20 Celebs Caught Completely Wasted!

20 Celebs Caught Completely Wasted!

20. Beyonce


Although the world of celebrity seems picture perfect do not be fooled by all the glitz and the glamour. Celebrities have some pretty rough nights out as well. Unfortunately for them, they don’t often get to live nights like those down because of the paparazzi. At the end of the day, it’s all in good fun and even the celebrities on this list may be the first to admit how hilarious some of these snapshots of them are. Take Beyonce for example, even in her intoxicated state she is still looking like a queen.

Our next celeb, however, is not as graceful.

19. Simon Cowell


Simon Cowell is notorious for being a harsh critic and host of the show American Idol. As someone who is known for being no-nonsense and very serious at all times, we must admit that this picture of the very drunk gameshow host is pretty funny. Also, Simon probably makes the best face ever made while trying to take a photo on his phone that even a harsh critic like himself would have to agree. Our next wasted celebrity, however, seems to always look graceful event when wasted.

18. Christina Aguilera


As one of the major princesses of pop herself, Christina Aguilera knows how to pose for a good photo. Even when shes passed out in the back of a limo the pop icon never fails to leave a lasting impression with the press. How is her makeup still so perfect even after a night out? The world may never know. What we do know is that this pop icon is never caught with a hangover because Christina swears by Hangover Tea. Celebrities tend to have some pretty extreme methods of staying young and beautiful but this method of curing and preventing a rockstar hangover is pretty simple. With the tea’s blend of all natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce, this hangover hack is perfect for the pop princess in all of us.

We all know Christina is a pop princess but, let us not forget who is the true pop queen.

17. Britney Spears


It’s Britney! The queen of pop herself, and she definitely looks like she’s having a grand time on her night out. Although we are not sure she had a good morning after this night considering her intoxicated state captured in this photo. She definitely sang “Oops I did it again” after this night out. Maybe this is where the inspiration for that hit single came from?

16. Ed Sheeran


Even in his super inebriated state the famous singer Ed, Sheeran looks pretty dapper in his suit and tie get up. Something tells me he wouldn’t be looking so dapper if it were not for the helpful man behind him.  however that man is he deserves an award for not only keeping the singer upright, but he even is shielding him from the rain with an umbrella at the same time. Now that is some talent!

15. Kate Moss


Supermodel Kate Moss has always lived for the moment and this icon sure knows how to make a statement wherever she goes. From New York Fashion Week, to behind the DJ booth on a night out, she is a woman of many talents. Having been in the limelight since the young age of 14 this supermodel knows how to strike the perfect pose in any circumstance, even when intoxicated. Kate Moss although photographed wasted in many of the world’s most poppin’ nightclubs, has a secret to her flawless supermodel skin. Moss always travels with her personal stash of Hangover Tea to keep hangovers at bay, as well as the undereye circles that come with a hangover. When you’re a supermodel you simply don’t have the time to be hungover which is why Moss uses this hangover remedy religiously.

Our next celebrity could really use a few pointers from Kate…

14. Andy Dick


Andy Dick, like Kate Moss, is a man of many talents. Andy is famous for being an American comedian, actor, musician, and a television and film producer. Of his many skills handling his alcohol does not appear to be on the list. You cant have it all though. At least Andy has some good friends to watch his back like in this photo of a rough night out. Speaking of having good friends, this next celebrity seems to have a good group of mates to catch her when she falls.

13. Christina Ricci


Christina Ricci since this photo was taken has given up on booze completely and now states that she only drinks diet coke and dances when she goes out on the town. We can see from this photo taken in 2010, at the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac after-party in Paris that the actress probably made a good decision by opting out of drinking booze later in life. The actress luckily had a team of bodyguards to hold her up throughout the night and get her home safely.

12. Amanda Seyfried


This photo was taken of famous actress Amanda Seyfried, when she appeared on The David Letterman Show in 2012 according to the actress she was pretty intoxicated during the show and she announced on air that she had three drinks prior to starting the show. Since then, Amanda has been much more careful with her intoxicated antics and how she presents herself while in the limelight.

Our next celebrity is not so shy when it comes to being in the limelight. In fact, he kinda thrives on it.

11. Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler is famous for his acting and playing his lovable comedic self in almost every single movie. It’s no surprise that his on screen and off screen personalities are the same. Even Adam Sandler’s drunk personality seems to line up with the rest of his personas. It might be that Adam is just an all around goofy, lovable guy after all.

This next celebrity has a wild child persona on and off stage and it definitely is clear in this next photo.

