20 Show Stopping Party Appetizers

20 Show Stopping Party Appetizers

20 – Avocado Egg Rolls


Everyone loves avocado, and these egg rolls are no exception.  For your next party, combine a diced tomato, salt and pepper, and 3 smashed avocados.  Roll them up in egg roll wrappers and fry until golden brown.  Serve with your favorite sauce and the next items on the list!

19 – Pesto Pinwheels


Whether it’s a sports game or birthday party, it’s always a good excuse for more carbs.  These pinwheels will do just the trick.  Take any crescent dough and roll them into pinwheels.  Top with pesto and tomatoes to add that extra tastiness.

18 – Pretzel Balls


Did you know with some pre-made pizza dough, water, and some baking soda you can make your own pretzel balls in 10 minutes?  No need to run to the mall next time you have a pretzel craving.  Served with any sauce these will be a hit at your next get together.

17 – Hangover Tea


If you’re preparing for an all out rager, make sure you also have some HangoverTea on deck.  While having leftover food will be great, you’ll need this tea to cure your worst hangover symptoms. Made with the best organic ingredients like kudzu root, milk thistle, and yerba mate, HangoverTea is used by everyone from the frat bro next door to your dentist (thank HangoverTea for that amazingly steady root canal). Thankfully the most important cure just requires some hot water and a mug. If you’re having any sort of party (bachelors, bachelorette, birthday, or office) HangoverTea is a nice party gift as well, they even have a party pack LOL! What better way to say you love someone than by curing their hangover.

16 – Beet Hummus


One thing most humans have in common is a universal love for hummus.  Impress your guests by making your own hummus next time.  Add beets for some extra amazing bright pink color.

15 – Fried Pickles


Pickles are easily one of the most addictive salty snacks.   Take that to another level by deep frying them and serving with ranch.  They’re as crunchy and delicious as the next snack on this list.

14 – Black Bean Taquitos


Ditch the frozen taquitos and create your own custom ones right at home!  You won’t even miss the meat in this version.  Combine black beans, cream cheese, and jalapenos to create the filling for these baked finger foods.

13 – Caprese Skewers


When you need something more fresh to break up the table of fried goodness, try these.  Put mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, and basil on a tiny skewer.  Top with some balsamic vinegar for a salad on the go.

12 – Baked Artichoke Hearts


Everything can be made better by breading it.  These baked artichoke hearts are no exception.  Bake until golden brown and serve with your hummus or a marinara sauce.  Fry them up the next morning in a pan and serve with some Hangover Tea to cure your cravings as well as your headache.

11 – Peach Bruschetta


Ever heard of sweet bruschetta?  Well now you have.  Combine peaches, goat cheese, and honey to create this beautiful little masterpiece that your guests are sure to gobble up.

10 – Potato Skin Bites


When an entire baked potato is too much, sub in these tiny versions.  Cover in cheese and whatever toppings you would like on the full sized version.  Bake until golden brown and top with sour cream.  Another genius way to consume a potato.

9 – Mac N Cheese Bites


Kids and adults alike can agree on the magic that is mac n cheese.  Take your normal recipe but this time back in a muffin tin.  Top with some bread crumbs and you have a perfectly portable version.

8 – Wine Marinated Frozen Grapes


How can you sneak more wine into your diet?  Marinate some fresh grapes in red wine and then freeze them until solid.  Top with sugar and serve on your boozy dessert bar!  If you need some hair of the dog that bit you the next morning, munch on these while you brew up some Hangover Tea.

7 – Spinach Artichoke Cups


Use the rest of your crescent dough to make tiny cups in your muffin tin.  Fill with your favorite spinach and artichoke dip.  This appetizer is crispy, creamy, buttery, and definitely a crowd pleaser.

6 – Pan Sheet Nachos


Why have just a plate of nachos when you can have a whole pan?  Top chips with cheese and your favorite toppings, some beans, and some fresh veggies.  Bake until melted and serve with fresh salsa and sour cream.  Hopefully there’s some of these leftover tomorrow to chow down on while you’re chugging your Hangover Tea.

5- Mini Stuffed Peppers


Cut some mini peppers in half and fill with your favorite cheese and fresh herbs.  Take a lined baking sheet and bake these until they become golden brown on top.  Serve on their own or with hot sauce.  These veggies are the perfect transportation for extra cheese.

4 – Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread


This take on an American classic to give your guests an extra kick.  Spice up your boxed cornbread with some cheddar cheese and jalapenos.  This is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy to add to your spread.

3 – Homemade Chex Mix


The best part of creating your own Chex mix is you don’t have to include all the gross parts and can beef it up with your favorite chips and pretzels.  Toss in melted butter, salt, paprika, and your other favorite seasonings.  Bake for a couple minutes until warm and delicious.

2 – White Bean Dip


When your hummus is gone and inevitably leaves you with plenty of pita chips left over, don’t worry.   Use the can of white beans in your pantry to create a creamy dip with some olive oil and fresh herbs in a blender.  This snack is the perfect combination of delicious and filling.

1 – Apple Fries


Finish off the snack table with a one of a kind dessert!  I doubt your guests have ever had fries made of apples.  Serve this with a warm caramel dip and watch them be gobbled up.

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