30 Everyday Things We’ve All Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time

30. Cheeto Fingers

Turns out, there are a few things we’ve all been doing wrong our whole lives, and I’m here to tell you about it. Like the way, we all eat Cheetos, for example. 

Instead of wasting all the cheese and dyeing your fingers orange, use chopsticks. Problem solved.

Let’s check out some more things we’ve been doing wrong.

29. Portion Control

Yeah, it turns out, there are spoons that help you portion out your pasta so you don’t end up making dinner for 452 people.

Save money and calories with this hack.

28. Bobby Pins

Ever use a bobby pin for your baby hairs in an attempt to create the perfect slicked back ponytail, only to later look in the mirror and realize you have no friends because they didn’t tell you that a part of the pony was now stuck to it? 

Yeah, me either. However, it turns out, there is a right way to wear these pins so that never happens.

27. Cupcake Sandwich

You know, I never really enjoyed cupcakes because of the uneven amount of frosting and the awkward angle you have to bite into it to get a little bit of everything in one bite. 

Instead of making a mess on your face by opening your mouth as wide as you can, make a cupcake sandwich. Yeah, you’re welcome.

26. Banana

Have you ever tried to peel a banana and it just won’t work so you end up squishing the entire thing? 

Apparently, we’ve all been peeling them the wrong way our whole lives. Peel it from the back and you’ll have a perfect banana every time.

25. Lint Gone Forever

Lint rollers work great for free-floating lint or hair, but it doesn’t do so well with pilling. 

Instead of living with the pills or tossing your sweater, shave them with your razor. It won’t do any damage, but it will solve this problem for good.

24. Beer Can Opener

Bottle openers aren’t just for bottles folks, that’s right. 

There is a small section built for opening cans of beer or soda perfectly. No more breaking your nails.

23. Juice Box

If you’ve ever babysat a child or have some of your own, then you know that it’s nearly impossible to give them a juice box without having it go everywhere. 

To prevent their chubby little hands from squeezing too hard, utilize the built-in handles.

22. Straw Hack

You know at some point you’ve used a straw in a soda can and while you weren’t paying attention, blindly using your lips to locate the straw, you poke yourself in the cheek. 

Well, it turns out there is a simple way to avoid this altogether. Use the opener as a straw stabilizer.

21. Microwaving Left-Overs

Microwaving leftovers can be a pain in the butt when it explodes all over the microwave, yet is still somehow cold in some parts.

Apparently, if you make a hole in the center of the food, it evenly reheats it without the mess. No more burning your tongue, either.

20. Chilling a Beverage

Next time you buy a beer or soda at the store and it isn’t cold enough, don’t just put it in the fridge and hope for the best.

Wrap it in a cold, wet paper towel and all you’ll need is around 10-15 minutes to have a crisp beverage. Never drink a lukewarm beverage again.

19. Save Your Bread

We’ve all been cutting bread the wrong way, apparently. To avoid squishing a perfectly good loaf of bread, flip it over and cut it upside down. 

The bottom of the bread is crispier so it will hold up better under the knife.

18. Holes in Your Trash

Drilling a couple of holes in the bottom of your trash can make your life a whole lot easier.

The notorious suction cup effect will no longer haunt you as the holes will allow airflow, preventing the pressure from creating a vacuum. Obviously this is easier in a plastic bin, but either way, totally worth it.

17. Small Sink Solutions

Instead of getting frustrated by the short spout and no room in a small sink, innovate. 

Use a dustpan to let the water slide into the mop bucket or whatever container you’re trying to fill.

16. Sandwich Guide

It’s time to learn how to make a sandwich right because you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. 

This way you get the perfect bite, every time.

15. The Drawer

So you mean to tell me that this drawer actually has a purpose other than to store pots and pans?? 

It’s pretty insane, but yes its true. It’s actually for keeping your food warm. Who would have thought?

14. How to Properly Hold a Burger

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how to properly hold a burger. The burger needs proper support or all the toppings will fall out, making it nearly impossible to enjoy. 

Hold it right and I promise you, your burger will taste better. After all, this method is scientifically proven.

13. Aluminum Foil

Yeah, so, apparently the Reynolds Wrap container is specifically designed to prevent it from flopping out when you need some. 

This is news to me, and I’m guessing to you as well. They should probably advertise this hidden gem a little more.

12. Built-in Coaster

You know the lid that comes with your Starbucks cup? 

Well, it has more purpose than one. When you get to the office, use it as a coaster.

11. Milk’s Favorite Cookie

Whoever figured this out is a genius. 

Now you’ll never have a soggy Oreo again, nor will you have to get your fingers in your milk.

10. Curl Your Hair With a Straightener

If you’re like me, you’ve been curling your hair with a traditional curling iron all your life. 

Well, I’m here to inform you that there is a much more efficient way, and all you need is your straightener. That’s right, your straightener can do both, straighten and curl.

9. Ginger

If you’re a sushi lover then you probably know this, but maybe not. 

Ginger isn’t actually meant to be eaten on top of sushi, it’s meant to cleanse the pallet in between different kinds. If you eat it on top–you’re plain wrong. But do you, do you.

8. Chicken Wings

A lot of people only like to eat drumsticks because they don’t know how to properly eat flat wings. 

Well, luckily I am here to tell you. Pull the bone out before you eat it–all that’s left is meat. No gnawing on bones any longer.

7. Tie Your Cords

Just plugging in your cords the old fashion way is actually less efficient that tieing them together like so. 

This way they won’t get ripped out of the wall if you accidentally trip on them.

6. Double Time

If you’ve been waiting in line to use the microwave, you’ve been doing it all wrong. 

The idea that only one bowl can fit in at a time is also bogus, as you can see here. Just grab a mug and double time dinner.

5. Mirror/Dry Erase

If you’ve only been using your mirror as, well, a mirror, you’re not wrong, per say, but you’ve been missing out. 

Your mirror works just like a dry erase board. You can leave yourself messages so you never forget anything, ever again.

4. Get All That Toothpaste

Get all that toothpaste out of the tube before buying a new one.

And no, that doesn’t mean crinkle it up until it’s in a ball. Use a hairpin to make sure you squeeze out every last drop.

3. Hold Your Pizza Right

When you’re eating a giant piece of pizza, you may notice it start to droop, and you may even lose some precious toppings. 

Instead, hold it like so, and prevent this mess from happening. And you thought eating pizza was simple.

2. Plastic Hangers

Also, stop saying no when the cashier asks if you want to take the hangers home, at least if they’re clip ones anyway. 

You can snap off the clips and use them as chip clips! They work perfectly, you’ll save some cash, and always have fresh chips.

1. Hook it up

The next time you’re on an airplane, don’t worry about trying to stuff your jacket into the carry on storage pins.

It turns out, the lock for the tray table also has a mini hanger so you can easily access your jacket whenever you need it.