20 Extremely Amusing Awkward Hangover Moments

20 – First Unwelcomed Guest…

We’ve all been there. After a crazy night out we wake up not only with a hangover, but a new friend who is only a blurry memory from the night before. 

This girl isn’t the only one on this list who woke up surprised.

19 – A Creative Take

At least this guy has creative friends. While he may not appreciate this artwork now, it may be funny to him in the near future.  

Once he can stop puking, he’ll realize this is golden.

18 – Better Than Walk of Shame?

A run of shame is impressive no matter what. This girl is doing it with no shoes.  

It looks like she may be headed into some type of haunted castle, but we’re not completely sure.  I’m sure this girl wishes she had the next item on our list…

17 – The Cure

If you want to avoid looking like one of the beauties on this list, then you want to cure that hangover as soon as possible. Thankfully, you’re in luck with Hangover Tea.  One mug of this will have you hydrated and recovering back to your normal self.

16 – Hungover Girl Pose

Every hungover white girl has been in this pose before.  

There’s something about having your face in the carpet must help with the headache.  This move is usually seen between trips to the toilet.

15 – A Surprise Guest

Some might wake up in a stranger’s bed and decide to get out as quickly as possible. 

With coffee in hand, it looks like this guy is making himself at home.  We respect his confidence.

14 – It’s All A Blur

This guy looks like he has a while before his guest wakes up. While he’s not sure what happened last night, we are going to assume alcohol played a part. 

Maybe he can brew up some Hangover Tea until he can kick out the other guy.

13 – Sleeping Beauty

Shaun has some great friends. He is in perfect position to be pranked, but his friends took the more creative approach. 

I’m sure he’ll be grateful when he wakes up on that dorm couch.

12 – Golden Arches

Fast food spots in the morning are a hot spot for hangover victims. 

Here, we have the trifecta of 3 strong players.  It takes a lot of confidence to pass out in public like that.

11 – The Rapture

It’s great when you’re hungover but someone is still worse off than you.  

We’re going to assume whoever was drunk enough to lose both boots is taking a ride on the struggle bus the next morning.  Let’s hope for her sake she was raptured.

10 – He’s Happy About It

Another self unaware guest made this list. Hopefully this girl gets the courage to kick him out soon, because this guy looks a little too excited. 

Maybe he already had his Hangover Tea this morning.

9 – Worst Thing to Wake Up To

This girl’s special guest has a great talent. Grunting in your sleep while in a stranger’s bed is typical hangover behavior. 

Getting called out on Snapchat is just the icing on the cake for this guy.

8 – True Pain

We don’t want to know how or why this girl ended up in a cardboard box of packing peanuts.  

However, when you’re hungover, this doesn’t seem like the worst situation. She looks pretty comfy to me.

7 – Feels Like Eternity

The worst feeling is being so hungover you can’t even fight back to your friends that are messing with you.  

At least this girl’s friends went easy on her only using chips.  Next time they should go for the peanut butter.

6 – Save It For The Weekend

Drunk minds are creative minds. When you don’t have a bed, you make your own. 

This guy gets 10/10 for his folding chair contraption.

5 – Loving Friends

Hopefully when this guy wakes up he doesn’t need to rush to the bathroom.  

This impressive feat from his friends doesn’t look like it will be easy to destroy.  Good luck to this champ.

4 – Truth Revealed

The classic before and after photo never fails. We’re honestly impressed that her hair could look so bad, but we never doubt the power of alcohol.  

Hopefully next time she keeps the after photos to herself.

3 – Alright…

This looks like the kind of Snap that his friends didn’t ask for. We’re not as worried about the creepy caption, but more about the actual bib he is wearing. 

Hopefully this guy has a nice mug of Hangover Tea and puts that bib to use.

2 – Looks Like Trouble

It looks like this guy has more to worry about than a hangover. 

When his friend finds out, he probably won’t be thrilled.  We’re sending this guy some good vibes.

1 – Never Drinking Again

Cuddling in the morning can be sweet. Usually, this would be from someone you know.  

This girl isn’t so lucky. Hopefully, she can sneak out without waking up her new friend.