40 Ingenious Ways To Take Your Home From Average To Awesome For Next To Nothing

When it comes to decorating your home, we understand the expenses that come with it. It’s not cheap to furnish a home with the basics, let alone the odds and ends you need to keep it from looking like a total bore. However, there’s a common misconception that decorating your home has to be super expensive when in reality there are tons of DIY projects that can take home from drab to absolutely fab.

Here at Funnyand we scoured the Internet and all of the craftiest sites we could find in order to bring you 40…yes 4-0 ingenious ways you can spruce up your home for next to nothing. And we have to say this is probably one of the best lists we’ve made in quite some time. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get reading!

40. Turn Boring Linoleum or Vinyl Flooring into Art

If you’re sick and tired of your old linoleum flooring, but can’t afford to replace it with tile, why not paint over it? All you need is some paint, painter’s tape, and polyurethane floor finishing and you can create an amazing new floor for less than $50 and one day’s worth of work! 

Once you’ve settled on the pattern/design, use your painter’s tape to mock it up and then get to painting. Once the paint is dry you’ll give it a nice coat of polyurethane to keep it protected. We have to admit, this is a great use of creativity.

39. Glow-in-the-dark Paint for Outdoor Planters

Installing outdoor lighting can be quite expensive, but there are other ways to illuminate your back porch and garden are without spending an arm and a leg. All you need to do is cover your outdoor planters with several coats of glow-in-the-dark paint. 

At night, they will come alive with an ethereal glow that is sure to draw the attention of your neighbors. Plus, you’ll have transformed the outside of your house into a stunning fairytale wonderland of illumination. And better still, it will only cost around $30-$50.

38. Faux Black Wainscoting for Wall

While this home upgrade can take a little more time due to its complexity, it can completely transform any room in your house for less than $50. It will also look super expensive. All you need to do is measure the walls you want to add some additional flair to, then figure how many planks of wood you’ll need for the lattice look. 

Next, cut and mount the pieces across the wall your using as a base and finish with a couple coats of dark paint. You’ll be left with a stunning room that all your friends and family will be jealous of.

37. Create a Mirrored Backsplash for Your Bathroom

If you want to illuminate your bathroom and give the illusion of more space, a mirrored backsplash is the perfect solution. However, why spend tons of money on grout and tile when you can use mirror decals instead?

Not only are these cheaper ($15 per 20 pack) but they will allow you to change up the look later if you decide to remodel the bathroom. We are absolutely loving what this woman has done!

36. Create Your Own Area Rug

Area rugs can completely transform a room, but they’re also quite expensive. Thankfully, you have options that will allow you to save money and release your creativity. One way to save is to purchase a blank area rug and paint it yourself. 

All you need is the rug, some fabric paint, and a design. Taping off the rug can make it easier to do patterns, and then you can customize the colors to match the room you’re working in. Pretty, cool right?

35. Give Your Garden and Yard an Upgrade

Mirrors work wonders in homes because they create the illusion that the area is more open. Just like this works in an indoor setting, you can also add mirrors to your yard to really give the space an “expanded feel.”

Personally, we feel adding a frame with mirrors to your garden is the perfect place because it looks like the garden is extended and adds a splash of upscale flair. What do you think?

34. A Succulent-lined Windowsill

Live plants are the perfect way to transform a room and give it a life that it never had. It’s also super inexpensive. We suggest selecting a windowsill that gets enough light throughout the day, so your succulents can flourish.

Go for a variety of smaller ones and for an added touch, plant them in varying colorful containers. We love the idea of planting them in different coffee mugs. Wouldn’t that be super cute?

33. Cake Stand Organizer

If you want to give your kitchen a less cluttered look and also offer up a creative kitschy style, why not use a cake stand for some countertop organization? 

Not only is it super cute but it will open up your counters and allow you to give your home a much more open look. Plus, cake stands are really cheap and the possibilities are endless when it comes to how you want to decorate them.

32. Light Switch Upgrades

While you may not pay too much attention to your light switches, a simple adornment can take your home from average to extraordinary.

All you need is a basic picture frame from a crafts store and size it to fit around the light switch. Next, paint it to match the color of your walls and you’ve got an upscale light switch panel that looks like it cost a pretty penny.

31. Stylish Kitchen Storage

Do you want your kitchen to make a statement? Well, these suspended mason jars are sure to get people talking. The perfect way to de-clutter your counters and give your kitchen an elegant look, all you need to do is to affix mason jar tops to the bottoms of your cabinets. 

Next, fill the jars with snacks or spices and screw them in place. Now you have easy access to the items you need but without the clutter. Plus, they look super cool. We’re certainly in love, aren’t you?

30. Add Shelving and Crown Molding to Your Upper Cabinets

This home upgrade really takes your kitchen to the next level and is sure to get your friends talking. Taking your kitchen from drab to fab, this project can be easily completed by tackling one cabinet per day. The crown molding will create an elegant look that elevates the upper cabinets and with the new shelving, you’ll have more storage space than ever before.

Here’s a little tip: for the shelving make sure to get ¾ inch plywood that is smooth and easy to sand. You’ll thank us later, we promise.

