9 Jewelry Trends That Will Be Ruling 2023

If you were looking for a cue to expand your jewelry collection, here it is: The start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to change things up and boost your appearance. Following a few understated years, fashion houses are embracing jewelry and accessorizing in a big way, embracing the theme of dressing up and focusing on the finer points.

From enormous arm cuffs at Chanel to shoulder-grazing disco ball earrings at Tom Ford, the jewelry trends of 2023 are for individuals who want to make a statement. Here are some things that experts believe will be huge in every sense of the word next season.

Pearls are back

Pearls were popular throughout Fall Fashion Week, from Chanel to Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta to Versace. Proving pearls will still be popular in the spring/summer of 2023, with an emphasis on huge.

This fall, stacks of gold and silver cuffs combined with pearls are in vogue. While many models, even those wearing pearl gowns, were decked with pearl brooches, rings, and statement necklaces. There are several styles of faux-pearl earrings available. Mix and match various components while including your biggest pearls.

Power Pinky

Signet and pinky rings will gain popularity. They're all being worn by celebrities, and brands are making unique, fascinating variations on these looks. Even while it may seem inconspicuous and modest, your pinky makes a very strong argument for becoming your new de facto "ring finger."

From noblemen to Tony Soprano, pinky rings have a long history of being associated with power – powerful families and strong people. As jewelry designers and influencers discover hip, fresh ways to personalize the pinky ring trend, women are increasingly appropriating the look and subverting its historically male origins.

Dangling Earrings

Statement earrings that fall well past your shoulders are undoubtedly one of the accessory trends that are making a major comeback.

These shoulder dusters are much larger than just statement earrings. The commonality among these shoulder-grazing styles, regardless of the design or metals employed, is that they are worn for public display.

When summer wedding season arrives, this look will be perfect to wear and will be simple for direct-to-consumer brands to copy. Just keep the earrings the center of attention and maintain a more streamlined dress silhouette.


Chokers are undoubtedly one of the '90s fashion trends that are making a comeback, but they have undergone a twenties makeover. While Acne Studio gave chokers a punk makeover by adding huge studs, Chanel sent thick chain chokers down the catwalk. 

For maximum effect this season, you want a statement choker. The latest fashion is to wear one large necklace that can be worn with any ensemble from day to night, as opposed to stacking many smaller ones.


This season, bicep bracelets were seen everywhere on the runways, but they appeared in a variety of styles, from sculptural silver patterns at Tory Burch to spiral designs by Kim Shui that snaked up models' arms. Given the adaptability of this style, this trend is expected to gain even more traction. 

This item comes in a number of shapes, thus it may be fashioned in a variety of ways. The secret to creating that absolutely distinctive appearance when stacking chunkier arm jewelry is to experiment with colors, textures, and materials.

Body Chains

It's no wonder that Y2K fashion and beauty have infiltrated the jewelry industry since we've been sporting it all year. In 2023, belly and body chains in particular will be popular body jewelry. Body chains were a common feature in the collections of designers like Chanel and Acne Studios at the Spring/Summer 2021 runway shows. Recently, celebrities have begun to embrace body chains.

There are many ways to use a body chain in your wardrobe, from wearing it with a stylish bikini to layering it over a dress. With the low-rise denim era coming back, body chains are likely to be a wardrobe staple.

Embracing Emerald

We anticipate seeing a lot of trends including emeralds. The color was expected to be popular in 2022, and in 2023, it will undoubtedly remain in its rightful place. The color is said to represent progress and harmony, which is just what we need to ring in the new year. 

Who wouldn't want to channel their inner queen when it has roots in royalty? Although some people are not used to wearing bright colors, it still really complements everything.


With its dreamy, ocean, and beachy elements, mermaidcore is quickly taking over the fashion industry. This season, natural beads and seashells appeared often in accessories.

In addition, shells have a tendency to instantly improve your mood by making you feel upbeat and prepared for a sunny vacation.

Silver Blings

Silver jewelry is making a powerful and long-awaited comeback after years of gold jewelry dominating the market. People switching to silver-toned jewelry is undoubtedly something we can expect to see this year.

We may anticipate seeing the mixing metals trend becoming more prevalent if you are not sure you can totally commit to becoming a silver stan.