A Family Fled Their Home After Hurricane Harvey Struck. Then Police Showed Up

A Family Fled Their Home After Hurricane Harvey Struck. Then Police Showed Up
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15. A Family Displaced

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No one could have expected the destruction that Hurricane Harvey would cause when it hit the United States in August 2017. Flooding hundreds of homes and businesses, as well as displacing thousands of families, it is considered to be one of the worst storms to make landfall in the history of the U.S. For one little boy, his family had to flee the only home he’d ever known and take refuge in a hotel.

While there, the family would end up with the shock of their lives when a group of police officers unexpectedly knocked on their door…

14. A Family on the Run

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Nicole and Anthony Brooks, along with their two sons never could have imagined they would have to flee their home in Seabrook, Texas. However, when Hurricane Harvey began to make its way across the state, they knew they had to evacuate. There was no possible way they could stay and not put their lives in danger.

13. A Catastrophic Storm

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While the family took refuge at a hotel in Richardson, Texas, Hurricane Harvey carved a path of devastation across the state. It’s been reported over $200 billion worth of damage was caused by the storm and it could take years to fully restore the state to what it once was. Even worse, the emotional trauma felt by those fleeing the storm is sure to stay with them for years to come.

12. Devastation Everywhere

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It would only take a few days for over 40 inches of rain to flood the Texas landscape. As the rain fell in record-breaking numbers, homes flooded and residents became trapped in their cars. While the rest of the U.S. watched in horror, Texas suffered one blow after another.

11. Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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It’s been estimated that over 30,000 people lost their homes during Hurricane Harvey. Due to the high flood waters, most people living in lower lying areas were forced to flee rather than wait out the storm.

Those who chose to stay…weren’t so lucky.

10. Too Many Rescues Needed

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For those who chose to stay in their homes, they quickly discovered it was a bad idea. According to recent statistics, emergency services had to make over 17,000 rescues during the hurricane. Sadly, not everyone was able to be saved. It was determined that 90 people perished in the flood waters during Hurricane Harvey.

9. Why Can’t We Go Home?

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Nicole and Anthony were thankful they had chosen to leave their home and were safe in a hotel. Of course, one of their sons didn’t fully understand the situation. 4-year-old Honor continued to ask to go back home. While his mom tried to explain why they had to live in the hotel, the young boy couldn’t fully understand how bad the storm was.

Nicole explained it broke her heart, because she knew the likelihood of them returning to their home was pretty slim.

8. An Upcoming Birthday

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Besides having to leave everything they owned behind, Nicole and Anthony also had to plan for Honor’s fifth birthday that was swiftly approaching. Unfortunately, they were limited in what they could do in terms of a celebration.

However, a knock on their hotel door one night would turn into a birthday the little boy would never forget!

7. The Knock that Changed Everything

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On the evening of Honor’s birthday, the Brooks family were relaxing in their hotel room when they heard a knock at the door. At first, Anthony was confused, but then he saw the police officers outside.

What could the police possibly want with their family?

6. Cheaper by the Dozen

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When Anthony Brooks opened the door, he was shocked to not find just one officer, but over a dozen crowded around his hotel room door. Anthony told the local news he was very confused and his first question was what did they do?

Is it possible the Brooks family had violated hotel policies?

5. A Very Happy Birthday

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According to the police officers, the family wasn’t in trouble. In fact, it was quite the opposite! They had all come to wish Honor a happy birthday. To say Anthony and Nicole were shocked would be an understatement. They could not believe some random police officers knew about their son’s birthday!

4. The Police Officers Begin to Sing

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Nicole revealed to CBS that when the officers entered the room they broke into a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Of course, the moment was so touching that Nicole immediately started to cry. She couldn’t believe how selfless the officers were being.

3. One Happy Little Boy

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Despite the initial surprise, Honor thought the entire situation was awesome. His dad revealed that it’s not every day a five-year-old gets to hang out with a group of police officers. However, the officers didn’t just sing. They had one more surprise up their sleeves.

2. Birthday Gifts Galore

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The police officers also brought Honor gifts to make his birthday extra special. Nicole was completely blown away by their kindness. But how did the officers know it was their son’s birthday? Well, Anthony remembered that earlier,¬†during the day, he and Honor ran into a police officer. Anthony had mentioned it was Honor’s birthday and the rest is history!

1. Thankful Beyond Words

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For the Brooks family, it’s impossible to describe how thankful they are to the officers for making Honor’s birthday such a special one. Nicole particular was impressed with their compassion for the children and how being displaced from their home can be emotionally draining.

As for Honor? He ended up with a birthday he’s sure to never forget!

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