29. Create a Personalized Coffee Station

Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee in the morning? There’s nothing better than watching the sunrise with a steaming cup of java and one way to give your home a cute little upgrade is by creating a coffee corner. Installing curtain rods for hanging coffee cups can give your kitchen a very stylish new look and having the coffee pot in one area is a great way to minimize messes.

Even better, this entire setup is quite inexpensive. Can you imagine how crazy your friends and family will get over this cute new addition to your home? We’re thinking it’s time we had our own coffee corner here at Funnyand.

28. A Simple Tile Backsplash

Adding a splash of color to your kitchen can really elevate it to new heights. It also doesn’t need to be expensive. If you have a wall behind your kitchen sink, adding a mosaic of colorful tiles can create a super cute backsplash that gives your kitchen a dose of personality. 

All you’ll need is small bathroom tiles and some grout and a little bit of patience. However, the outcome is so worth the effort. Why wouldn’t you want your home to seem more expensive? Do you have to make those ladies at the monthly book club jealous right?

27. Mirrors on Bedroom Closet Doors

We’ve mentioned mirrors before and that’s because they are such a cheap hack that can elevate any room. One great way to add the illusion of space is to affix mirrors to your closet doors. 

This will not only help reflect light into the room but will give the room the illusion of being more open. We find this hack works really well in smaller bedrooms that have very little square footage to work with.

26. A Simple Hanging Garden

Live plants can work wonders in a home and the more creative you are, the more elegant and special your home can become. This creative craft takes a hanging garden to the next level by offering a simplicity that can’t be overlooked.

It also can be made cheaply so you don’t need to break the bank to elevate the room. All you need is a piece of wood that is affixed to the wall. Next, super glue some mason jars along the wood and then fill it with plants that do well indoors and don’t need soil. Doesn’t this just add a totally new dimension to the room?

25. Hang Curtains Closer to the Ceiling

To give your living room a regal look and create the illusion of larger windows, hang your curtains closer to the ceiling. This will open up the wall space and make things seem larger than life.

We also recommend choosing curtains that will provide a pop of color to the room, to offer a little more style and flair.

24. Unusual Shower Curtain Rods for the Win

Why use any old curtain rod for your shower when you can get creative and let your mind go wild? Selecting an unusual rod for your shower curtain (or any curtains for that matter) will help give your home a unique sense of style. 

Whether you want to use rope or a large tree branch for a more rustic charm, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can use to elevate your home’s design.

23. Get Creative with Curtain Ties

Taking your home from average to awesome doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, adding simple ties to your curtains can create an upscale look that is sure to make your friends green with envy. 

Whether you use a belt or a piece of robe for a more rustic look, these simple tips can really elevate the room. We have to admit we really like the belts the most.

22. Picture Frames Extravaganza

Picture frames are really versatile and can add a splash of pizzazz to a room if placed correctly. For example, putting a frame around your TV can totally transform your den into a stylish oasis rather than a boring bachelor pad. 

Get creative, use wild colors and don’t hold back. Sometimes you just need to let your inner interior designer out!

21. Turn Your Cables into Décor

We’ve all had to use extension cords from time to time and they can really be unsightly. Regardless of how nice you’ve decorated your home, a long cord slacked around the room can really bring down the design of the room. 

However, this little trick makes the cord a part of the room’s decoration. Using swirls and a black cork board, you can turn that extension cord into a work of art! We wish we were that crafty.

20. Extend Your Ceiling with Darker Colors

If you want to give your living room the appearance of having a higher ceiling, we suggest painting it a darker color. By using a darker shade, it extends the room, which gives it a much more elegant and upscale appearance.

Personally, we can’t believe how stunning this room looks with the dark aqua green. The painted ceiling really makes all the difference, don’t you think?

19. Is Your Bedroom Depressing?

Does your bedroom bore you to tears? Are you envious of your friends’ homes, thinking they are living the life of the Kardashians while your home looks like Al Bundy? Well, the days of feeling sorry for yourself are over. You can easily give your home the upgrade it deserves and it can be as simple as painting an accent wall in the bedroom.

The key to this is to go big and bold. If you have red accents in your furniture or bedding, make the wall a deep crimson. If you’re a more neutral color type of person, go with a dark brown or blue wall to offset the muted colors of the rest of the room.

18. A Bed Fit for a King or Queen

You can easily transform your bed into a luxurious oasis where royalty would love to snooze, simply by adding a set of stylish curtains. 

By hanging a rod from one wall to another and picking out a pair of colorful curtains that make a statement in the bedroom, you not only give your bed the ultimate privacy, but you can take your home décor to a whole new level. Designing your home doesn’t need to be expensive, sometimes you just need to make a few tweaks to shift your design from boring to stunning.

17. The Floating Shelf

Are you ready to take your home from average to absolutely fabulous? Well, it’s time to install a floating shelf. While there is more to this project than a piece of wood and magical suspension, these shelves look fantastic in any home. 

Plus, once you decorate them with candles, plants or your favorite photos, they truly become a unique accent to your home décor. We’ll take ten for every room!

