16 Amazing Home Remedies for a Hangover

16 Amazing Home Remedies for a Hangover
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16. Vitamin C

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If you are having the hangover from hell, some vitamin C will help kick it in the butt. Citrus fruits are known to help detoxify the body, as well as bring equilibrium so you aren’t feeling worse for wear the next morning.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a glass of OJ and get sippin’.

15. Thyme

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Thyme is an excellent herb to cure a hangover because it helps soothe tense and tired muscles. Simply brew up some thyme leaves, add a drop of honey and your hangover will be exiting stage left in no time.

We recommend trying it over ice for a more refreshing beverage.

14. Detox Fruits

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Fruits like oranges, strawberries and blueberries are filled with antioxidants that help restore balance and healing after a long night on the town. If you know you are planning to drink a lot, make up a few of these fruit-infused waters beforehand. Drink one when you get home and another the following morning and you should feel good as new!

13. Lime Water

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Limes are the perfect detoxifying agent for someone suffering from a hangover. Since alcohol disrupts liver function and dehydrates the body, toxins can build up in your system. Limes will help push those toxins out, while fresh water will re-hydrate your cells.

12. Honey

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There’s nothing worse than waking up after a night of one-too-many tequila shots, but have no fear–honey can help alleviate those wicked hangover symptoms. Thanks to the high levels of fructose in honey, it can ease the effects of a hangover, as well as line the stomach to help ward off nausea.

If you can, go for the organic honey, the golden junk is really colored high-fructose corn syrup.

11. Hangover Tea

While the other remedies mentioned will help with a hangover, they can’t compare to this product. Hangover Tea combines all-natural ingredients that are known to alleviate the effects of drinking too much and is guaranteed to help prevent AND cure a hangover. Thanks to its unique blend of Milk Thistle, Yerba Mate, and Kudzu, you can detox your body, relieve tension and feel better than ever!

For more information on how you can purchase this incredible tea and kiss that hangover goodbye, click here.

10. Milk

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While milk won’t help with a hangover headache, it can aid with the morning after “sour stomach.” Known to help balance out the pH and acid levels in the stomach, drinking milk can help reduce inflammation and ease the burn that comes with the overproduction of acid.

9. Lemon Coffee

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Lemon juice is the perfect remedy for hangover because it helps detoxify the body, while coffee can bring you out of that “brain fog” you’re in after a night of too many Buttery Nipples! While lemon in your coffee may sound strange, we promise it’s the perfect pairing to ease your hangover woes.

8. Tea with Organic Ingredients

Drinking tea with organic ingredients can help shorten your hangover. Just because of the hot water you are hydrating your body, but throw in the right blend of ingredients too and you’ve got yourself a magical cure. If you want to buy the magical cure, you can too. Hangover Tea is the first to solve this age old problem, with an age old solution: tea. Simply drink their magic potion one hour after your last cure and wake up ready for that Sunday hike! Buy Hangover Tea here!


7. Cola

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Coca-Cola, aka “The Black Doctor” is a well-known hangover cure that’s been touted for years. The carbonation in the cola is the perfect remedy for an unsettled stomach and the caffeine helps provide an energy boost. You’ll also receive a significant sugar boost that will help you crawl your way out of hangover hell.

6. Clove Oil

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Clove oil is known for promoting blood flow, which is necessary when your head is pounding from a night on the town with the girls. Simply dab the oil on your temples and on the back of the neck and you’ll be feeling good as new. It also smells quite nice too.

5. Dry Toast

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When you drink in excess, it causes the stomach to produce extra acid. This can create a sour stomach, which also leads to heartburn. A piece or two of dry toast can be the perfect way to resolve this because the bread will soak up the acid, providing quick relief.

4. Feverfew

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If you’re looking for a quick way to relieve the pounding headache that comes with a hangover, we suggest grabbing some feverfew. This herb is known for curing headaches without the stomach-upset. All you need to do is chew it or brew it into a tea.

3. Lavender Honey

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While we already have discussed the benefits of honey for a hangover, pairing it with lavender will really give your hangover a run for its money. Known for its aromatic qualities, the lavender will help relieve any headache your suffering from, while the honey will coat the stomach preventing nausea. Two for one? Sounds good to us!

2. Bananas

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You may not know this, but potassium and magnesium levels drop when consuming too much alcohol. Therefore, eating a banana can increase potassium levels in the body and help cure the worst side effects of a hangover.

1. Good Sleep

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This may seem like a no-brainer, but sleep is the perfect remedy for a hangover. The term “sleep it off” didn’t come from out of nowhere. The more you sleep, the more your body recharges and regenerates. A nice, long eight hours of great rest will prevent a horrible hangover the following morning.

If you really want to have great sleep though you’ll drink this flavor of Hangover Tea: Blissberry. Get it here!

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