20 Of The Most Outrageous Presidential Affairs In U.S. History

20. Judy Campbell & John F. Kennedy

Judy Campbell and President John F. Kenned were introduced by music legend Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas during 1960. Immediately attracted to one another, the two began a reckless affair that ended in heartbreak.

Years later, Campbell revealed that it was a mistake on her part and that she ended up pregnant by JFK, but had an abortion.

19. Abraham Lincoln & Joshua Speed

While never 100% substantiated, it’s believed that Abraham Lincoln was secretly a homosexual and had several affairs with the men on his council. 

According to sources, he had a four-year affair with Joshua Speed that was so intense they lived together at one point. It’s also been rumored he had a second affair with David Derickson, his personal bodyguard.

18. Grover Cleveland & Maria Crofts Halpin

If you thought today’s political elections were downright nasty, you should have seen the one back in 1884. Grover Cleveland’s political opponent, James Blane, went on the record that Cleveland had an affair with Maria Halpin and fathered a child with her. 

Support for these claims were substantiated through the child support payments Cleveland had been making. However, Cleveland revealed that Maria admitted she was a whore and had slept with his entire law office. And you thought Trump vs. Clinton was bad?

17. Marilyn Monroe & John F. Kennedy

It’s no big secret that former president John F. Kennedy strayed from his marriage on multiple occasions. One of his most high profile affairs was with actress Marilyn Monroe. 

The two apparently had a romantic tryst in Palm Springs, which Monroe notified his wife Jackie about. She recommended Marilyn marry him so then she could deal with all of his problems. Ouch.

16. John Buchanan & William Rufus King

It has been rumored that John Buchanan and former 13th vice-president William Rufus King had a long-term affair while King was a senator in Alabama. 

According to multiple sources, King lived his life as a gay man privately and may have used Buchanan for political influence.

15. George Washington & Venus

It’s long been believed that George Washington had an affair with one his slaves named Venus, which resulted in the birth of a son named West Ford. 

The descendants of West Ford continue to claim that Washington was his father and continue to pursue DNA evidence to resolve the case once and for all.

14. Lyndon Johnson & Helen G. Douglas

Before Johnson took the Oath of Office, he had an erotic affair with actress Helen G. Douglas. At the time he was only a congressman, and Douglas was beginning to dip her toes into politics. 

It’s expected that is what brought the two together for a very passionate rendezvous.

13. Warren G. Harding & Nan Britton

Warren G. Harding is known for his many affairs, his first being Nan Britton. 

She claims that he fathered her child right before he became president, although she didn’t bring their affair into the public spectrum until long after his presidency had ended.

12. Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky

The Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal is one of the highest-profile political affairs in history. 

An intern at the White House from 1995-1996, Lewinsky engaged in many sexual acts with Clinton, which he later admitted to. The affair rocked D.C. and resulted in Clinton’s impeachment and Lewinsky’s life was ruined forever.

11. Dwight D. Eisenhower & Kay Summersby

Eisenhower’s secretary and driver, Kay Summersby enjoyed way more of the former president than her job description detailed.

They spent all of their time together during World War II and it’s expected they had a salacious affair during her employment with him.

10. Thomas Jefferson & Sally Hemmings

Considered to be one of the most talked about presidential affairs in history is the escapades of Thomas Jefferson and slave Sally Hemings.

It is rumored they had over six children together and that four of them survived the Civil War and were later freed. No one has been to substantiate the claims, but it’s pretty obvious to most scholars the affair happened.

9. John Tyler & Most of His Slaves

Former president John Tyler holds the record when it comes to fathering the most children out of any president. Over the course of his two marriages, he had 15 children. 

Although, it’s rumored he had many affairs with his slaves resulting in multiple children as well. There is no written documentation or DNA approve, but oral history among the slaves tells of Tyler’s escapades.

8. George H.W. Bush & Jennifer Fitzgerald

George H.W. Bush met Jennifer Fitzgerald while she was working at the White House as the Deputy Chief of Protocol. 

It’s rumored the two had a wild affair, which was discovered by an aide to Bill Clinton. Of course, this was neither confirmed or denied by either party.

7. Warren G. Harding & Carrie Fulton Phillips

One of Harding’s most well-known affairs was with Carrie Fulton Phillips. The two carried on their romance for a long period of time when Harding was a senator.

However, it ended when he became president and Phillips tried to blackmail him. You might be surprised to find out she was successful in her attempts as well. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, that’s for sure.

6. FDR & Lucy Mercer

Roosevelt’s wild affair with his secretary Lucy Mercer was actually discovered by his wife Eleanor. Eleanor demanded a divorce, refusing to stay with a man who was unfaithful, but Roosevelt refused. 

With his presidency and future in politics on the line, he would not risk a scandal of such a magnitude.

5. James Garfield & Lucia Calhoun

Rumor has it that James Garfield had a wandering eye when it came to younger women. One of his mistresses was Lucia, who was only 18 and a reporter for the New York Times. 

Of course, his wife soon discovered his extramarital activities and gave him the choice of her or the mistress. In the end, Garfield picked his wife.

4. Lyndon Johnson & Alice Glass

Lyndon Johnson just couldn’t seem to keep his hands off other women. One of his many affairs was with Alice Glass. When his wife found out about their romance, she went on the attack.

We have a feeling Alice Glass never messed with a married man again.

3. John F. Kennedy & Angie Dickinson

Yes, Kennedy is on this list again. You would think twice would be enough, but the man seriously couldn’t keep it in his pants.

One of his other popular scandals was his affair with Angie Dickinson, a popular actress at the time. Despite still being alive, she refuses to speak about the affair, neither confirming or denying it happened.

2. Woodrow Wilson & Mary Peck

Woodrow Wilson met Mary Peck in 1907 while on a vacation in Bermuda with his wife. The two began writing one another regularly, with the friendship deepening into romance. 

They would write each other until 1915. After his death in 1928, Mary finally released the letters, which revealed a man who was trapped between two lives and two loves.

1. James Garfield & Rancie Selleck

Rancie Selleck had been good friends with James Garfield for years before they decided to take their friendship to the next level.

Known for her good looks and charm, Garfield had not even been married a year before he began a steamy affair with her.