30 Celebrities Who’ve Gained A Bit Of Weight

30 Celebrities Who’ve Gained A Bit Of Weight
Image: CollegeFreakz

30. Kelly Clarkson

Image: OK Magazine

The winner of the first season of the hit singing competition show, “American Idol,” Kelly Clarkson has seen her weight fluctuate over the years. Lately, she has been photographed at her heaviest and has gone on the record that she is “happier” fat than she is thin. All power to you, girl!

29. Britney Spears

Image: lolwut

It may be hard for her fans to accept, but Britney Spears is no longer the fit 21-year-old gyrating on a stage with a snake that she once was. The 36-year-old pop singer has had two children, along with several nervous breakdowns; therefore, her weight has gone up and down over the years. Regardless, she still can put on one hell of a show.

27. Vince Vaughn

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Vince Vaughn was one of Hollywood’s up and coming heartthrobs in the late ’90s, but then something happened and he vanished for several years. When he returned to the spotlight, he was not only older but fatter as well. While he has thinned out more recently, he still isn’t the fit stud he once was.

26. Christian Bale

Image: Hindustan Times

Christian Bale goes all in when it comes to his acting career, so much so, that his weight has gone up and down more than Kirstie Alley at an all-you-can-eat buffet. However, lately he has been showing off a much thicker physique. Though, who can complain? He still looks dang good!

25. Steven Seagal

Image: JellyShare

People may forget that Steven Seagal used to be quite the looker during his heyday. Sadly, both his looks and weight have taken quite a few hits or cheeseburgers depending on who you ask. The once svelte physique and chiseled jawline has been replaced with a growing belly and a double-chin. Yikes.

24. Val Kilmer

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Okay, seriously, what happened to Val Kilmer? One of the hottest stars in the ’90s, Kilmer’s acting career seemed to dry up in the 2000’s before he simply vanished. Years later, he reappeared older and much larger than anyone had ever seen him before. The shocking transformation was almost too much for the tabloids to take. While he has lost weight again, Kilmer looks like a shell of his former self.

23. Jessica Simpson

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Let’s just be honest, Jessica Simpson is simply happy being a mother and really could care less that her “irresistible” figure is gone. After having two children, Jessica Simpson was the spokesperson for weight watchers twice, before finally throwing in the towel. Apparently, she is working on a new album, but we can’t imagine it will have much appeal.

22. Matt Damon

Image: Listal

Matt Damon had a rockin’ bod when he first launched his career with Goodwill Hunting, but now in his 40’s he is definitely showing off his “dad bod”. Thankfully, his career is still in full swing, so chubby or hunky he’s making the big bucks in Hollywood.

21. Carrie Fisher

Image: AXS

The late and great Carrie Fisher was no stranger to struggling with weight gain. She battled her weight and drug addiction quite publicly in Hollywood, but never let it bring her down. Whether she was slim and trim or hitting the plus-size racks, Fisher used her faults in her comedy and had a majorly successful career.

20. Mark Hamill

Image: Smosh

After the success of the original Star Wars trilogy, Mark Hamill moved from being in front of the camera to behind the camera, spending the last two decades doing voice work for animated films and video games. Sadly, all that time sitting and recording packed on the pounds for the once fit Luke Skywalker. However, he did get back into shape for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

19. Billy Dee Williams

Image: Daily Mail UK

Billy Dee Williams is best known for his role as Lando in the original Star Wars trilogy. Since then, his career has been riding on that fame, but sadly age hasn’t been kind. While he still has the same charisma, he’s gained a considerable amount of weight throughout the years. We’re guessing we won’t be seeing a Lando reappearance in Episode IX.

18. Kirstie Alley

Image: Pinterest

Kirstie Alley’s struggle with her weight has been a hot topic for years. She gained a tremendous amount of weight back in 2007 and then joined Jenny Craig. After losing over 100 pounds, she gained it all back and then some, starting her own weight loss company Organic Liaison in an attempt to lose it again. In the end, she ran back to Jenny Craig and has managed to keep the weight off.

17. Mariah Carey

Image: Like Share Kill

After her marriage to Nick Cannon and having twins, Mariah Carey’s figure has never been the same. While other celebrities have had children and bounced back, it seems that Mariah is fully embracing her thicker figure. All power to her!

16. Brendan Fraser

Image” Blogglez

Brendan Fraser used to be one of the best comedic action stars in Hollywood, but after his success in The Mummy series, the roles soon became few and far between. Stepping away from the spotlight, he has packed on some serious weight over the years. We have.a feeling he might not be running from mummies again anytime soon.

