30 Pregnant Animals Who Just Want the Baby Out of Them Already

The Monk Seal Waits

Image: Flickr

One of the unique facts about the monk seal is that they prefer tropical climates rather than the icy waters of the north. They also remain pregnant for over a year! And you ladies thought nine months was long enough. After birth, the mother monk seal stays with the baby for up to six weeks, ensuring it has the skills needed to hunt and survive.


The Ghost Bat Has Had It

Image: Lonely Rooyang

This ghost bat is ready for her babies to just come already! Unfortunately, this is only her first sonogram. The ghost bat’s pregnancy habits continue to remain elusive, but researchers at the Sydney Featherdale Wildlife Park are actively studying their gestation cycle.


A Guinea Pig on the Edge

Image: Brightside Me

Yes, this guinea pig is just about to pop. Female guinea pigs can start having babies as young as two-months-old and usually are pregnant for roughly 73 days. Most litters are anywhere from 2-8 babies, with mother guinea pigs having up to five litters per year!

The Suffering of a Pregnant Pony

Image: Art.com

Apparently, the gestation period for a pony is roughly 11 months, but this poor girl looks like it’s been 11 years! Most ponies give birth to one foal at a time, although twins have been known to happen on rare occasions.