30 Of The Worst Style Mistakes That Make Men Look Like Boys (And What To Do Instead)

30 Of The Worst Style Mistakes That Make Men Look Like Boys (And What To Do Instead)

30. Tight Clothes Make You Skinny

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Here is the deal, guys. Wearing tight shirts are not going to make you feel skinnier. If anything you’re going to look like a sausage ready to burst from its casing. It’s important to find clothes that fit and are in your size.

29. Shoes that Should be on an Elf, Not a Human

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There’s nothing that screams, “I am a man-boy” like shoes that even the elves from The Lord of the Rings would reject. Pointy shoes are so OUT of style. Just don’t go there, alright?

28. The Pleather for Leather Mistake

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You’re not fooling anyone wearing a pleather jacket. If anything you look like a broke college student trying to impress people who simply don’t care. Either go all the way and buy a leather jacket or simply switch up your style of fashion. Either way…pleather is not an option.

27. Too Many Buttons Fastened

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Unless you’re trying to look super conservative, buttoning every single button your shirt simply looks goofy. One or two buttons open around the collar will help give you a more welcoming vibe. It also will ensure proper circulation to your neck.

26. Too Many Buttons Undone

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The same goes for too many undone buttons on your shirt. Listen, guys…no one wants to see a nip slip. Get those shirts buttoned properly and you’ll be A-okay.

25. Trousers to Puddle

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You’re fooling no one with those trousers that are obviously way too big. Making a fashion statement with unhemmed loosely flowing pants aren’t going to win you any awards.  Whatever style pant you wear, it’s imperative they are hemmed and only touch the tops of your shoes.

24. Wearing an Ill-Fitted Suit

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If your suit could substitute for a tent, we suggest seeing a tailor. A suit should fit the form, not hang off of your body like you just lost 200 pounds and haven’t updated your closet.

23. Ignoring Quality Fabrics

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It’s easy to spot cheap materials. Stay away from synthetic fabrics because they will feel really uncomfortable on your skin. Plus, no one wants to look like they shop for their clothes at the Dollar Tree.

22. Wearing ANYTHING That is Shiny

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Unless you’re auditioning for the Broadway musical version of Saturday Night Fever, wearing any type of shiny clothing should be against the law. It’s a sign of a younger man who has yet to understand clothing shouldn’t look like a stage costume.

21. Attempting to Wear Transition Lenses

Image: Transition Lenses

There’s nothing sexy about transition lenses. We get it. They’re expensive, but you end up looking like Will Smith after a hard night on the town. Just invest in an extra pair of glasses, okay?

20. Wearing Black Shirts

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Unless you’re about to put on a show featuring Johnny Cash music, wearing a black shirt is a major fashion faux pas. Black shirts in any style will begin to fade in the collar and around the armpits, so it’s important you avoid them at all costs.

19. Not Understanding the Importance of Accessories

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A fresh looking blazer and tie are sure to catch someone’s attention, but NO accessories will also work against you as well. A simple watch or tie clip is all you need to make an outfit complete.

18. Frayed Jeans

Image: The Young Aviators

The whole ripped jeans look is done and over with. It doesn’t make you look edgy or sexy. If anything, it makes you seem young, inexperienced and living in the past. Pick jeans that are intact and without holes. You’ll look more sophisticated in your style, we promise.

17. Thinking No One Will See Your Underwear

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Your underwear is just as important as the clothes you wear. Assuming no one will ever see your briefs is wishful thinking. Therefore, make sure your undergarments are on point as well. Fruit of the Loom does not make for a sexy view, gentlemen.

16. Wearing Ties That Are Too Thin

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Ah, the super thin tie. You think it’s snazzy…we just think it’s stupid. Are you wanting to wear a rope around your neck or an actual tie? Pick one! A medium-sized tie that fits your frame and suit is all you need to look good at the office.

15. Trying to Wear the Deep V-Neck

Image: Sarcasm

The deep V-neck is starting to show up everywhere and we wish they would all be collected and burned in a deep, dark hole. Guys, no one wants to see that much of your chest (at least not in public). Popular among the fitness guys, we suggest wearing a normal V-neck that doesn’t drop down to your navel.

14. Buying Pompously Branded Shirts

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We get it. You love Blink-182. However, do you really need to wear one of their shirts everywhere you go? Be a fan, but not an obsessed stalker.

13. Thinking Neon is Sexy

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Please don’t wear anything neon. Not only does it hurt the eyes, but neon clothing only looked good in the 1980’s and even then we were questioning it. If you’re looking to make a statement with your fashion, go for more neutral colors.

12. Wearing Sports Clothing in Public

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Unless you’re going to a local game, wearing sports jerseys and other gear is really not appropriate. Plus, you look immature. Don’t fall into the sports trap, okay?!

11. Bootcut Jeans – Yeah No

Image: The Student Room

There’s so much wrong with bootcut jeans we don’t even know where to start. While you may think you look like the best thing since sliced bread, our minds can’t help but break into the chorus from “Do the Hustle.” Try the straight cut, fitted or skinny. They all look great with any shoe.

10. Shiny Polyester

Image: AliExpress 

If your suit can reflect sunlight it’s time to throw it in the dumpster. Shiny material means a cheap material, and is NOT a good impression at the office, on an interview or trying to woo that cute receptionist. What may have worked in college isn’t going to fly in adulthood, so give your closet the shine test today.

9. Elaborate Basketball Shoes

Image: Money Inc. 

Those super expensive basketball shoes may make you feel like you’re fly, but in all honesty, they just look super weird in public. The rule of thumb should be to keep those Jordans on the court, NOT on the street. Are you feelin’ me?

8. Super-sized Shirts

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We’re not sure who started the super-sized shirt trend, but in our humble opinion, they should be arrested. It’s not a good look guys. You just end up looking young and disheveled. Please by shirts in your correct size.

7. Hipster Jeans

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Super-skinny jeans with no knees? The answer is NO. And that’s all we have to say about that.

6. Too Many Accessories

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A watch, a necklace or even a ring is an acceptable amount of accessories. Anything beyond that is overkill. Do you really need rings on every finger and bracelets that go up to your elbows? Pick one or two. That’s it!

5. Wearing Sneakers to the Office

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Yes, some men have the audacity to wear sneakers with their suits. No, we don’t agree with it. Dress shoes should be the norm with suits, guys. Otherwise, you look like you’re headed to the gym.

4. Thinking a Visible Undershirt is Stylish

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In your teens and 20’s that visible undershirt style may have been cute, but as a grown man it just screams juvenile. An undershirt should stay hidden at all times, especially when wearing a dress shirt.

3. Not Wearing a Belt

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Ah, one of the greatest fashion sins…NO belt! It’s a horrible look and when your pants begin to stretch out you have nothing to hold them up. Let’s just say your board meeting is not going to go over well with your pants around your ankles. Do yourself a favor…invest in a good belt.

2. Super Baggy Jeans

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We never understood why this craze took off, but it still popular among the younger crowd. However, if you’re over 30 and still trying to pull this off you’ve become victim to a serious fashion emergency. Jeans must fit. Period!

1. Matching Shorts and Tops (Don’t Do It)

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The color coordinating your top and bottoms may have been super cute in elementary school, but as an adult, it does NOT work. It’s gross. Add some variety of color to really make a fashion statement.

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