7 Things to Leave Behind For A Fresh Start In 2023

Once again, this is the time of year when you open your journal and write down your new year's resolutions. Losing weight, making more money, taking trips, and starting to work out at the gym are among the most common ones that people set for themselves. 

Sadly, plans don't always work out, and many people have trouble staying on track with their goals. So what’s the best way to welcome 2023? By knowing what not to do this year.

As the year comes to an end, it's also a time to reflect on things that went wrong. Even with things going crazy, there is always a silver lining - powerful lessons worth carrying forth. So, as you prepare to leave 2022 behind, here are a few habits to leave behind with it.


People now perceive multitasking as the most effective strategy for success, and it has somehow come to be seen as the norm across the board. Handling a lot of activities at once may seem like a good idea, but eventually, your productivity will suffer and you won't be able to concentrate.

How many times have you struggled to complete several tasks at once, felt completely exhausted, and given up? Due to the division of your attention caused by multitasking, your performance declines and you run the risk of making mistakes.

Instead of multitasking, practice being more focused on the one job at hand. Be fully present and practice the skill of mindfulness. You can accomplish more with less stress in this way.


Nowadays, most individuals are addicted to their phones. The problem is that social media is addicting as it provides us with a dopamine surge, the feel-good hormone that stimulates our reward system. It's simple to fall into a rabbit hole as a result.

Social media has become an important part of our lives, yet no matter how much it makes us happy, its negative impact cannot be overlooked. According to studies, it makes individuals more stressed, anxious, and depressed.

Check how much time you spend online. You might begin by keeping track of the amount of time you spend plugged in, and then progressively reduce it. You'll be astonished by how much more free time you'll have when you choose to practice digital detox.


Even though you were a people-pleaser in 2022, you are now free to leave that habit in the past. People pleasing is a survival strategy for many kids growing up. Being afraid of the repercussions, they often learn to express the same opinions even though they do not share them.

And this habit continues well into adulthood. But as time passes, people-pleasing causes resentment. So, keep in mind that nobody has much time to care about your problems because they are too busy dealing with their own problems and inner selves. And if they do, that says a lot more about them than it does about you.


Don't get me wrong; hustling is key to achieving your objectives. But resting is just as crucial. Realizing that breaks don't have to be earned is the most crucial thing to learn. If given no breaks for a long enough period of time, the body has a way of shutting down on its own.

Your body needs enough rest to keep the gears running. The hustling culture may make you feel unproductive on days when you're taking it easy. However, when you're curled up in bed, thinking, that's when healing and growth take place. And that's when you can achieve the most. So, ease on the tough love.

External Validation

Humans need external engagement and often seek external validation from close friends and family. But sometimes, even those closest to us do not share our views. Deriving one's feeling of value from another person does not, therefore, constitute internal development. Also, it leads to codependency and a weak sense of self.

Your greatest ally is you. Validation begins with you. Celebrate your accomplishments. It doesn't have to cost anything! Asking yourself questions about who you want to be and why will help you choose the measures you can take today to achieve your objectives tomorrow rather than concentrating on checking things off of your to-do list. Choose progress above perfection.

Work Over Mental Health

It can be challenging to fight the urge to associate achievement with self-worth since society frequently teaches us that we must always be productive. Many people become victims of disregarding their mental health in favor of their career as a result.

Even if you enjoy what you do, finding a balance between work and life is essential for happiness since it can help you avoid burnout.

Lack of boundaries at work is another factor that may contribute to you forgetting to put your well-being first, in addition to the pressure to perform at your best. Make it your New Year's resolution to pay attention to your body and mind and to give yourself permission to take breaks when you require them.

Comparing Yourself With Others

Stop. But in these trying times, it's often easier said than done. Social media has evolved into your window to the outside world as you wait for this horror to stop. You look at images and compare yourself to peers. We have been well stuck in the comparison trap for the past two years, so it makes sense why we're so miserable.

Comparing will only lead to despair. All it really does is keep your attention on the negative aspects of your life and yourself. Instead, take the route that will make you happy. Instead of using others as a tool to criticize oneself, try to learn from their errors and come up with something even better. This new year, put all of your efforts into regaining your self-confidence.