15. Keely Shaye Smith

Image: Toopanda

It seems marriage has taken a toll on Keely, well at least her figure. The wife of former James Bond star, Pierce Brosnan, Keely has ballooned when it comes to her weight over the years. Obviously, she could care less because she is still rocking a bikini.

14. Janet Jackson

Image: CollegeFreakz

Janet Jackson’s weight has fluctuated up and down about 100 pounds over the past decade. When she’s touring, she’s usually fit and when she’s off she really lets herself go. After her brother Michael’s death, Janet seemed to really struggle with maintaining her figure, resorting to sweatpants and hoodies as her go-to clothing preference.

13. Hilary Duff

Image: Jrs722

Hilary Duff was quite the stick when she was starring on “Lizzie Maguire”, but after having her child she seemed to pack on the weight pretty quickly. Now, she seems to be settling into her new “mama” figure, and we have to say she’s still beautiful regardless.

12. Tyra Banks

Image: EGM

Tyra Banks has come out against her critics when it comes to her weight on multiple occasions, pointing out that thinking she looks like her photo spreads 24/7 is unrealistic. While Tyra has added more curves to her frame over the years, she’s still quite stunning.

11. Christina Aguilera

Image: US Diet Alert!

Christina Aguilera has struggled with her weight over the course of her entire career. Now as a judge on “The Voice” it seems all the sitting is really impacting her figure. It looks like Christina ate Christina. What happened?!

10. Mindy Kaling

Image: JellyShare

Mindy Kaling has been looking quite thick these days. Once sporting a super slim figure, she’s been leaning more on her curves after having her first child. Honestly? We think she looks better!

9. Raven Symone

Image: Hollywood Life

Raven Symone has struggled with weight issues since her hit show “That’s So Raven.” While she did slim down in recent years, the weight crept up again while she was co-hosting, “The View.” Regardless, the girl’s got style and can rock a 0 or a size 16 with no effort.

8. Rob Kardashian

Image: Thelma Thinks

Rob Kardashian has had his weight gain highly publicized and criticized on the hit show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” At one point he was so embarrassed he refused to be filmed by the show’s crew. Rob has been very vocal about losing weight and getting his life back on track, but each day has proven to be a struggle.

7. Alec Baldwin

Image: Pens and Patrons

Alec Baldwin used to be quite the stud, but over the years he’s allowed his love for cheeseburgers and milkshakes to take over. Now, he can easily impersonate Donald Trump with his much thicker figure. You have to make money somehow, right?

6. John Travolta

Image: Daily Edition Press

The only “Grease” John Travolta is getting nowadays is on his burgers and whatever is deep fried. Gone are those swishing hips that would make women pass out in heat, replaced with some flappy man-boobs and a belly that could easily be nicknamed, “Tina the Talking Tummy.” Sorry John, we don’t mean to be harsh, but it seems Scientology does NOT do a body good.

5. Kevin Federline

Image: IB Times UK

Kevin Federline only became famous because of his high-profile relationship with the pop princess, Britney Spears. However, since then he’s faded out of public view and now we can see why. It seems he’s packed on quite a bit of weight. We’re guessing he never recovered from Spears telling him to take a hike.

4. Matthew Perry

Image: Star Magazine

Matthew Perry is best known for playing Chandler on the hit show “Friends” and has not been shy about his battle with drugs and alcohol, both which have taken a toll on his weight. In fact, Perry developed an eating disorder while shooting the show, resulting in his character getting reduced screen time during some seasons.

3. Russell Crowe

Image: Sarcasm Co

We’re not exactly sure what happened to Russell Crowe, who once had the women wooed in “Gladiator” but now is leaning more towards the chunky and funky side of life. We can’t imagine he’d last very long in a Roman arena these days. The only fighting he is going to be up for is who gets the last egg roll.

2. Keanu Reeves

Image: Pinterest

Keanu Reeves has always been very slim, so when these pictures surfaced of a double chin and a pudgy body, we have to admit we were shocked We doubt he’d be able to take on any agents in “The Matrix” these days.

1. Leah Remini

Image: Pinterest

Leah Remini has had quite a lot to deal with since leaving the scary world of Scientology behind. She’s been speaking out in books, telling all on television specials and packing on the pounds. Listen Leah, we know reading about Lord Xenu must have been traumatizing, but please lay off the double dutch chocolate.

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