ending. Of course, she could never have imagined that her Prince Charming was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

A Text Alert

The night before the wedding, Ashley found herself surrounded by excitement. Text messages were pouring in from friends and family, wishing her a wonderful day. Therefore, when her phone buzzed again, she didn’t think anything of it. However, once she opened the message, her world shattered.

You won’t believe what she discovered.

A Devastating Truth

Heartbreak and pure horror washed over Ashley, as she realized that Alex had been lying to her for quite some time. The message revealed intimate text messages between Alex and another woman, along with graphic photos they had exchanged. It seemed that her entire relationship had been a lie.

An Anonymous Sender

Ashley didn’t know who had sent her the copies of the X-rated messages, but a text accompanied the photographs that read: “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?”

Even more shocking, some of the messages had been sent just days ago. How could Alex do something like this?

Reality Sinks In

Ashley had to accept that the text messages and X-rated images were real. Alex was not the man she thought he was, in fact, he was a horrible person. Ashley told a reporter for Whimn that every word was like a “dagger” in her heart. She was completely blindsided by the ordeal.

Reasons for Infidelity

According to Dr. Rowan Burckhardt, infidelity stems from two main causes. One, the cheater sees a problem in the relationship, and two deciding to act on their romantic feelings and seeking out something they feel like they’re missing.

For Ashley, it seemed Alex was looking for something a little wilder in the bedroom.

Unsure How to Respond

Ashley was not sure how she should respond to the startling revelation. Should she confront Alex immediately? Did she need to tell her family? The weight of the world seemed like it was crashing down on her shoulders and she had no idea what to do…

A Sleepless Night

That night, Ashley contemplated her options. The wedding funds had all been depleted, and friends, as well as family, had all spent money to travel to the destination. In the end, she realized she couldn’t cancel. However, that didn’t mean she would go through with the wedding. In fact, she decided it was time to teach Alex a very hard lesson.

The Day Arrives

The morning of her wedding, Ashley was shaking from her nerves. This was supposed to be the first day of forever, but instead, it was the beginning of the end. “This was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. Instead, I knew it was the end of my dream relationship, and everyone was going to witness it.”

Walking Toward the Altar

When the moment finally arrived, Ashley walked down the aisle with anticipation. She knew the drama that was about to unfold would be shocking and she couldn’t wait to confront her groom who was waiting with a big smile. Ashley smiled back, and when she took her position by his side, pulled out her phone.

There would be NO vows recited this day.

The Moment Arrives

“I stood at the front of the room in my wedding dress and looked out at the excited faces of our friends and family,” she reportedly recalled. “My hands were shaking, but not nearly as much as my insides quivered.”

It was time to make the most shocking speech of her life.

Shock and Awe

Ashley held up her phone and in front of her family, friends and so-called fiancé began to read through the graphic text messages he had sent to his side chick. Refusing to leave out any details, she read them word for word. “Your body is incredible. And do you know how to use it. I wish my GF had half the skills you do.”

Dropping the Mic

As Ashley continued to lay out Alex’s disgusting deeds to the public, she noticed him squirm next to her. Another text she recited stated, “I miss you so much, I’ve never had this kind of connection before.” While reading the texts was painful, Ashley also found them empowering. She refused to let Alex have the upper hand in this situation.

Runaway Groom

Shocked and embarrassed, Alex ran out of the church before Ashley could finish going through all the messages. To say the faces of his family were shocked would be an understatement. Ashley put down her phone and smiled at her wedding attendees, asking them to all stay and celebrate anyway.

A Ray of Light

“I love all of you and as horrible as this is, I’m glad you all are here. There will not be a wedding reception today, but instead, there will be a celebration of honesty, finding true love and following your heart even when it hurts.”

That night, surrounded by family and friends, Ashley celebrated truth and had a party to remember.

Going Viral

After Ashley’s story was published, it went viral with many news outlets picking up her tale of betrayal. Elle Online even conducted a survey, asking readers how they would have responded to the situation. Over 60% responded they would have taken the same course of action.

Social Media Support

People from around the world also took to social media to support Ashley. Some comments included: “A very brave woman who deserves and will certainly find, someone better. I wish her luck and happiness.” Another user expressed similar sentiments stating, “Wow!! Very strong and forward thinking of her!! Honesty is the best policy with self and others!! Blessings all!”

Someday My Prince Will Come

According to Ashley, she doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her situation because in the end, learning the truth saved her from a marriage of lies and deceit. Her wedding day was the beginning of a new life, one of hope for the future and independence. She knows that one day her real true love will come and it will be perfect.