10. Avril Lavigne


Avril Lavigne is a true rock star at heart and she doesn’t leave that rockstar persona on stage as seen in this picture. In fact, the rockstar is known for her wild drunken behavior and can be seen making funny faces at the camera, dancing on tables, downing shots, and screaming at paparazzi in many photos from throughout the years. Avril certainly lets her wild side out with pride and it makes for great snapshots like this one. But nobody does wild like this next Hollywood star.

9. Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan is notorious for being the bad girl of Hollywood with her countless drunken antics being captured on camera for the world to see. It would almost be shocking to not see the wild Hollywood starlet out on the town in a wide array of crazy photos. How does she do it time and time again without getting exhausted? Well, true talent and a magical hangover cure, Lohan is said to never leave her Hollywood Hills home without a stash of Hangover Tea in her bag. The soothing herbal blend is not only great for relaxing your muscles and mind after a rowdy night out like Miss Lohan’s but the yerba matte blend will keep a pep in your step. Which judging by this picture, Lohan is definitely going to need in the morning.

With the amount of partying she does it is pretty impressive how well the tea must work. Speaking of working it, our next model’s picture is worth a thousand words.

8. Cara Delevigne


Supermodel Cara Delevigne is famous for her animated features and the ability to draw up some pretty funny facial expressions on and off the runway. Her abilities still seem to shine through even in an inebriated state. True dedication to her craft? Maybe.  One thing is for sure, Cara is certainly never borning on a night out on the town.

This next celebrity has not only played a party girl on the silver screen but she certainly has lived up to her leading role’s persona in real life.

7. Tara Reid


Tara Reid is the queen of drunken paparazzi snapshots. This American Pie actress lives up to her film’s colorful reputation as she can be seen in countless photos stumbling in and out of Los Angeles most exclusive nightclubs and restaurants. Some starlets are known to be Hollywood royalty but Tara has the undisputed title of Paparazzi royalty. She knows how to serve up those intoxicated looks for the camera like nobody else, well maybe Paris Hilton can give her a run for her money.

6. Paris Hilton


Where does one even begin with the infamous Paris Hilton. This hotel heiress is known around the world as the ultimate party princess. Whether it be getting paid for a guest appearance at the worlds most exclusive party’s and nightclubs,  pursuing her own DJ’ing career, or strutting her stuff in custom stilettos and sparkling tutu at The Electric Daisy Carnival, Paris never turns down an opportunity to party.  The Heiress not only coined the phrase “That’s Hot!” but many even argue she is the reason Kim Kardashian is who she is today.  

5. Claudia Winkleman


Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner did not see this one coming when she was photobombed on the red carpet by a very intoxicated Claudia Winkleman. Claudia is best known as an English television presenter, model, film critic, radio personality, and journalist for the famous BBC network. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us even Claudia, but luckily she has a good friend by her side to see her drunken night through.

4. Kim Kardashian


If Paris Hilton made the list you can bet your entire collection of Kylie Jenner Lip kits that Kim Kardashian West is on this list as well. Taking a swig from a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka is not as glamorous as it sounds and if Kim Kardashian West herself says so, it must be fact.  Many wonder why Kim decided to take this shot, but one thing is definitely certain,  Kim was most definitely going to need some hangover tea for this one.  We all know the Kardashian clan have a number of secret health and beauty remedies to maintain that flawless look despite the amount of jet-setting and partying they do. Kim is known to always have her Hangover Tea on hand so that way she is not only hangover free in the morning but of course camera ready. This selfie queen never misses a photo op.

Our next celebrity is not only known to be one of Hollywood’s most famous leading actor’s but one of the biggest partygoers.

3. Brad Pitt


There is always that one guy or girl who can drink themselves silly but still maintain their photogenic nature despite how many shots they have downed or glasses of champagne they have guzzled. Brad Pitt is that guy.  Some argue he isn’t even that intoxicated in this photo and that the flash photography was the cause of his facial expression.  Nice try paparazzi but this father of six children doesn’t play games when he goes out for a night on the town.

2. Sharon Osbourne & Louis Walsh


Sharon Osbourne & Louis Walsh are two co-hosts and judges on the famous television series The X Factor. These television personalities are often found bickering and butting heads on screen. Some even think these two are unable to work together as entertainment professionals. One but one thing is true, they can certainly party like there’s no tomorrow and not even the bright flash of the paparazzi can slow them down.

1. Jessica Simpson


Last but not least, is the famous Hollywood bombshell Jessica Simpson staying fabulous as always blowing kisses to the paparazzi even in her inebriated state. This fashion mogul has created quite the reputation for herself. Work hard, play hard, and shop harder is a motto that Jessica would definitely approve of as the superstar is worth over 1 billion dollars and counting. With sales like that she can stumble and blow kisses all the way to the bank.

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