30 Of The Worst Style Mistakes That Make Men Look Like Boys (And What To Do Instead)

30. Tight Clothes Make You Skinny

Image: Style

Here is the deal, guys. Wearing tight shirts are not going to make you feel skinnier. If anything you’re going to look like a sausage ready to burst from its casing. It’s important to find clothes that fit and are in your size.


29. Shoes that Should be on an Elf, Not a Human

Image: MenSXP

There’s nothing that screams, “I am a man-boy” like shoes that even the elves from The Lord of the Rings would reject. Pointy shoes are so OUT of style. Just don’t go there, alright?


28. The Pleather for Leather Mistake

Image: Zara

You’re not fooling anyone wearing a pleather jacket. If anything you look like a broke college student trying to impress people who simply don’t care. Either go all the way and buy a leather jacket or simply switch up your style of fashion. Either way…pleather is not an option.

27. Too Many Buttons Fastened

Image: Fittery

Unless you’re trying to look super conservative, buttoning every single button your shirt simply looks goofy. One or two buttons open around the collar will help give you a more welcoming vibe. It also will ensure proper circulation to your neck.