30 Men’s Grooming Habits That Women Hate

30 Men’s Grooming Habits That Women Hate

30. Extreme Manscaping

Image: The Gent’s Blog

Look, guys, we know sometimes you want to let your freak flag fly, but women don’t want your body hair trimmed into the shape of a unicorn. Less is more, okay?

29. Shaved Legs

Image: Men’s Health

Men. If your legs are smoother than your lady love’s you’re in for a rude awakening. While shaved legs may feel nice, most women aren’t into it on their men. Keep the hair. It will get you more dates.

28.  The Combover

Image: Metro UK

No one likes a combover and the last thing you want these days is to resemble President Trump. Get with a good stylist and take some pride in your hair.

27. Dirty Shirts

Image: Shutterstock

While wearing yesterday’s clothes may be okay when hanging with the guys, please put on a fresh shirt for your female friends. No one wants to stare at ketchup stains over a romantic dinner.

26. Shiny Lips

Image: The Manual

Being a metrosexual is all the rage these days and that’s FINE. But we suggest you tone down the lips. Moisturizing is great, but cotton candy-flavored lip gloss with a super shine is just a little overboard. Don’t you agree?

25. Orange Tans

Image: Youtube

Fake tans are so early 2000’s and they can be spotted a mile away. If you aren’t going to put in the work and layout or get in a tanning booth, please just stay pale. The orange color is really off-putting.

24. Extreme Shaving


While we understand a trim is necessary, especially if you a fall on the super-hairy side, please show some restraint guys. Most women prefer a man with some natural hair and the whole “smooth and waxed” style is over and done with.

23. Too Much Cologne

Image: Beardaholic

No one likes to have their nostrils blasted because you decided to bathe in your new Calvin Klein musk. Spritz the air and walk through the scent, don’t douse yourself in it. We promise you’ll get a second date.

22. Not Moisturizing

Image: Leonardo

No one likes cuddling with someone whose skin feels like they are exfoliating on a roll of sandpaper. Please, use some lotion and keep that skin supple.

21. Perfectly Waxed Eyebrows

Image: Youtube

Guys, it’s important to keep your eyebrows in check, but when you start looking like a Ken doll, there’s a problem. They don’t need to look perfect, just maintained.

20. Hairy Backs

Image: Zion Spa

We understand some men can’t help their hairy Sasquatch backs, but if you can…shave the carpet. It really isn’t that attractive and it can be a real party killer if you go shirtless at the pool.

19. A Wizard Beard

Image: Pinterest

Beards may be back in, but when you start to look like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings it’s time to pull out those clippers. Please, we beg of you…super long beards are gross. And most guys don’t spend the time needed to maintain them.

18. Long Nails

No woman wants to wake up next to Freddy Kreuger nails. Trim those suckers down. You could poke someone’s eye out with those things when they get too long.

17. Man Buns

Image: Man Bun Hair

Just don’t. Enough said, okay?

16. Beard Trimmings in the Sink

Image: Benjamin Franklin

Leaving your beard trimmings in the sink is just disgusting. No one, male or female, wants to use the bathroom after your facial pubes have been sprinkled around the room like a hellish pixie dust. Clean up your mess!

15. Using Their Products

Image: Best Blue Light


Men and women have distinct hygiene products with their own scents for a reason. Don’t use your girlfriend’s “pomegranate rain” shampoo. She doesn’t want to smell herself on YOU.

14. Nasty Body Odor

Image: DreamsTime

Bathing daily is a must for good hygiene. Who really wants to smell someone when they’re ripe? Take a shower if you want to attract a woman or KEEP your current one.

13. Cosmetic Surgery

Image: Business Insider

While maintaining youth is an important priority for most people, guys getting obvious cosmetic surgery isn’t attractive. If your face doesn’t move and your lips are bigger than your girlfriend’s you can expect relationship problems.

12. Taking Over the Bathroom

Image: Make House Beautiful

If you live with your significant other, be respectful of space. Don’t take over the bathroom with your hygiene products and leave dirty underwear and socks all over the floor. It won’t win you any brownie points.

11. Too Much Hair Wax

Image: Slicked Back Hair

Look, too much hair wax or gel is a big turn off. We understand wanting to maintain your style, but crunchy hair isn’t hot.

10. Not Flossing Teeth

Image: Men’s Health

Flossing your teeth is essential for good oral hygiene and keeping your breath from smelling like 3-month old cheese. It also prevents plaque from building up which also is known for causing bad breath.

9. Dry Lips

Image: Consultant360

No one is going to want to kiss you if your lips feel like making out with a sand dune. Chapstick and Burt’s Bees was made for a reason. Get some!

8. Baggy Jeans

Image: AliXpress

If your jeans are so baggy they sag to your knees, they aren’t your size. Also, no one finds this style attractive fellas. Justin Bieber may try to pull it off, but that’s where it should stop.

7. Not Cleaning Ears

Image: Men’s Journal

Use a Q-tip every once in awhile to prevent wax build up. It’s really not too attractive walking around with potatoes in your ears.

6. Dirty Fingernails

Image: Jocelyn Raymond

Dirty fingernails are a big red flag when it comes to your everyday hygiene. Women also find them quite gross. Wash your hands regularly.

5. Scary Toenails

Image: Meanwhile

If you like to keep your shoes on at all times because your toenails look like something out of Stephen King’s nightmares it’s time to invest in some clippers. Who wants to play footsie with a claw?

4. Bad Breath

Image: LowestMed

Kissing someone with bad breath is a fate worse than death. Try to maintain good oral hygiene. Brush, floss and chew some gum every so often. We promise you’ll get more kisses.

3. Long Nose Hair

Image: Scout

Don’t let your nose hairs grow so long someone could swing on ’em. This isn’t a Rapunzel look-alike contest. Try to trim those nose hairs regularly so they don’t scare off potential dates.

2. Unibrows

Image: Wikipedia

It’s all about finding a balance when it comes to your eyebrows.  You don’t them too perfect, but when they start to grow together into one giant caterpillar…well you got problems, sir. Make sure you have TWO eyebrows, not one.

1. Greasy Face

Image: MensOK

A greasy face just makes you look unhealthy and gross. Make sure to wash your face daily and use a good cleanser.

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