10 Extreme Dining Experiences Around The World

Fine dining and the exclusivity of gastronomy have become hot subjects with the release of films such as The Menu and the closing of famed Danish restaurant Noma. Dining out is no longer only something that families do on weekends. It is expected to provide a more enjoyable experience than simply filling you up, similar to going to the theater.

Foodies and restaurant goers not only want a delectable and creative menu, but they also expect a presentation to match, an immersive setting, and breathtaking views to go with their meals. Restaurant owners are aware of this and are responding to consumer demand by launching extreme diners in unimaginable settings.

Several restaurants are capitalizing on this chance to create new destination dining alternatives with perhaps more one-of-a-kind views, activities, or entertainment, all while serving up exceptional meals to visitors.

Therefore, whether you're an adventure junkie, a sucker for breathtaking views, or simply a foodie, there's bound to be an adventurous destination dining experience for you.

Discover the world's strangest restaurants as you read on and make plans for an unforgettable dining experience.

Sky Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

With its expansive views of the city skyline and inventive mixology, Sky Bar at Lebua at State Tower in Bangkok is reinventing the rooftop dining experience. Even though you'll be secure when perched atop the tower, people who are apprehensive of heights may experience sharp, though brief, feelings of terror as they take in the breathtaking view. 

The Hangovertini, which is created with Chivas Regal, sweet vermouth, rosemary syrup, and fresh apple juice, is the bar's trademark beverage. The Purple Sky is another option, and it includes Elyx vodka, Pimms No. 1 cherry brandy, green apple, butterfly pea, and ginger beer. Sky Bar does not have a complete supper menu, but it does provide a selection of bar snacks to go with its unique drinks.

Huashan Teahouse, Huayin, China

Huashan Teahouse is situated at an elevation of 2,160m on the summit of Mount Huashan, prompting tea enthusiasts to scale a flight of shallow steps cut into the mountain's rock. The walk, which is occasionally referred to as the most perilous track in the world, also includes a set of shaky boards.

Due to Mount Huashan's religious importance as a sacred mountain, pure mountain water is utilized to make the tea that is provided, which is thought to have numerous advantages.

Treepod Restaurant, Koh Kood, Thailand

Treepod is a zipline experience where diners are seated in bamboo pods and hoisted 20 feet into the rainforest canopy by cables. Reservations are required and there are two options for experiencing Treepod: the one-hour Gourmet Picnic or the two-hour Luxury Picnic. 

Both offer complementary views of the Gulf of Thailand and wine and Champagne tastings to elevate the meal. Thai flavor infused meal is delivered to you via zipline.

Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth

Spitbank Fort is a private island two kilometers off the coast of Portsmouth, UK. The 1860 structure, which was converted into a nine-bedroom luxury hotel complex in 2012, was constructed to safeguard the Kingdom against French invasion.

The overnight stay package comes with a full English breakfast, a champagne reception, a lunch buffet, and a four-course supper. For lunch or supper, non-residents can dock at the Officer's Mess. Several of the building's original elements are still present at the hotel, notably the dining room's vaulted red-brick ceiling.

You may also enjoy the Victory bar's delicacies, the hot tub, the sauna, sunbathing on the roof deck, and a fort tour while you're there.

5.8 Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

5.8 Undersea Restaurant is the world's largest all-glass underwater restaurant. No more than 10 couples can be accommodated in 5.8, which has been built for private chats. The renowned fine dining establishment in Hurawalhi offers lunch and supper in a pleasant setting with the creative fare. 

The season and the chef's current culinary inspiration may change the menus, which are only suggestive.  The best time to experience 5.8 Undersea Restaurant is during supper, when you may take in the surroundings during the day and be amazed by the dramatic shift in the landscape at sunset.

The restaurant serves consistently changing set meals that are influenced by the seasons and the chef's culinary explorations.

Under, Lindesnes, Norway

The undersea restaurant is the biggest of its type in the world, offering 500 square meters of room for up to 100 diners. Under has become a global sensation thanks to its striking architecture, gorgeous atmosphere, and gourmet cuisine.

The set menu changes seasonally but features a lot of fresh seafood. The atmosphere within the restaurant is cozy, pleasant, and safe, with a nearby oak tree standing out as one of the main highlights.

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, Shanghai, China

You'll get quite an adrenaline boost from this 20-course dinner combined with lights, sounds, and smells at a hidden location. 

Chef Paul Pairet developed this ingenious concept after Mr. & Mrs. Bund's popularity, in which 10 lucky customers are taken on an interactive gastronomic trip beyond their wildest expectations. Be mesmerized by the imaginative combination of flavours, unique displays, and passionate service.

Cavern Grotto, Arizona

One of the world's deepest subterranean eateries, The Cavern Grotto in Arizona, is situated 61 meters (200 feet) below the surface of the planet. Around 20 people may be seated at once, and it is available for lunch and supper. The dining area receives finished meals from an above-ground kitchen through a pulley system. 

The Caverns meatloaf, which is served with a specific spice mixture, is one of the specialties. Banana cream, coconut cream, and chocolate have been named as some of the patrons' favorite flavors of the restaurant's homemade pies, which have earned wonderful reviews. A pre-dinner cave tour will whet your appetite.

Dining in Dark, Various Locations

Dining in the Dark is a pop-up restaurant experience with three different themes: vegan, seafood, and meat. The three menus have been carefully crafted to highlight a variety of textures and flavor combinations, and the chefs are happy to accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions. 

The idea is that eating while blindfolded will improve your ability to smell and, most importantly, taste your food. The exhilarating journey lasts 90 minutes and costs $80 per person.

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Tanzania's The Rock Restaurant is a distinctive, out-of-the-way dining establishment with stunning views of the ocean and the surrounding countryside. The restaurant, which is perched on a rock off the coast of the Indian Ocean, is reachable on foot from Michanwi Pingwe beach during low tide but requires a boat to get to because it becomes an island. 

The eatery offers a variety of meals, including traditional Tanzanian food and seafood from the area. Diners have the option of sitting inside the inviting dining room or outside on the deck, where they can savor their meal while taking in the cool sea breeze.