30 Best Gifts For The Holidays This Year

30. Mugable Inc.

It’s time to get creative this year when it comes to holiday gifts, no more boring pajamas or lame gift cards. Get something unique like of one these camping mugs from MugableInc on Etsy! They have the cutest holiday designs, as well as a classic camping collection for you to choose from. You can also customize the design to personalize it with a family name or inside joke.

Choose a funny saying like this “Get Toasted” or get creative with your own logo, the opportunities are endless. Not only are they one of a kind, but the company uses eco-friendly and adorable gift wrap–literally perfect for this holiday season. Each mug is only $13 and the shipping is super fast so you can get one for yourself without feeling guilty.

29. Hangover Tea

Another great gift for those who enjoy a little eggnog or hotty toddy during the holiday season is Hangover Tea. This useful and cheeky gift is actually something your recipients will enjoy because it takes the hangover out of the holiday season, something we all benefit from. 

The makers of Hangover Tea formulated the perfect blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and sugar-free flavor to kick your hangovers butt with two delicious and nutritious flavors, Blissberry and Green Tea. It hydrates you in a way plain water can’t, by replacing the nutrients lost by drinking alcohol.

This gift is perfect for any white elephant party or as a traditional gift for your wildest friend. The best part is. it’s an affordable gift that actually works; life’s too short to be hungover, and now you don’t have to be.

28. Customizable Baby Onesies

If you have friends or family that have babies, it’s time you buy them a watercolor onesie from Revival59 on Esty! They have the best quality watercolor images and the CUTEST designs you’ve ever seen. Normally baby clothes are run of the mill and either boring or tacky, but these have an element of design to them that most retailers don’t. 

They’re inexpensive but made from the highest quality organic cotton money can buy so your niece or nephew (or your little peanut!) can have the softest onesie around. You can also customize a onesie with a personalized name, image, or photo–whatever your heart desires!

The shop owner updates the site with new designs weekly so there are always new styles available. Did I mention they offer free domestic shipping?

27. Cable Chompz

If you’re looking for some awesome and fun stocking stuffers, then you should definitely buy some Cable Chompz. Adults and youngins alike will get a kick out of these animal cable protectors that keep your charger from breaking while adorably accessorizing your cell phone. 

Nothing’s worse than going to charge your phone and noticing you’ve got a dead charger on your hands. There are so many cute animals to choose from, you’ll want to buy the whole batch. These are great gifts for all your friends and family, no matter their age.

26. Bubble Wrap Calendar

Perhaps the best calendar ever made, this bubble wrap dream is an interactive calendar that lets you de-stress as you pop away the days. You can find these calendars on Etsy or Amazon, among other retailers. 

They go for about $24, or about $2 a month if you want to think about it that way, a pretty cheap investment for daily fun if you ask me. Know someone who loves to burst bubble wrap? Of course, you do, we all love bubble wrap! Make this holiday a fun one and get your bestie the best calendar on the market.

25. Llama Desk Duster

This llama desk duster is the perfect gift for your boss or coworker, as it brings a little joy to the monotony of the workday.

This little guy not only cleans well, but he makes for a cute desk pet, too. You can buy this cute duster at Urban Outfitters for only $15, so you don’t have to break the bank this year.

24. Personalized Flask

Another handmade Etsy gift that will for sure make your friends feel loved this holiday season is one of these personalized flasks!

These flasks make a good gift for anyone who loves an adult beverage every now and then, and when paired with Hangover Tea, you’ve got yourself the perfect gift! You can personalize it with a name, inside joke, or logo to make a one of a kind gift this season.

23. Giant Stress Ball

Know somebody that’s a bit stressed out this year? How about someone that could benefit from a good laugh? If so, this giant stress ball is a perfect gift for them. 

It has all the benefits of a regular stress ball, it’s just enormous, aka hilarious. You can find this gem on Amazon.com.

22. Letter Board

Letter boards make great gifts because they can be utilized by just about anyone–your boss, your wife, your mom, and even your kid. These fun boards come in a variety of colors on Amazon, so you can choose the right one for whoever you have in mind.

You can get them on Amazon if you need them quick for about $75, but you can also get them on Etsy for less than half that price.

21. Scarf Pillow

If you know someone who loves to travel but you don’t know what to get them this year, then boy do I have the perfect gift for you. This scarf has a dual purpose–it hides an inflatable travel pillow in it for easy storage. 

There is a hidden zipper on the inside that perfectly conceals the comfortable pillow so you can take it out only as needed. One of the best two-in-one gifts we’ve ever seen. You can get this gift at the online retailer Uncommon Goods.

20. Neighborwood Coasters

These neighborwood coasters make a great gift because they’re etched into cedar. You can get them for the city you live in, or for the one you visited and loved. They also come with the date the city was established for a little historical and rustic feel to the design. 

The site Uncommon Goods also offers a European version, as well as a neighborwood cutting board.

19. Travel Sized Skin Care

Another gift great for a traveler is this TSA approved skincare set. Nothing is worse than having dry skin or chapped lips on a long flight, and now you don’t have too. 

This comprehensive kit has face and lip gel-sheets that will keep you moisturized and fresh no matter how long your flight is. You can get it on Amazon for only $20.

