Yuki Matsueda: Rising Talent in 3D Art

Yuki Matsueda: Rising Talent in 3D Art

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Yuki Matsueda is one of the rising 3D artists nowadays. His works are interesting and captivating, snatching the spotlight whenever they are presented. The artist startles with imagery that everyone expects to be flat. He takes these designs and turns them into amazing 3D works that are simply leaping in your face. His sculptures captivate attention and make you want to decipher their meaning. In front of you is a jigsaw puzzle that you are simply dying to solve. A piece to unlock the meaning is always missing and Yuki Matsueda is the only one with the key. His designs ooze fun, humor and a depth that not many designer can reach.

Yuki Matsueda was born in Ibaraki, Japan. He studied arts at the Tokyo University of Arts and received a Phd. in design in 2010. He is the owner of several awards. One of the awards he won is the 2009 Nippon Paint Design Center Award. His works, usually enveloped in acrylic, have been exhibited around the world. One can see his designs in galleries located in Tokyo, Seoul, and Los Angeles. His sculptures give the impression of trying to escape from constraints, of running from the ordinary world.

3D Art

Seeing a little green guy exit from his frame is just the thing needed to make emergency exit signs more interesting and entertaining. With his attention to detail and his creativity, Yuki Matsueda creates works that can be used in your home, office or even in a shop. The emergency exit signs and the “caution wet floor” ones would be perfect for any place from a high end office to a crowded mall.

Yuki Matsueda takes the ordinary and transforms it into something extraordinary. His works vary, from a simple emergency exit transformed into something special to a 3D Hong Kong store sign. Would you like to view one of his exhibits?

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