16. Electrical Tape Décor

Sometimes you want to shake things up in your home and why not? It’s your house and it should be an extension of your personality. One great way to add some unique flair to your home is using electrical tape to decorate a wall.

It’s very inexpensive and you can create gorgeous patterns that will make your friends go wild. Honestly, this pattern is making us a bit dizzy.

15. Beautiful Mason Jar Chandelier

We’ve mentioned mason jars several times in this list and it’s just because they offer so much versatility when it comes to gorgeous home décor options.

While these mason jars may make the Kardashians roll their eyes, they definitely add a unique flair that is certainly eye-catching. All you need are some hanging light bulbs and you’ll be good to go.

14. Add Some Rustic Flair with a Shutter Bench

While old shelters can make the outside of your home look like a haunted house when they’re used for creating rustic benches for your dining table that’s a totally different story. 

By replacing the tops of your benches with shutters, you can totally change the atmosphere of your dining room, bringing in a rustic charm that will surely impress your guests when you have them over for dinner.

13. The Beauty of Butterfly Cloches

All you need are some branches, glitter, fake butterflies and some twinkle lies and you can create a stunning cloche centerpiece that will illuminate any room. Plus, these are super cheap to make.

Sometimes you need to take your creativity to another level and we think these butterfly cloches are the perfect way to turn a dull room into a fairytale wonderland.

12. Fabric-lined Antique Mirror

One great little way to change up the décor in your home is lining mirrors with fabric that matches the colors in the room. It creates a stunning accent piece that can tie the entire room together.

Antique mirrors also provide a rustic charm that is sure to please as well if you want to get really crazy.

11. Give Your Kitchen a Modern Upgrade

All white or black fridges are a thing of the past. If you like your home looking old and dated, by all means, keep your basic fridge. However, a nice layer of stainless steel paint can transform your kitchen into a modern and upscale room that’s absolutely gorgeous. 

Yes, stainless steel paint exists and YES, it is absolutely awesome. You can also paint your cabinets as well if you want to get really crazy.

10. Trash Can End Tables

Whether your decorating a new home or renting an apartment, it can be easy to forget how costly end tables can be. Honestly, most people just forgo the end table, but there’s no reason to with this awesome and inexpensive hack.

All you need to do is purchase two wire-frame trash cans and then place a small circular shelf over each one. Next, select colors that go with the rest of the room and you have end tables that will rival anything you can find at IKEA.

9. Paint Your Shower Fixtures

Now it may seem odd to paint your shower fixtures but believe us when we say it makes a world of a difference. Plus, water-stained fixtures can really ruin your bathroom’s aesthetic so why not get a little creative? 

All you need to do is sand down the fixtures and paint them a color that matches the bathroom’s other décor. You won’t believe how this simple change can make such a dramatic impact.

8. Decorate Exposed Pipes

Most homes don’t have exposed pipes, but if your bathroom sink is showing off some unsightly pipes or you live in an industrial district, a simple solution is to just paint them. 

Whether you want to go for a matte black finish or sparkling gold, this is an easy way to give your bathroom a little class. Plus, who wants to look at rusty pipes all day?

No thanks!

7. Build Honeycomb Shelves

Shelves are a great way to take up wall space, but why not add some creative flair to shelving units. Honeycomb shelves are the perfect way to break up the monotony of straight lines in a room and are perfect to giving a bedroom some much-needed flair.

Perfect for pictures, books or decorative candles, your friends will be begging to know where you purchased these shelves.

6. Take Your Counters and Tables to Marble Heights

Marble countertops and tables are a sign of luxury and most people would love to have them. Unfortunately, marble is quite expensive and honestly, it’s unnecessary to spend that much money on countertops.

Thankfully, a cheap way to create a marble look is by using marble contact paper. No one will be able to tell the difference and your home will quickly look much more upscale. Who doesn’t want that?

5. Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

Yes, we’re back with more mason jars, but they are so dang cool! These mason jar soap dispensers are perfect for adding a southern charm to any room and are so much more interesting than an average soap dispenser. 

Plus, you’ll only be paying for the jar and nozzle which is actually quite cheap. We’ll take one for every bathroom!

4. Hand-painted Chairs

Plain wood chairs are just ugly. They can really be an eyesore in a room, dragging the entire appearance down to the dumps. Thankfully, there is a fun and creative solution—painting them.

Get creative, use stencils and make amazing original works of art that will transform your home décor into a personal art gallery.

3. The Doormat Headboard

Now, this may seem quite whacky, but if you’re looking for a super cool way to decorate your bed, use floormats as a headboard. 

All you need is to place four mats together, paint them the color you want and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind headboard. Pretty cool, right?

2. Rope Baskets

If you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table, why not make a rope basket? They are super easy to make since you can use an existing basket, and all you need to do is purchase the rope to wrap around it. 

We promise your friends and family will be praising your creativity and begging you to make them one.

1, The Branch Candleholder

Give your home some rustic charm with this fantastic branch candleholder. All you need to do is select the size and shape of the branch you want to use and then drill holes down the center for candles. 

Next sand it down for a smooth finish and you’re good to go! This candle holder is perfect for tea lights as well.