15 DIY Decoration Ideas For Budget Weddings

DIY Wedding Inspiration

If you are thinking about getting married in 2023, there is no doubt that you are surrounded by unlimited inspiration from all directions. When it comes to the labor and time that goes into organizing the perfect wedding, decorating is a vital element of the process.

Personal touches are typically what make a wedding distinctive and memorable, and DIY-ing them may not only help you save money but also offer you enjoyable projects to work on in the run-up to the big day.

So, to help you plan your big day, we have put together a list of simple and basic DIY wedding décor ideas.

Paper flowers

Simple coffee filters can be used to make lovely little vase fillers. They are ideal for adding a dash of color and texture to any floral arrangement or centerpiece. 

Also, they are a more cost-effective and sustainable option than conventional vase fillers. This project is ideal for the fall because it uses red, orange, and metallic gold paints, but you can adjust the hues to go with other seasons.

Origami wedding backdrop

This stunning origami backdrop can easily be re-created with wax paper, ribbon, and string. The beautiful folds and delicate texture of the wax paper make for a striking backdrop for any event or picture shoot. 

It can be altered to meet any color scheme or theme by adding ribbon and thread. This backdrop, which is delicate and airy, will seem anything but homemade and may go with almost any wedding theme.

Vintage family photo display

Put up pictures from their family weddings as a homage to those who came before you. This is a great way to honor and celebrate the legacy of your family. It also helps to keep the memories of your loved ones alive and present in your daily life. 

Visitors can also enjoy seeing the style trends from previous eras. Use 6-inch pieces of artistic wire to attach the photos to teapot lids to further enhance the setup's picture-perfect appearance.

Succulents as centerpieces

A terrific inexpensive option is using real succulents, especially if you take the effort to propagate your own. Just make sure there is dirt underneath the rocks. 

They will not only relieve you of the burden of worrying about maintaining your elegant centerpiece on your special day, but they will also make the ideal party favors for a select few lucky guests.

Corks Place Cards

Don’t throw away those champagne corks just yet. They can be used to create place cardholders. Simply cut a slit to insert the cards and you've got another brilliant DIY wedding reception idea.

If you want something more than the rustic look, you can also paint them or decorate them with beads and frills.

Turn Barrels Into Tables

Want to add a vineyard theme to your outdoor wedding? Wine barrels are the ideal height for repurposing into rustic drinking tables. 

They not only offer a delightful addition to your decor, but they are also a practical alternative for guests to place their drinks on while socializing. To complete the vineyard look, add some foliage or floral arrangements.

Chalkboard wedding sign

Paper programs are mostly useless after the wedding for guests. Hence, blackboard wedding signs for the menu or the wedding program are among the best DIY wedding reception ideas. 

In addition to being a useful and environmentally friendly replacement for paper programs, chalkboard signage provide the wedding decor a pleasant and rustic feel. They can also be simply altered to fit the wedding's theme and fashion.

Pretty Pedestal Frames

With a few inexpensive pedestal frames of different heights, you can showcase priceless pictures of your grandparents or flaunt your best engagement photos. First, paint the candlestick and frame separately. 

Add your photo and then use hot glue to insert a dowel rod inside the candlestick so that the frame will rest against the dowel and on top of the candlestick.

Hanging Floral Décor

Consider pretty tassel garlands for additional hanging decor. This lovely backdrop for your special day can be made with some string and the flowers of your choice. Tassel garlands can be used as a backdrop for a photo booth or hung from the ceiling or walls.

They are a flexible and cost-effective way to give your wedding decor a dash of elegance and whimsy. If you want to make your project more environmentally friendly, you can use tiny clothespins and twine to create a stunning green backdrop using some leaves from your backyard.


The perfect combination of glam gold candlesticks, a hint of romantic candlelight, and a few sprigs of gloomy greenery may make for a wedding you'll never forget. These components will give your special day a touch of elegance and sophistication, whether you're going for a rustic or modern look. 

Your guests will have a positive impression of your event thanks to the warm and inviting atmosphere that is created by the combination of gold, candlelight, and greenery. To make sure thin tapered candles would stay upright and in position, use plain putty in the bottom of each candlestick.

Paper lanterns

These suspended paper lanterns are perfect for your centerpieces if you want to give them some height. This is available almost anywhere that sells party supplies, and they have a ton of vibrant colors and patterns to choose from. 

They are a flexible decoration option because they are also simple to put together and can be tailored to fit any theme or occasion. Additionally, they produce a distinct and striking visual element that will dazzle your visitors.

String light canopy

For your backyard wedding, you can create and assemble your own tent from string lights. The decorations not only serve as a source of light at night, but they also serve as a lovely and enchanting focal point for the reception. 

The DIY tent gives the wedding a unique flair and gives the guests a comfortable space to relax in. It is a special and affordable way to improve the atmosphere of an outdoor event.

Pressed Flower Art

Gather foliage and flowers that coordinate with the colors of your wedding, then press them with a heavy book or other flower pressers. 

Put your artwork in the frame with the textured paper as the background so that it can be appreciated. Use miniature frames as décor for tables or chairs that guests can take home.

Tye Dye Napkin

Use watercolor napkins to give your tables the most striking appearance possible. Wring out excess water after soaking napkins in it. 

Make sure to thin the fabric paint with water as you work your way up, and brush the paint in small strokes from the bottom to the top. When finished, hang everything to dry, then replenish the place settings with fresh napkins.

Photo prop

Even the most simple, prop-free photo booth will allow you and your wedding guests to have some fun at the reception, but sourcing a few imaginative prop alternatives will make your picture station feel all the more personal. 

Hot glue imitation flowers and grocery store foliage to one corner, then sketch your wedding hashtag down the bottom for a fun, pretty wedding activity guests will want to post about.