15 British Hangover Foods The Rest Of The World Is Missing Out On

15 – The Fry-Up

The most infamous British hangover good is of course a full English breakfast. Expect plenty of meat, eggs, and baked beans.

Also expect some more surprising additions like tomatoes and fried bread.

14 – Beans on Toast

While Americans are becoming famous for their love of avocado toast, the British have a more interesting time honored tradition. 

Beans on toast are a British staple. It’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s easy. All of the great traits of hangover food.

13- Lucozade

Americans know the power of Gatorade electrolytes during a hangover. Well, the Brits have their own fruity hangover refreshment. 

Enter Lucozade, the sports drink that is more often used after a night of drinking. Thankfully, our next beverage is easier to find stateside.

12 – Hangover Tea

The British are famous for their love of tea. Thankfully you don’t have to be in the UK to get your hands on Hangover Tea. Soothe your stomach and your headache right away after just one mug of this blessed beverage.

11 – A Sausage Sarnie

A sausage sarnie is really just slang for a greasy sausage sandwich. It’s not hard to imagine how this grease bomb can relieve the pain of a suffering hangover victim. 

This isn’t just a breakfast food, you’ll see these consumed any time of day in the UK.

10 – Fish Finger Sandwich

You thought the British couldn’t top a sausage sandwich? Enter the fish finger sandwich. This famous comfort food is exactly what it sounds like. 

Usually topped with mayo, tartar sauce, or straight ketchup, this is a winner.

9 – Prawn Cocktail Crisps

In the USA there is a wide variety of potato chips. However, the Brits have some special unique flavors. 

Prawn cocktail crisps are as special as they sound. Tasting mostly like cocktail sauce, there are also notes of shrimp in this hangover snack.

8 – Gregg’s sausage rolls

Pigs in a blanket might be the most famous carb wrapped sausage. However, the British have claimed sausage stuffed dough as their own.

The most famous sausage rolls are the cheap ones in the case from convenience store Gregg’s.

7 – Ribena

Since 1938 Ribena has been a staple as a sugary bottled drink in the UK. This blackcurrant flavored carbonated drink hits the spot after a hangover. 

While it may not cure you like a mug of Hangover Tea, it will give you a quick sugar rush.

6 – Bacon Butty

There’s not much as universal as the love for bacon. The British have cut straight to the point with this one. 

Make your own at home by frying up some bacon and shoving it between some toasted bread with butter. Wash down with some Hangover Tea and wish for the best.

5 – Cheese Toastie with Lea & Perrins

Well a cheese toastie is more or less another name for an opened grilled cheese. Lea & Perrins is just a fancy brand of Worcestershire sauce.

But combine those two, and you’ve got a match in hungover heaven.

4 – Chip Butty

You can tell from this list that the British are the kings and queens of gluttonous sandwiches. 

Here, they have created the carb monster that is a french fry sandwich. Lather it with some ketchup and you’ve got an amazing creation.

3 – Munchie Box

Why choose between your favorite cuisines when you can go to a takeaway food spot and get a pizza box filled with everything your heart desires? 

From pizza, to Chinese food, to doner meat all in one box – the British have really outdone themselves with this one. No chance of you being hungry after you finish this one.

2 – Burger Van

A burger van may more or less be a British version of a good food truck. However, there is nothing more convenient than mobile food. 

It’s the perfect place to get a greasy sandwich when you’re suffering. You can crawl back into your bed with a burger and mug of Hangover Tea. What could be better?

1 – Bubble & Squeak

A bubble and squeak might be most famous for its name. However, this unique British dish is comprised of leftover vegetables fried up with mashed potatoes. 

Better than leftovers, and just as greasy as delivery, this strange dish always hits the spot.