18. Ring Wifi Doorbell

With package thieves at an all-time high, everyone needs a Ring Wifi Doorbell to keep a close eye on their home. This smart doorbell connects to your phone via wifi, using video surveillance to keep your packages and family safe from intruders. 

You can see, hear, and speak to anyone at the door at a moments notice because this device connects to Alexa. It’s only $99 on Amazon.

17. Tile Tracker

We all have that one friend that constantly loses everything and can’t seem to keep track of anything. For them, the perfect gift is this tile tracker that attaches to just about anything, like your keys or remote, and connects to your phone so it will never be lost again. 

The best part is, if you lose your phone, you can push an alert on the tile tracker and your phone will ring.

16. Rechargeable Wine Opener and Chiller

Oster makes one of the best automatic wine openers on the market. It features a rechargeable port so it’s cordless and easy to use, as well as a wine chiller, so you have everything you need, all in one. 

You can also buy this on Amazon, so you can get it in a pinch. Perfect for your wine-loving friend, just don’t forget to add some Hangover Tea in to create a well-rounded gift.

15. A Bad Ass Calendar

Another calendar that will keep your days full of motivation and self-esteem, is this calendar from best selling author Jen Sincero.

Based on her self-help book with the same title, this calendar will help any friend in need.

14. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Samin Nosrat is an award-winning chef and cookbook author who currently has a Netflix series called Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. The show comes from her James Beard Award-winning book by the same title, which teaches the fundamentals of the four elements of flavor. 

This book is great because it’s for all kinds of cooks, ranging from beginner to more advanced. Give the gift of good cooking and it may benefit you in the long run.

13. Soda Stream

If you know someone that is a soda lover, or a mixologist, then the Soda Stream is one of the best gifts you can give them this holiday season. The Soda Stream provides fresh soda at a moment’s noticed that can be flavored to their liking. 

Add the pre-made syrups for an authentic soda experience, or opt for a lemon, lime, or mint, for a healthier sugar-free option. Get it on Amazon or on the Soda Stream website. For a delicious sparkling ice tea, brew some Hangover Tea, let it chill in the fridge, and then add carbonation with the Soda Stream! A hangover cure that can be enjoyed any time.

12. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy diffusers are a great way to give any home a spa-like feeling. Diffusers like this wood grain LED heatless diffuser are safe, long lasting, and fairly inexpensive. 

Men and women alike can use a gift like this to keep their home smelling fresh every day.

11. Magnetic Cell-Phone Holder

Everyone needs a magnetic cell phone mount for their car because it makes navigation a lot safer. 

The fact that it’s magnetic makes it easy to use and wire-free, and it gives you a 360-degree adjustable view so you can always have it in the right spot. Hands-free has never been so easy. Get it on Amazon for a deal of $15.

10. Silipint Silicone Wine Glasses

These silicone drinking glasses are great for outdoor adventures where you need something that isn’t going to break. 

They glow in the dark, they’re flexible, and they just happen to make the perfect gift.

9. World Map Scratch-Off Poster

If you have a friend or family member that loves to travel, this scratch-off world map poster will make an awesome gift. They can literally scratch off where they’ve visited to reveal the country or city in color.

You can inspire dreams with this gift. You can get this at Urban Outfitters for only $34.

8. Neon Heart Lamp

This neon heart lamp is fun, flirty, and makes for a great decoration.

If you know someone who would get a kick out of having their own neon sign, then this is the perfect gift for them. You can purchase this at Urban Outfitters for $130.

7. Irridescent Silverware Set

Anyone just starting out on their own will need some help stocking up their apartment and silverware is the last thing that they’ll think to buy. Luckily, any millennial will love you forever if you get them this iridescent set because it mixes art with utility.

Someones useful gifts are the best.  The online retailer ABC Home sells this five-piece set for $195.

6. Monogram Cheese Board

A monogram cheese board might seem like a strange gift, but these luxurious versions from Anthropology are anything but.

I know at least 10 women who would kill for one of these in their kitchens. Decorative and useful, these boards mix art with utility.

5. Classic Book Set

For anyone who loves to read, this customizable book set is something they will treasure for a lifetime. You get to select eight books from a list of classics like Moby Dick, the Oddessey, Wuthering Heights, among many others. 

They come with the customized sleeves fit with the name of the recipient on them. They’re a bit pricey, but can be found at the online retailer Juniper Books.

4. The Golden Girls Monopoly

Everyone loves Monopoly, and everyone loves the Golden Girls, so putting them together is really just a great idea. 

Give the gift of many laughs with this special edition Monopoly game this season. You can get this bad boy on Amazon.

3. Personalized Door Mat

Another personalized gift that is funny and useful is this doormat.

You can customize what it says to ensure the giftee will get a chuckle out of it and actually use it. Better yet, it’s handmade on Etsy.

2. Magnetic Decision Maker

We all have that one friend that can’t make decisions to save their lives, and this year you can give them something that will not only make them laugh, but will actually help them out. 

This decision maker will do all the hard work for them, all they have to do is pose the question and wait for the answer. This item is available on Amazon for under $20.

1. Funny Ice Cube Tray

An inexpensive gift that will make anyone laugh is this gentleman’s ice cube tray, fit with a mustache, a top hat, glasses, and of course, a bow tie. 

Another Amazon gem under $20.